Affenpinscher – Biewer Terrier – Bolognese


Everyone is always looking for information about the breeds of dogs and how they are to have as pets – I prefer to call them family members or best friends. Furbabies come in so many sizes, colors, dispositions, breeds, and qualities today I was thinking to look at a few of the Toy Small Breeds with what they are like. Shall we start alphabetically?


Affenpinscher is considered a Miniature Toy Breed they are usually only 9 to 11.5 inches tall and weigh in at only 7 to 10 pounds so you can see why they are considered a Toy Breed very tiny doggies they are – full-grown.

Affenpinschers have a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years which for dogs is a nice long time. This is also a very good reason for you to know to have a best friend is a commitment not to enter into lightly.

They originated in German in the seventeenth century the breed was created to be a ratter, working to remove rodents from kitchens, granaries, and stables. The name is German Affe (ape, monkey) it has a notable monkey-like expression, hence the name.

Its coat is shaggier over the head and shoulders forming a mane, with a shorter coat over the back and hindquarters. It is harsh and wiry in texture when properly maintained, if clipped it can be softer and fluffier.

These little ones are active, adventurous, curious, and stubborn, but they are also fun-loving and playful. The breed is confident, lively, affectionate towards its master and is also very protective of them. They can be the clown and entertain you for hours.

This loyal little dog enjoys being with its master. It needs consistent, firm training since some can be quite difficult to housebreak. This type of dog easily becomes bored, so training should be varied using praise and treats for rewards.

Affenpinschers are somewhat territorial when it comes to their toys and food, so they are not recommended for homes with children. This dog is mostly quiet, but can become very excited if attacked or threatened, and shows no fear toward any aggressor. They do well with other dogs and if raised with a cat can live with cats but any other animals are not good.

These little ones are listed as non-shedding but all dogs shed somewhat even if only a little this is normal just like humans.

Recommendations for this doggies is for older people looking for a traveling companion, they love to travel and are highly adaptable to situations moving around. So if you are looking for a traveling doggie this could be the one for you.

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Biewer Terrier

Biewer Terrier also originated from Germany but in much more current times in 1994, a Mr. and Mrs. Biewer crossbred two of their Yorkies to end up with the Biewer Terrier Bred.

These tiny doggies full-grown weigh in at 4 to 8 pounds and stand only 7 to 11 inches tall their life expectancy is up to 16 years giving you a wonderfully long time to enjoy life with them.

Biewer Terriers personality and temperament is childlike and happy; they do well in small households and get along well with children probably because of their own personality of loving to play. These little ones are very friendly and love spending time with their families.

This breed does require grooming on a regular basis with their long silky fur which looks like someone parted it down the middle of the back from the head to their tails. Brushing daily and a bath once weekly is required but their size makes this a very easy and quick job.

These are playful, mischievous little dogs that can be pushy. Despite their small stature, they are sturdy, active and alert. These little ones are not known to be yappy barkers.

If you have a small living space this little doggie could be right for you.



Bolognese is a small breed originating from the Bichon type and comes from Italy named after a city in Northern Italy of Bologna.

These little ones are all white weighing 5.5 to 9 pounds growing 10 to 12 inches and have a life expectancy of 12 to 14 years. This would be considered about normal for most dog breeds for life expectancy.

They love attention and make good house pets. These little ones are good at socializing with other dogs, big and small. These little ones have a strong bond with the person/s with whom they spend the most time.

Grooming requires brushing daily for their loose ringlets that cover their whole body, the hair on the face is shorter, but this keeps them from getting matted. Bathing is required at least once a month.

These little ones do not shed as much either making them wonderful little companions and house pets. These little ones are playful, easy going, and very devoted.

If you are looking for a sweetheart that is all white and very loyal check into getting a Bolognese.


In Closing

Here are three of the numerous toy miniature breeds and they all sound like wonderful little doggies to take home, well for me anyways.

I am hoping that by providing you with a little about each breed this will help you to pick you are next doggies much more easily or possibly even the very first one.

So until I can get a little more research done for the next few breeds for you I am hoping you stay well and please come back to delightfuldoggies4u soon to see what else is new.

You can leave any questions, comments, or suggestions in the space provided below; and if you are in a slight hurry to hear about any breed in particular just drop me an email at

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Crates Kennels for Inside and Outside

Hello everyone, Today’s topic is going to be doggie crates and kennels for inside and outside. Outside kennels can also be large enough to include a run for your furry friend so let’s get into these, shall we.

Small Breed Dogs – Crate
Metal Kennel – Medium to Extra Large Breeds

Crates and Kennels

Crates and Kennels can be so useful when you have a doggie or a puppy for many reasons. I would like to take this opportunity to give you some of my opinions on these.

