How long do Big Dogs live for- It all depends

I found it really interesting when I asked people how long do Big Dogs live for as the answers I got were varied so today I thought I would share some interesting stories from those people.


Such a beautiful breed of big dog and they have a spirit that is for sure. They love people, they love life and they love playing, going for walks and most of them love the water, although occasionally you will find labradors that dislike the water with a passion, however, this is very rare

I was talking to my daughter the other day as her 1st dog was a labrador, named Tyler and he arrived in our family when he was just a pup.


I’m the old guy lying down

Tyler became my daughter’s best friend and they did everything together. When she left home, her faithful friend went with her and I knew I would not have to worry about her as Tyler would be there to watch out for her always.

He was so loyal to her and very protective of her as well. I remember my daughter was studying for a science medal at the college she attended and she had always said, she didn’t like science all that much, however, she was studying.

I had been out this particular day and as I drove up the driveway, I could smell this really weird smell coming from the kitchen and I went inside to see the oven was on and my daughter and Tyler were both in the kitchen.

I asked her what on earth she was doing and she looked at me with her most intelligent look and said:”Mum, I am making home-made dogs biscuits for the science project we are doing at school”. she then went on to explain all the ingredients she had sourced after speaking to vets to find out what nutritional value the biscuits should have.

Another 5 minutes went by and the biscuits were cooked, so she removed them from the oven and placed them on a cooling tray. I smiled as I noticed she had even made a fork impression on the top of each one as you do when you are making hokey pokey biscuits 🙂 Amazing, how this young lady had done this.

She waited until they were almost cold and then she gave 1 to Tyler and wrote down every detail of his reaction which of course was so great. He loved them and then, later on, she analysed his deposit outside to check for consistency – lol. What a girl. She, of course, got the top award for this project and she got the science medal for her excellent work. I was so proud of her although my memory of that weird smell stayed with me for some time I can tell you.

Tyler aged and was affected by arthritis in his later years so my daughter used to give him shark cartilage and green lipped mussel powder with every meal and her old friend became agile again from taking this.

Tyler was nearly 17 when he finally had to be put to sleep by the vet and he was cremated and to this day has pride of place in my daughters home. Tyler was an amazing friend who loved my daughter unconditionally for all those years.

German Shepherds

Most German Shepherds live between 9-12 years and are loyal, intelligent, protective, courageous and obedient.

German Shepherds are well known to most people as Police Dogs as they learn quickly what to do and become such an asset to the officers who are working with these amazing Dogs, however sometimes because these dogs work incredibly hard and often in really dangerous situations, they become unwell with Hip Dysplasia and Spondylosis which can be caused by suffering a trauma so they are then retired to the home of the officers family or rehomed to be loved for the rest of their life,

Husky Dogs

Today while I was out in my yard, I got talking to my neighbour who has 2 gorgeous husky dogs, one who is 12 years old now and is getting near the end of her life and another young lady who is now 2 years old. We got talking about this breed and Julie was saying these dogs are so intelligent and loyal and do require regular exercise which these girls get every day, although not so much for the old girl anymore as she prefers to lay in the sun and relax more.

Hi I’m Zoe

Here is a couple of photos I took of Zoe, the young one this morning. I have never seen them close up and I was amazed at the colour of Zoe’s eyes. They are piercing blue as you can see here and this is very rare to see in Dogs…

Strong dogs who are extremely protective and have a lifespan of around 15 years which is so wonderful. They love attention and are playful and highly spirited when you as their owner arrive home.

They can also get hip dysplasia and can have trouble with their eyes as well and can also get cataracts like humans. I learned so much this morning and am still thinking about the eye colour Zoe has. Her old friend has eye trouble and one eye is blue and the other is a faded brown colour due to her eye not working very well evidently.

