10 Most Protective Dogs Breeds- How to choose wisely


Hello again and welcome to Delightful Doggies today’s article is about the ten most protective dog breeds.

When choosing a Dog you must consider what reasons you have for getting one so here we go.

Akita – What am I likeGuard Dogs

A very strong, noble and loyal dog whose job was originally to guard royalty in Japan he/she is fearless and loves his family and can be lots of fun as they are affectionate and amusing if they are trained correctly.

Akitas are not normally barkers unless they sense something is not right, however, they love to talk with mumbles, grunts, and moans.  When visitors arrive they may become aloof and quiet as they will observing what is going on.

Akitas love to carry things in their mouth and this includes holding onto your wrist.  This is not a sign of aggression, it is merely your Akita communicating his/her love for you.

They are very solid dogs with a lifespan of around 10 – 12 years, they shed a lot of hair and I mean a lot.

They are aggressive toward others dogs, especially same-sex dogs however this can be curbed somewhat with intensive training.

Akitas like to be number one in the house and will chase other pets so be aware of this before buying one.

This breed is highly protective and extremely loyal however without proper training they can be quite aggressive and are not advised to anyone as a 1st-time dog.

So if you intend to buy an Akita, you need to know, they are a one pet family dog, with an aggressive nature towards other dogs they are courageous, strong, and loyal and will protect you at all cost.

Chow Chow Breed – Am I a Good Protector

You better believe it.  Chow Chow’s are really protective and although they may seem aloof and uninterested, beware, strangers, if you try to enter the property where a Chow Chow is on guard.

Chow Chows do best in a family environment however it is wise if you are going to buy one to wait until your children are of school age so they understand how to behave around your Chow Chow.  This breed doesn’t like rough and tumbles they are as gentle as a cat with the guarding attitude of a wolf which is really quite cool.

Chow Chows were bred as a working dog and their lifespan is around 15 years.

If you want a cuddly dog, then a Chow Chow is not for you. they like being with themselves in their aloof manner.

They need to be groomed at least 3 times per week and training them is a good idea too.

Many famous people throughout history have owned Chow Chow’s, so have a good look online and do some more interesting research.


Doberman- Pinscher – How about me?guard dog

Doberman’s are loyal, intelligent, agile, a family dog and a wonderful protector for you and your family.

When people first meet a Doberman, they are normally very wary because they fear what this breed might do.  It is the look of the Doberman and nothing else.  If these dogs are trained well, they make wonderful pets and amazing guard dogs.

Their age span is around 10- 13 years – He/She is trustworthy around children and have a playful nature along with being gentle.

Originating from Germany and having quite the reputation for being fierce these dogs are truly a wonderful pet for any family with lots of love to give and he/she will be your protector that is for sure.

American Bulldog

Loyal, strong and needing a lot of exercise, the American Bulldog makes a great family dog and a wonderful protector if they are trained correctly and treated kindly.

They do great in a family home as long as they have space to roam, they are great hunters too.  They do not like being left alone for too long and can become destructive if they get bored.

So if you the owner has a lot of energy to keep up with this breed then maybe this is the dog for you.

German Shepherd

10 Most Protective Dog BreedsStrong, intelligent, a great worker, these dogs are a very popular breed as they are extremely protective and loyal.  They are quick to learn and love learning, they love to exercise, have playtime, and are a great family dog.

Their lifespan is around 15 years if they keep good health and quite often German Shepherds have trouble with their hindquarters and arthritis as they get on in age.

They need attention and if they become bored or anxious they will bark incessantly and chew things, for example, furniture, carpet, anything they can find so make sure if you choose to get a German shepherd that you are prepared to do the work that owning one requires.



This breed needs early socialization as they can become aggressive if not taught to socialize from a young age.

They are strong, loyal, and make a very good guard dog however you must train these dogs well in order to have a great dog.

They walk a fine line between protective and very aggressive so be aware of this.

If you are raising your Rottweiler around your children. always be present when they are playing as Rottweilers have a tendency to push and bump children and can hurt children unknowingly and because they are so strong, children can get hurt.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

These guys/girls have an easy-care coat, they are smart, they don’t require lots of exercises if you have a decent yard with a very high fence, where he/she can run around and also if you play with them often.  They make great hunters and protectors.

They will not bark lots however they will let you know if a stranger is approaching.  They love people, however, are cautious around strangers.

They love to learn and if they become bored, they can also become destructive so be aware of this. make sure you have time to spend with this breed.

Their lifespan is around 10-12 years and they will make a very loyal companion should you choose this breed.

Giant Schnauzer- hmm what about me?


Intelligent, loyal and courageous, Giant Schnauzers make great pets.  A very playful nature and a very protective side to him as well.

A rugged exterior, a huge personality, and can be a real handful to any owner and training is very important for this breed.

He/she will need a lot of socializing, physical and mental stimulation, he/she will need an abundance of all of these in order to become a wonderful companion and best of all he/she will love being with you and your family of you have one.

Their lifespan is around 10-15 years depending on the health of your dog of course. 



Very loving and extra good guard dogs, Boxers have a wonderful mischievous spirit.  They love to play and make a fabulous family dog.  They will need training and socializing and of course boundaries.

They are incredibly patient with children, they don’t need a lot of grooming and make great companions as long as they get enough exercise and play time.

They are wary of strangers but not normally aggressive with them as long as they do not sense something untoward with the stranger. They are fierce defenders and protectors.



A giant of a dog and so strong, loyal and a really great protector for you and your family.  They are intelligent and always wanting to please you as their owner.

These dogs were bred as guard dogs, however, they do not bark a lot unless they have good reason to.

Anybody who thought they might enter your property uninvited would take one look at this dog and run fast in the other direction, they are really intimidating, however, they are also big babies who love to be loved and played with along with training and boundaries.

These guys are known to drool a lot so be ready should you choose to get one.

The lifespan for Bullmastiff’s is around  10 years as long as they are well nourished and cared for.

I have placed some links on the breed names so if you want to you can buy a book to give you a lot more information on the breed that interests you

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8 thoughts on “10 Most Protective Dogs Breeds- How to choose wisely”

  1. My sister has a bullmastiff and I call him a “gentle giant.” The most tame dog I have ever met. I have two miniature dachshunds and they are anything but! However, they are extremely loyal and always let me know when something isnt right!

    Grea information!

    • Hi Kimberley- yes Daschunds can be very protective wee dogs
      And Yes a Bullmastiff is a wonderfully strong and very loyal companion
      Thank you for sharing

  2. This is a great post on dog breeds with good information on each one of them. I didn’t see a picture of the American Bulldog. I think my favorite is probably the German Shepherd I had one for twelve years it was mixed with a Pit Bulldog and very smart.

    • Hi Fred- No I couldn’t find a really good pic of the American Bulldog
      I am so glad you had many years of joy with your dog. They certainly are great companions and so loyal

      All the best

  3. Awesome read. Soon I’ll be getting my 4 year old his first dog and this is some good information. He’s very excited! lol

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