Crates are for smaller breed dogs such as teacup sizes, toys, and miniatures and can be used in many different ways.

With the smaller breed dogs, they are wonderful to have for transporting them to the vet’s office for an appointment but they can also serve as a safe haven at home.

If you want to use a crate for your fur baby whether transporting them or whatever the best thing to do is start using it immediately upon bringing your new fur friend home.

This will help them get used to being in the crate and not just reference being put in it to go to the vet’s office causing not only you aggravation in trying to get them into the crate but them anxiety every time you get the crate out.

I suggest you get them a nice comfy bed and put it in the crate for them then put the crate in a nice out-of-the-way location so they have a safe haven to hide in. Your little fur friend will appreciate this when company comes to call.

Big dog Clothing- small dog clothingWith medium to large or extra large breed dogs then you are looking at a kennel usually made from metal not so attractive as the small crate ones.

These are usually used for helping to train your new fur friend along with giving them their own safe place to make it welcoming for them. Using pet beds and comforters for they to lay on can always entice them into the kennel.

People who work and need crates or kennels for their animals while away find that making them much more comfortable for their dogs come home to happy fur babies.

Some will use the kennel or crate to punish their dogs, please do not do this then your poor baby will equate the crate or kennel with punishment and not find it pleasant to be in.

All dogs need their own space and it is up to you to provide them with a safe haven of their own.

Inside Outside Kennels

I am not a person to keep my doggies outside at all whether in a nice kennel or not they were not brought into my care as outside animals.

Inside kennels are what I have and use when needed, but my dogs use them as they want to take naps or just get away from the commotion that might be going on.

Outside Kennels are nice if you live in town so that your dog or puppy has a safe place to go outside and play or just lay in the sunshine on a nice day.  ( Make sure there is shade for them to get out of the sun too much is not good for them )

These can also be constructed to give your fur friend plenty of space for exercise with toys to chase around and play with similar to having their own small yard.

Outside Kennels can also have runs built out from them making it nice for your dog to have an inside/outside experience the inside is usually typically somewhat of a dog type house with a narrow but long fenced in area attached and they can come in and out as they please.

Outside Kennels are more expensive than a smaller inside kennel but well worth the investment keeping your pet safe from harm with traffic, other animals, even other people who can intend to do them harm.

You can build yourself some very nice outside kennels depending on what you want and your abilities for building all the materials you would need could be found at home improvement stores. Plans for them can be found online and I have listed a few places for you

Why Use Crates / Kennels

Some people would find this cruel to crate or put your pet in a kennel but you are not doing this just for you but your animal’s needs are important they need a place to call theirs just like humans need a place to call home their crate/kennel is their house/home.

Funny I put this in here when I am going out and put mine in their kennels I tell them to go to in their house mom is going to the store and will be back shortly and they go running in.

Like I said do not use them for punishment if you do your fur baby is just going to resent being in their own space so you ended up creating this welcome spot for nothing.

Crates/Kennels keep your fur baby safe while your not at home particularly if they like getting into things they should not be into that could harm them. (Like possibly chewing electrical cords.)

For safety reasons and others, there are plenty of reasons to use crates/kennels for your pets just not punishment.


Custom Crates/Kennels

Today people can find so many options in crates and kennels for pets including building some themselves so why not look around and do some research before investing in one of the usual typical ones you can buy either online or in a store.

Just, for instance, I have seen some custom-built kennels that are end tables for in the living room of your home that are so nice but very functional for your smaller dog breeds to have a cute safe haven bed all their own.


Others for the larger breed dogs are similar to buffet tables one can use in their dining rooms with the kennel built underneath with plenty of room and space. These usually open from one end or the other so you would need to have access to the end, but not always so check some out.

Old-fashioned television consoles are being used to create sweet space for small breed dogs and people have gone as far as decorating them with hanging pictures on the walls for their pets.

In Closing

So that is just some of my findings for crates and kennels for inside your home or outside, what are some of your ideas and thoughts for uses in building your own design?

I sure would appreciate hearing from all of you if you have built one or are planning to build your very own design. Leave them for me in the space provided below.

Welcome, all questions, comments, and suggestions here and if you would like to see a topic listed please just leave it below as well.

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Labrador Retrievers Family Dogs

Labrador Retrievers are another great family dog to look at if you are searching for a dog to complete your family. This breed is especially great with children and can compliment your child’s love of animals very well.

Selecting the Labrador

Labradors come in three colors black, chocolate, and yellow; if you remember the movie “Old Yeller” this was a yellow Labrador retriever and from that movie, you can see how intelligent these dogs are.

