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Adoption of a Shelter Pet – Can Someone Take Me Home, Please!

Most people think you can walk into any shelter pick out a pet of your choice and adopt it right?  Sorry, this is not how the process is done.

Adopting a Shelter Pet What is Required

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When you first go to the Shelter to find your new Best Friend there will be paperwork that you will need to fill out and it includes personal information.

Why you might ask; the reason for this is these pets have all been through a traumatic experience in one way or another. Exactly how would you feel if you were in their paws?

Some Shelters may have you come in and take care of the pet you wish to adopt just to see how you interact with the pet and vice a versa.  This is a normal visitation to make sure you are compatible with each other.

The reason for this in-depth account of your personal information is for the Shelter to run a background check on you to make sure you can adequately provide for the pet you wish to adopt.

Housing is very important due to some of the pets are not good for children because of their background.  Others are not adoptable with other pets in a household they just do not play well with others.

Usually, a home visit before final adoption is arranged to see how the pet acts within your household; does it feel comfortable or does it have anxiety issues.  Stress is the same for animals as it is in humans so naturally, the Shelter people will be concerned about making sure the pet fits in.

Shelters typically do not want people who want to house the pet outdoors; due to conditions, they may have suffered in the past.  And seriously if you are adopting a child who keeps children outside?  Would you keep a child outside?

 You and Your New Best Friend

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Now you have gone through all the paperwork and been approved.  You and the pet you have selected are getting along great at the Shelter.

Along comes the home visit and you are super excited to bring your selection of new puppy or dog home, but hold on this is only the initial home visit with your new pet.  They must go back to the Shelter until the final adoption papers are signed.

How disappointing is this?  In my opinion very but here is the good news; your home visit went exceptionally well and you go back to the Shelter with your new puppy or dog sign the adoption papers and take them home with you.  Everyone lives happily ever after.

What happens when that home visit does not go so good?  Do not despair and do not give up; if the Shelter personnel are willing to work with you and they are you will all work it out.  Just not today.

Usually, when the first home visit does not go well Shelters will take the time to help you more with the pet.  Giving you the guidance that you need to come to adopt that special one that you have chosen.  But in the event that it never does work out please do not give up.  There are too many other pets needing homes that will work for you. Free Dog Training. Click Here.

You Have Adopted A New Pet

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Let us say everything has worked in your favor and your adoption has gone along very smoothly.  You and your new puppy or dog are now home to stay; however, things turn bad after a few days what now?

Remember an adoption of a pet is not set in stone and the Shelter will do everything in their power to help solve the situation, but every once in a while it just does not work.

They will take the pet back to the Shelter and you can still adopt another the staff may be a little more selective for you in this process of finding a pet that will work for you.

Do not despair because your probably not the only person this has happened to at least you tried which is more than most people ever think of doing.  Everyone wants a cute little puppy or kitten but once it is grown it is not so cute anymore this is why Shelters become overcrowded due to negligent pet owners that think they want to be owners. Free Dog Training. Click Here.

Adoption is Now Final

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All has worked out great you and your new puppy or dog have bonded and nothing can keep you apart.  Your adoption papers will now be finalized you two will never be separated again until one of you leave this earth.

Nothing will ever compare to the love and devotion you will receive from a Shelter pet you have a finalized adoption with. They are so grateful to have a home where someone loves them and cares for them daily; you will see it in their actions and in their eyes. 


I have left everyone who visits my website a few options for adopting a Shelter pet.  But those who do this have the biggest and best hearts in the world saving lives means very much to them.

No one is ever sure they have selected the right pet for them with no way of really knowing how they are going to react when you have them home for more than a visit.

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Seriously if you want to adopt go to the Shelter and spend time with more than one pet of your choosing this way you are not going to be disappointed if your first choice does not work out.  I suggest picking at the very least three to spend time with then you will have a choice after a month or more of getting to know them.

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Thank you so much for visiting my website I do hope you find it informative as well as entertaining to read.

Just one more thing you can find pure breed dogs at the Shelters that are not going to cost you an arm and a leg to purchase!

What are your thoughts on adoption?

Is this something that you could consider doing?

Delightful Doggies 4 U would like to hear your thoughts on the subject of adoption from a shelter do you have experience with adoption?

You can leave your answers to these questions in the space provided below along with any questions you might have or comments and suggestions.

Thanks see you again soon,



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