In conclusion 

It seems big dogs have long lives if they remain healthy and looking having done some research online, it seems this way for a lot of big dog breeds.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and if you feel like commenting, I would love to know your thought or if you have a big dog, you might like to share this with the readers who often stop by

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Big Dog Clothing- Small Dog Clothing

Howdy and welcome to Delightful Doggies 4 u. Today is all about clothing for Dogs. Big Dog Clothing and Small Dog clothing and how to choose what for when and why. lol

Lets get into this shall we

Big Dog Cothing

With all the different breeds of dogs around the globe it is interesting that a lot of people don’t think of big dogs needing clothing, however, they do and for all sorts of reasons and of course seasons.

A friend of mine, Rhonda and I go fishing near the ocean and Rhonda always brings her dog Holly, along for some fun time out and about. Holly loves coming to smell all the new smells and meet other doggy friends.

Rhonda and I always wear the appropriate clothing for the weather as in the winter although we have gorgeous sunny days, it can get very cold with the wind blowing in from the sea and the same goes for Holly.

Rhonda always dresses her to suit the weather as she needs to keep warm too.

Holly is a Labrador and at 9 years old she is still active and loves going on outings especially when it involves going fishing and she loves wearing her coat to protect her from getting chilly. Even though her coat is made from a cotton mix, it is perfect for her as she doesn’t need a thick heavy coat as she has a good natural coat and the extra layer is all she needs.

It is easy to put on as it has a zip just like a jacket and she looks pretty gorgeous in too doesn’t she

Protective Coats

Working Dogs, such as Police Dogs wear protective Coats that are stab proof to ensure they don’t get injured when confronting a criminal, although some dogs do still get hurt which is terrible. These protective coats are made from specialized materials and are similar to what police officers wear.

Search and rescue Dogs also wear protective coats that are fluorescent so they are easily seen by the people who are out in the field with them and also quite often these dogs have to go into spaces that are often dark and very dangerous as they search for people who are trapped.

Dogs for the visually impaired also wear coats to represent what they are doing and to let people know they are guide dogs and not to approach as they are working and approaching them can put them off their tasks that they are required to do.

Small Dogs and their Clothing

Small dogs wear all different types of clothing as owners love to dress their babies up and show them off when they are out and about and you can buy all sorts of styles, colours and material outfits for small dogs. Click on this link and go take a look here

I feel so warm and snuggly

Above you can see beautiful wee Zoe in her red hand knitted coat. she has a blue one as well and looks so adorable and so warm. She is 12 years old and although she is still very active, she needs to be warm on cold winters days when she is running around playing outside

In closing

These are so many different outfits you can buy for your dog.

Big Dog Clothing – Small Dog Clothing and everything in between.

Accessories to go on your dog to make him/her look handsome/beautiful so go take a look at the link here to see what you might like for your doggy

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Cruelty in Greyhound Racing Industry- Should it be banned?

Today’s article is about Greyhounds and the racing industry. There have been many reports on this industry and the treatment of the greyhounds.

So let’s get into this

The Greyhound Racing Industry

The greyhound racing industry started back in 1876 in England but did not develop until Owen Patrick Smith. invented a mechanical moving target to stop the killing of rabbits and gambling began in the 1930’s and was considered to be similar to horse racing,

An oval track was used and a mechanical hare was introduced however finding support for this industry proved difficult until 2 men managed to raise 22,000 pounds and launched the greyhound racing holding their 1st meeting the Machester’s Belle Vue Stadium and by the end of 1927 there were over 40 tracks in the UK.

Greyhound racing soon developed throughout the world and it was mostly working-class men who frequented the tracks

In Australia, in 2016 in New South Wales, The government banned greyhound racing, however, this was overturned later that same year with restrictions put in place.


Doping was then found to be happening and every dog had his/her urine tested whether they were winners or not and if drugs were found violators of this were banned from all tracks and lost their license and sometimes criminal prosecutions happened.

The trainer is responsible for the dogs and if any banned substances are found in the dogs, the trainer is charged.

Dogs retire – what happens next

Many greyhounds are adopted into families for the rest of their lives and all over the world, there are foundations for Adopt a Greyhound however many of the dogs are euthanised as well.