My experience with Labradors is extensive at one time I did breed these dogs. So from a very young age, I can let you know how special and great they are as a family dog.

Do know that this breed can be used for hunting which many people are looking for in an animal also. A few of the puppies from my litters were trained as hunting dogs and the people were quite pleased with their performance.

Another couple of the puppies were trained in search and rescue doing an excellent job showing how very intelligent this breed is. They were taken by volunteer fire departments and their training was pretty extensive but they came through with flying colors.

Selecting a labrador puppy will be one of the most rewarding experiences in your search for a new family member; when you locate a litter visit them. I feel that a dog picks you instead of you picking the dog when you visit the puppies see which one warms up to you make sure you hold them all.

The puppy that cuddles in with you and is not being all wiggly and frisky would be the one who is going to appreciate you the most, this little guy/girl in cuddling up with you feels comfortable and love for you already and from past experience, these are the puppies I usually take home.


Your New Addition

Now that you have found the labrador puppy and are ready to take it home make sure you have all the supplies you are going to need for him/her upon arriving home.

This breed with my experience is usually laid back and very calm, not that they do not have a good playful side because they like to play.

Make sure you have a collar/harness that fits properly your new puppy will grow quickly so an adjustable one is great to start out making sure it never gets to tight. A leash for walking and training I suggest a longer one they like taking the lead.

Getting them their own bed to sleep in would be advisable and if you are worried until you have your new fur baby trained for inside the house getting a nice sized kennel is advisable. Put their bed in the front or back leaving room for paper for potty just in case. Always include a small dish of water in the corner puppies need water (take it out at night).

Crate training your puppy at an early age is especially important for people who work and are gone much of the day when they are left to their own devices. Puppies can get into some bad situations when unsupervised because they get bored this could turn out to be fatal for them so caution is advisable.

Feeding and water bowls are a must, of course, check with who you are getting your puppy from to see which brand of food they have been using, getting this same food is a good idea keeping the digestive system from being disrupted causing your puppy to get diarrhea or from throwing up due to sensitivity.

If you want to change foods for them do it slowly mixing the new food with the old food adding more of the new food daily a little at a time and reduce the old this should be done over 10 to 14 days watching to make sure the new food causes no problems for the puppy. (Allergic reactions.)

Labradors and Children

Labradors and children are one of the best matches in the world, these gentle dogs love children and will become their best friend. If you have more than one child the dog will over time probably pick his/her favorite child to hang with.

They are faithful and loving but protective of their masters so if you want a dog that is going to look over the children when outside playing this is a wonderful pick.

Intelligent and easy to train they will learn new tricks quickly with patience and treats I have had no problems with them learning new ones in a matter of days.

Know with proper training these dogs protect their territory and keep people and other animals off the property. They do make wonderful watchdogs and will let you know if someone is around. (My oldest male would leave people into the house but would not let them leave!)

With even the youngest of children these are fantastic animals they will let babies climb all over them and if they get tired of them they will go find a quiet spot and hide.

I have seen them put up with abuse from children that other dogs would have bitten them for. They are very gentle but very wise and know that small children are not really trying to hurt them.


Caring for Labradors

Labradors require exercise but not extensive as long as you have a decent size yard they can run around in they will be very content. A walk a day and they are usually very happy.

Most Labradors notice I say MOST absolutely love water and giving them a bath is never a problem you will get that one rarely that hates water which is highly unusual, I had one who showered with me daily!

This breed is known for getting hip dysplasia so keeping their diet and weight at a proper level is important. For those of you who do not know what hip dysplasia is please do some research, it affects dogs back hindquarters causing them pain.

The only other problem I ever had with any of my Labradors was fluid on the ear with one, these are known as hematomas and most vets recommend tubing to drain the fluid. I have discovered a more human way to deal with this by giving the dog Children’s Benedryl time wise it takes the same to dissipate the fluid and the swelling to go down. Follow package directions for weight as you would a child.

Your Labrador will require brushing daily they do shed so with daily brushing this cuts down on the amount of dog fur you will find all over the house.

Having a very good veterinarian is a must as with any animal so do your research ask others who have pets who they recommend and look online for reviews on them.

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In Closing

Hopefully, I have given you some good information on choosing a labrador as your new family pet. These are great dogs and having them along with breeding them the potential for you to have a wonderful pet is enormous.

I would also like to point out that spaying or neutering your animal should be considered especially if you are not going to want to breed the dog; this keeps the population down of unwanted animals in the world our shelters are already very overcrowded with unwanted animals so please do your part in helping with this.

