Akita Breed Right For Me? – Read About My Akita!

Akita Breed Right For Me?

Read About My Akita!

Hey all, I am trying to work on the breeds that I know the most about and had in my life letting people know what the personalities are and how I dealt with each and every one of them. The Akita was rescued from a friend at 2 years old.


My Akita, “Buddy”

akitaMy wonderful Akita, Buddy, came to me when he was 2 years old because he was kept outside in a kennel with his sister and someone poisoned her so this friend thought that he would be better off with me.

His sister’s name was Chelsea and I loved her she was so sweet and lovable but this friend also knew he was dying and wanted to make sure that Buddy would have a good home with great parents.

When I adopted him I was warned that no matter what type of dog food he fed him seemed like for the past two years he could not get rid of diarrhea. Needless to say, Buddy was a bit on the thin side needing a cure for this condition.

Not to take any chances because I had other dogs Buddy went straight to my own vet for checking and blood work the whole routine. Everything came back negative for any parasites.  My vet recommended feeding him Yogurt this is when I found out Yogurt works for dogs with this problem.

After feeding Buddy a Yogurt a day for a week his stools became hard and that was the end of the runs for him. He did have everyone in the neighborhood amused he would stand with his front paws on the fence to poop not to get any on his beautiful long fur. LOL 
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Buddy’s Personality

During Buddy’s life with us, my first grandson was born not being familiar with the breed I did not know what to expect.

During the times when I would be watching my infant grandson how was he going to react never being around any children as he grew up.

Well needless to say I had nothing to worry about when the baby was hungry or needed changing Buddy would be right there watching the baby making sure he was alright.

I would sit in the rocking chair to feed him his bottle Buddy would walk to the arm of the chair each and every time give him a tiny kiss on the top of the head and sit beside the chair with us the whole time.

When I would put the baby down to sleep Buddy would lie right beside the couch or bed where the baby was napping.

You could always find Buddy where the baby was in the house he would not leave his side, he was absolutely the best with the baby.

Buddy would listen well even though I did not raise him was easy to teach new things. Although he was full-grown when we got him he learned very fast everything that was expected of him.

This Akita was very lovable and would sit on your lap and wait for the hugs and kisses that he knew were coming. I found that this breed was wonderful all around a great family pet, especially with children.www.worldpetexpress.net

Grooming of an Akita

The Akita does require daily grooming they have long fur and an undercoat beneath it so brushing daily is a must keep them from getting matted and tangled. The tail is especially important as it curls up around the back so make sure to keep it looking good.

Bathe them at least once a month and make sure to brush them before bathing so that the fur stays tangle free I would use conditioner for my Akita both for keeping tangles out and to moisturize his skin.

Brushing their teeth is recommended to keep tarter down and from getting gum diseases. Clipping their nails when they get long is important as well as trimming the fur between the pads on the paws it grows fairly long and can cause slipping.

Keeping their ears clean is important because their ears stand erect so plenty of dust can enter the ears keep your eyes open for any mites and shaking of the head can mean cleaning is past due.

Akita’s and Other Pets

Buddy got along well with all the other dogs, as a matter of fact, we had the wolf at the same time and they were best of friends. Could have been the fur they were both furballs 🙂

Sammy Jo one of the other dogs we had at the same time it would be at bedtime I could send the two of them to bed when we had company over they would laugh saying I had them trained just like children.

What they did not know was Buddy did not like to go to bed without me.  So he would go reluctantly then sneak back out and sit at the top of the stairs with his head hanging where he could see me.

If I did not go up shortly to bed he would sit there for over an hour and then come sneaking back down and lie at my feet until I was ready to go to bed and he would be fast on my heels to get there. 
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In Closing

I would recommend this breed to anyone with children I had never seen a dog take to a baby the way this one did to my grandson. Buddy loved the baby and never left his side when I would be babysitting him.

His older half-sister would lie under the kitchen table with her head on Buddy and sing to him never once did he move just loved the attention.

Have any stories to share about an Akita you have, had, or know?

Hearing from my readers is so appreciated please leave all comments, suggestions, and questions in the space provided below.  I answer them usually within 24 hours.

Thank you all for taking the time to read about my Akita today, hope you enjoyed the time you spent with delightfuldoggies4u,



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