On the 12th of July 2018, 9 greyhounds were found in a grave in Sydney on the property of a well known licensed breeder and trainer and many of the other dogs were found emaciated and diseased.

The Chief Inspector of the RSPCA said the Greyhounds were living in the most appalling conditions on the property.

Some had a serious dental disease and others had compression sores from the kennels they were kept in.

An ongoing investigation into this breeder is still happening and last year the same breeder was inspected and was passed after inspection and the RSPCA and the Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission could not understand how this property could have passed.

All greyhounds have been removed from this property and are now in the care of the RSPCA

Deaths reported

From 2004 – 2016 over 68,000 greyhounds, that now no longer compete have been killed and 1 in5  trainers are still using live bait.

In 2017 the Australian Capital Territory in Australia banned Greyhound racing and they are the 1st state to do this without reversal,

Mass graves have been found not only in Australia but in other countries as well and I find this absolutely disgusting. How can owners, trainers and breeders do this to these animals?

Once the dog is done, they kill it and dump it. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

They should all be charged as criminals for this terrible treatment and I know the RSPCA and other foundations are now attending greyhound tracks to do investigative work to try and catch these trainers out and I hope they all get caught.

This is not how animals should be treated. Imagine what would happen if we did this to humans. Well, in my opinion, it is the same and they should be punished in the same way.

What are your thoughts on this hideous behaviour?

Adopt a greyhound

Retired racing greyhounds are often put down because they are said to be noisy, suffer from anxiety, they chase cats and they are a general nuisance. Hmmm. I wonder how they became like this. UNREAL!!!! I’m still really mad as you can tell.

Ok, in many places all over the world there are Adopt a Greyhound Associations so greyhounds that retire can go and live with a family who will love and respect them, taking them for walks, playing with them and giving them lots of love which is really alien to them.

They get to sleep on a snuggly bed in a warm space just for them or in front of the fire when its cold. They are given everything they have never had and their lives are lived out happily in a safe place.

You can Google Adopt a Greyhound or go to this link


There are also many places you can go to online to sign a petition to ban greyhound racing and I have done my signing as this information I learned about and have shared here is so terrible and disturbing to me as an animal lover.

How are you feeling?

Are you ready to help the cause?

Let’s get rid of this shocking treatment of these wonderful dogs for good.

A part of me wants to apologize for this article, as I would never have thought I would be writing about something so horrible, and the rest of me is so glad I decided to write this article as I feel so strongly about how animals should be treated and when I found out this really happens to these hard-working dogs, it made me so angry.

No animals deserve to be treated badly and anyone who treats an animal in a cruel way should be charged as a criminal. This will let other abusers know what will happen if they get caught and it might just make them behave in a proper manner towards their greyhounds.

Who knows, I sure do hope so.

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Kindness to all animals





My Day out with Briar

Hey kids- Here is a story for you to enjoy. It is written by a very special friend of mine Briar. If you enjoy this story, please leave a special comment for Briar and Mila below.

Dogs love
Hi I’m Mila and this is my owner Briar

Hi, my name is Mila and I’m a golden Labrador puppy.  I am now 8 months old

I’m going to tell you a story about Briar and it goes a bit like this…. It all started the day Briar came to pick me up, at the time I was being chased and bowled over by my seven brothers and sisters.

I think now is the time to tell you I’m the runt.  Anyway, Briar leapt out of the car to come and see us.  I ran into my kennel…  what is going on? What is the ginormous thing?

She plonked down right next to Chucky (the fattest and strongest of us all) she said I’d like a cute wee little girl.  I didn’t stand up and run to her like my three sisters as I knew I didn’t stand a chance of becoming her friend.

But then she stopped, looked around and said I thought there were 7 and there are only 6.  She then crawled into my kennel…. What an intruder I thought until she picked me up and held me tightly and then our eye’s found each other.

I think we both knew at that second that we were meant to be.

Briar and I hopped in the car gosh I had never been in a car. I didn’t feel too good.  I fell asleep and when we got to my new home Briar had a lovely new kennel for me with toys and a blanket.  I was missing my family but I knew I was going to be well loved by Briar.