Thank you for reading my article today and please come back soon we love having you here at delightfuldoggies4u.

Any questions, comments, or suggestions can be left in the space provided below.

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Should I Get One Dog or Two Dogs

Today we are going to discuss having just one dog or possibly getting two dogs and some of the reasons that two dogs can be better than just having one dog.


Dog Mother for Many Years

I have had dogs for as long as I can remember actually there was never more than possibly a year that I went without having a dog in my life.

For myself, they are companionship, loyal, loving, and non-judgemental friends who I can tell whatever I want knowing it will never ever be repeated they keep secrets quite well (smiling).

Having dogs is really very much the same as having children (without getting pregnant and having to carry them for 9 months) as puppies they require constant care and love.

In my honest opinion, having more than one dog has its advantages and disadvantages so this is going to be a difficult one for sure.

At one time I had seven full-grown dogs with two litters of puppies at the same time – this proved to be way too much work and I swore that would never happen again. (Which I made sure of!)

Having this many dogs was not so much the feeding, grooming, and taking care of them because they were great dogs and learned their hierarchy as time goes on. (Labradors in case you are wondering.)

A nice thing about having more than one dog is they manage to occupy each other always having someone to play with and amuse themselves.

They keep each other company when you are away either keeping them out of trouble around the house or possibly more than one helping the other get into trouble.

This does lead to confusion upon returning home knowing which one of your cute little darlings was the culprit or started the whole thing.

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One Dog or Two Dogs

Question still is one dog or two dogs right? If you are getting a dog for the very first time in your life one dog is going to serve you very well starting out.

With experience comes the knowledge that just having one fur baby is great and adding to your family very rewarding.

After having your new fur baby for a year or so then you might decide that he/she could use a brother/sister if this is the case do research prior to getting yourself another due to some doggies just do not like other breeds.

This can apply to same breed dogs as well, so making sure you have a compatible pair is very important to keep peace and harmony within your household.

Prior to bringing the new arrival home having met and greets are the best way to introduce your old fur baby to the new fur baby. Possibly at a doggie park or take them for walks together letting them get to know one another.

Doing this will let you see if they get along well by how they interact; the best possible place is always the park, where they can run and play together rather than just walking alongside each other.

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Bringing the New Fur Baby Home

Things have worked well on the meet and greet and you are sure this is the new fur baby you want to add to your growing family.

When you bring the new baby home make sure it respects the one who was there before it. Do not show the newer puppy or dog more love and attention than the one you have held dear for the past year or longer.

This can cause anxiety with your older doggie causing behavior problems or worse causing resentment and then they will not get along so well.

Make sure to have supplies in place for the new arrival and treat your older baby to new stuff too! Dogs have feelings and brains do not for one second think they do not notice the new toys or bed.

Treat your wonderful friends exactly the same and adjustments will come quickly they will decide who is going to be the boss of the house in their own way.


Space Required

This is another thing you must always consider when getting a puppy/dog how much space do you have and how much space does the dog/doggies require once they are grown.

Small dogs full-grown do not require the space of medium or larger dogs so living in an apartment you would not want a Great Dane or Mastiff.

Small dogs are great apartment dwellers and having more than one is not a big deal in the smaller spaces either because they do not require so much space.

Make sure they have a place out of the way for their bed and comfort zone so when company comes they can retreat away from all the noise and commotion.  (Most little dogs like the quiet comforts.)

If you own you own a home and have a decent size yard (preferable fenced in/or purchased an outdoor kennel) then medium to large dogs might be ones you would consider.

Medium and large dogs need more space and are more suited to people who have a house and yard for them to move around.

The same applies for them however they do require a space in the house that belongs to them out of the way where they can retreat when they feel they need their own space.

In other posts, you will find many other suggestions and helpful information for sizes of doggies and requirements for what they need.

But if you learned here today that having one dog to start with is plenty and as time goes on adding to your family just like having children means the more the merrier is what I have always found 🙂


In Closing

What ever you decide one dog or two dogs just make sure to research the breeds, sizes, and dispositions of them all before making a commitment you may regret.

People who think oh that little puppy is the most adorable find that when it is full-grown now weighs in at 150 pounds and is so large but wants to be your lap dog.  Things do not work out and the poor babies end up at a shelter.

I must be honest here if I could have 50 doggies I would and the breed does not matter or the size I love them all!!

But for you, this is an important life-changing decision if you have never had one dog and you are thinking of going two dogs starting out.  Just think of it this way twins as in having children.

Thanks for coming by and having a read on One Dog or Two Dogs hopefully we have influenced your decision in some way.

Please come back soon for more at delightfuldoggies4u.