One sunny morning  Briar and I went for a run until I got a little bit distracted, I smelt something in a bush so I bolted towards the bush to where the strange smell was coming from.  I snuck closer and closer and closer until YEAH a black and white furry thing mmmmmmm which part shall I eat first. The tail thing looked very fleshy and appetising.

“Mila come back!!” yelled Briar, my ear’s twitched… Should I go back, no way this is something new and I want to experience it, as this smells so tasty.  My stomach was grumbling at me, I went to take a bite but a huge puff of green smokey stuff squirted out from underneath the tail.  I felt like spewing but I was still curious and wanted to know what this was.  I go to sniff the tail again and the furry thing lifted its tail and I know what’s about to happen.

Ruff ruff ruff. “Mila, are you hurt?” calls out Briar. I slowly but steadily back away. Mila “Come back it’s a”… but before Briar can finish her sentence I get sprayed again.

I am getting a bit grumpy with this furry little meaty thing. I run to Briar to save me. “Peeewwwww Mila. That was a skunk silly puppy.” I can smell myself and I really stink. But yay, I know exactly what that means, we’re going for a swim in the creek, I begin to wag my tail.”Come on then you smelly thing let’s go down to the creek and have a swim to get rid of that nasty stench.”

After about 10 minutes of swimming, the icky smell was still on me. I shook my entire body but that didn’t work either. So Briar and I headed back home and a dreadful surprise awaited me, a bath. On shelves and racks, I see shampoo’s, conditioner’s, body gels, body wash, bath bombs. You name it, it was all there. But only one caught my eye. D-o-g- s-h-a-m-p-o-o. Briar smothers the dog shampoo all over me.

It’s so nice soaking in the water, as I thought it would be a horrible experience but I find it rather soothing.

Once I hop out of the bath, I felt rather tired, so I go to my warm soft bed and snuggle down.

I had such an amazing day with Briar and I can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow


10 Most Protective Dogs Breeds- How to choose wisely


Hello again and welcome to Delightful Doggies. today’s article is about the 10 most protective dog breeds.

When choosing a Dog you must consider what reasons you have for getting one so here we go

Akita – What am I likeGuard Dogs

A very strong, noble and loyal dog whose job was originally to guard royalty in Japan. he/She is fearless and loves his family and can be lots of fun as they are affectionate and amusing if they are trained correctly.

Akitas are not normally barkers unless they sense something is not right, however, they love to talk with mumbles, grunts and moans. When visitors arrive they may become aloof and quiet as they will observing what is going on.

Akitas love to carry things in their mouth and this includes holding onto your wrist. This is not a sign of aggression, it is merely your Akita communicating his/her love for you

They are very solid dogs with a lifespan of around 10 – 12 years, they shed a lot of hair and I mean a lot.

They are aggressive toward others dogs, especially  same-sex dogs however this can be curbed somewhat with intensive training

Akitas like to be no1 in the house and will chase other pets so be aware of this before buying one.

This breed is highly protective, extremely loyal however without proper training they can be quite aggressive and are not advised to anyone as a 1st-time dog

So if you intend to buy an Akita, you need to know, they are a one pet family dog, with an aggressive nature towards other dogs. they are courageous, strong and loyal and will protect you at all cost


Chow Chow Breed – Am I a good protector

You better believe it. Chow Chow’s are really protective and although they may seem aloof and uninterested, beware, strangers, if you try to enter the property where a Chow Chow is on guard.

Chow Chows do best in a family environment however it is wise if you are going to buy one to wait until your children are of school age so they understand how to behave around your Chow Chow. This breed doesn’t like rough and tumble. they are as gentle as a cat with the guarding attitude of a wolf which is really quite cool

Chow Chows were bred as a working dog and their lifespan is around 15 years.

If you want a cuddly dog, then a Chow Chow is not for you. they like being with themselves in their aloof manner.

They need to be groomed at least 3 times per week and training them is a good idea too.

Many famous people throughout history have owned Chow Chow’s, so have a good look online and do some more interesting research

Doberman- Pinscher – how about meguard dog

Doberman’s are loyal, intelligent, agile, a family dog and a wonderful protector for you and your family.

When people 1st meet a Doberman, they are normally very wary because they fear what this breed might do. It is the look of the Doberman and nothing else. If these dogs are trained well, they make wonderful pets and amazing guard dogs.

Their age span is around 10- 13 years – He/She is trustworthy around children and had a playful nature along with being gentle

Originating from Germany and having quite the reputation for being fierce these dogs are truly a wonderful pet for any family with lots of love to give and he/she will be your protector that is for sure

American Bulldog

Loyal, strong and needing a lot of exercise, the American Bulldog makes a great family dog and a wonderful protector if they are trained correctly and treated kindly.

They do great in a family home as long as they have space to roam. they are great hunters too. They do not like being left alone for too long and can become destructive if they get bored.

So if you the owner has a lot of energy to keep up with this breed then maybe this is the dog for you

German Shepherd 

Strong, Intelligent, a great worker, these dogs are a very popular breed as they are extremely protective and loyal. They are quick to learn and love learning. they love to exercise, have playtime and are a great family dog.

Thier lifespan is around 15 years if they keep good health and quite often German Shepherds have trouble with their hindquarters and arthritis as they get on in age

They need attention and if they become bored or anxious they will bak incessantly and chew things, for example, furniture, carpet, anything they can find so make sure if you choose to get a German shepherd that you are prepared to do the work that owning one requires


This breed needs early socialization as they can become aggressive if not taught to socialize from a young age.

They are strong, loyal and make a very good guard dog however you must train these dogs well in order to have a great dog.

They walk a fine line between protective and very aggressive so be aware of this.

If you are raising your Rottweiler around your children. always be present when they are playing as Rottweilers have a tendency to push and bump children and can hurt children unknowingly and because they are so strong, children can get hurt.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

These guys/girls have an easy-care coat, they are smart, they don’t require lots of exercises if you have a decent yard with a very high fence, where he/she can run around and also if you play with them often. They make great hunters and protectors

They will not bark lots however they will let you know if a stranger is approaching. They love people, however, are cautious around strangers.

They love to learn and if they become bored, they can also become destructive so be aware of this. make sure you have time to spend with this breed.

Their life span is around 10-12 years and they will make a very loyal companion should you choose this breed

Giant Schnauzer- hmm what about me


Intelligent, loyal and courageous, Giant Schnauzers make great pets. A very playful nature and a very protective side to him as well.

A rugged exterior, a huge personality and can be a real handful to any owner and training is very important for this breed.

He/she will need a lot of socializing. physical and mental stimulation. he/She will need an abundance of all of these in order to become a wonderful companion and best of all he/she will love being with you and your family of you have one.

Thier lifespan is around 10-15 years depending on the health of your dog of course


Very loving and extra good guard dogs, Boxers have a wonderful mischievous spirit. They love to play and make a fabulous family dog. They will need training and socialising and of course boundaries.

They are incredibly patient with children, they don’t need a lot of grooming and make great companions as long as they get enough exercise and play time.

They are wary of strangers but not normally aggressive with them as long as they do not sense something untoward with the stranger. They are fierce defenders and protectors.


A giant of a dog and so strong, loyal and a really great protector for you and your family. They are intelligent and always wanting to please you as their owner.

These dogs were bred as guard dogs, however, they do not bark a lot unless they have good reason to.

Anybody who thought they might enter your property uninvited would take one look at this dog and run fast in the other direction. they are really intimidating however they are also big babies who love to be loved and played with along with training and boundaries.

These guys are known to drool a lot so be ready should you choose to get one.

The lifespan for Bullmastiff’s is around  10 years as long as they are well nourished and cared for.

I have placed some links on the breed names so if you want to you can buy a book to give you a lot more information on the breed that interests you

If you have enjoyed this article or you have any questions please comment below


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