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Finding A New Doggie 4 U

Everyone who has ever had a dog or new puppy knows that once they lose their friend they tell themselves I am not getting another one this is too hard losing them.

Selecting a New Doggie/Puppy

We dog people know that we have all been there when we lose our best friend how very hard it is. And we tell ourselves we are not going to put ourselves through it again.

Few months go by and we are missing the furry thing that we always had the pleasure of coming home to after a hard day at work with that wiggling butt and tail going a hundred miles an hour.

Or if your retired or do not have to leave home and go to work the companionship that you once had with that furry friend is missing and you seriously want it back.

Now, of course, you want your old friend but are going to get a new one; and the one that is no longer by your side would have wanted it this way.  Knowing you have enough love in your heart for another fur baby would make them very happy.

So a new decision needs to be made on which type of dog or puppy you are going to get? This should not be something that you would do like running to the grocery store and picking up milk or bread.

Placing some thought into which breed would fit into your life best now needs to be considered. Ask yourself questions before deciding on the breed, shopping around and doing research will most definitely help you with this.

Ask people you know that have dogs/puppies see what their opinion is on the breed they have. Are the animals hard to train, how much exercise do they require, are they people friendly or more of the loner type, how are they with other animals dogs/cats, anything that you want to know just ask, people, love talking about their best friends.

Some of your selection might have to do with where you live in an apartment or house, do you have a yard or will you be walking your new dog/puppy, how close are roads and traffic and do you have a doggie park nearby to visit.

By doing all the research and talking to people you are saving yourself and your new fur friend possible hardships with adjusting to your lifestyle.

Places to Look

If your set on getting a puppy then look around once you have decided upon the breed which best fit with your living situation.

Finding breeders in your area sometimes can be difficult especially ones that have a great reputation, backyard breeders sometimes are your best option because they take much better care of the litters than puppy mill breeders.

Puppy mill breeders are into breeding for one thing only that is the money and they will breed their females until no longer useful to them and dispose of them like they are trash.

Dogs who chew on everything - Why?Backyard breeders usually enjoy breeding their dogs but do it much more responsibly and have both the mother and father on site for you to interact with. Showing you they care more about the animals than the actual money that they do not really make selling the puppies. (Vet bills for a litter can be expensive for shots and worming, and do not forget puppy food.)

Local pet stores or pet shops carry puppies for sale but please ask where they receive their puppies from; some do get them from the puppy mills and not knowing you can end up with an unhealthy baby.

Please do not overlook shelters in your search they also have puppies that have usually been abandoned under unknown circumstances, but they will have been vet checked, have their shots, and given a clean bill of health.

Adopting from a shelter can be a most rewarding experience, especially if you find an older doggie needing a home that fits your needs better than a new puppy will.

Why Adoption

People might look at adoption from a shelter as a last resort for a puppy. I find this very sad for the poor doggies and puppies that have either been surrender to them, rescued, or abandoned.

These doggies and puppies deserve to have a home just like the one you would go purchase from a breeder and they are sometimes more faithful because you were the person to rescue them from that scary place.

Think of yourself and how you would feel if you were in their paws? As a dog, you once had a home and people who loved you and now your in a concrete cage with no one around, someone comes and takes you for a walk once or twice a day.

Being an abandoned puppy sure they may not have had a real home but until some ignorant person dropped them off at the shelter or out in the middle of nowhere to fend for themselves they had their mother.  Now they only have each other and a cold concrete floor to sleep on.

Deciding Is Hard

Understandable deciding which doggie to pick for your new fur friend is going to be difficult at best but using all the resources that I mentioned above may just provide you with one of the best doggies you have ever had come into your life.


For me this was a little girl doggie named Sammyjoe and here is her story:

It was a Sunday and at the time I worked shift work in a steel mill so I was sleeping in on this particular day. My husband came to wake me with a little puppy she was so tiny and cute, but at the time we had six doggies already so I told him to take her back to where he got her.

He says: “I can’t,” I tell him, oh yes you can. He insisted he could not and of course I want to know “Why?”  So he proceeds to tell me because someone threw her out a car window in front of him on his way home.

Well needless to say he had my attention and I was furious, taking that sweet little pup I went and made her breakfast. Making a long story short she was one of the best doggies I ever had in my life.  She passed away at 17 years old.


In Closing

Sorry, I did get a little carried away with my post today, but just wanted to point out that once you have a wonderful fur doggie in your life living without one just is way too lonely and you will always be missing something in your life.

Thank you for coming by today at delightfuldoggies4u.  We welcome all questions, comments, and suggestions you can leave them in the box below.

See you again very soon 🙂