Behavior Problems – Most Common Ones for Our Dogs.

Behavior Problems 

Most Common Ones for Our Dogs.

We all know someone who has a dog that at one time or another a behavior issue will arise.

I thought possibly highlighting a few of these along with how to handle them may help you with taking control of the situation.

House Training

I know that I covered this in the training section of the website; but what if you have that one stubborn little one who just refuses to go outdoors and insists on going in your house?

crates for absences and bedtime

One thing that I have found out is if as a puppy a person has used a kennel inside the home to keep the puppies in the puppy then feels that this is the proper place to relieve itself.

No punishment is given for them using their crate to go in therefore as they mature and you have a kennel to keep them in during the day while away it is customary that they will relieve themselves in the kennel.

You cannot punish the dog because this was acceptable behavior growing up and now even though he/she is not fully grown and the behavior continues you want to punish them.

This is just very confusing to the poor fur baby how is it when being it has used the kennel getting to this point was alright and now it is not?

dog in a crate

Even overnights in the kennel cause this same behavior because they could freely go as youngsters and now you find breaking them from this habit is getting harder and harder.

I have a couple of recommendations here that may help but only if you have the means by which to enforce them.

Should you happen to have a full-time job and require being away from home for hours; you need to find someone who you can trust to come and take your dog out during the day to relieve themselves.

For some of you, this is going to be a difficult find but it does work just finding that right person to trust with your dog is going to take some time.

lady walking 6 dogs

Once you are home do not keep your fur baby in the kennel make sure you give them special time just for them like you would a child.

This is one thing that matters most to them they live to please you. No accidents in the kennel make sure you shower them with praise the more you do the more they try not having accidents.

If this is happening at night when you put them in the kennel for bed; you may want to adjust when and how you feed and water your fur baby making it easier on their system to hold it through the night.

Same as above every morning give them praise for no accidents they want so much to please you they will eventually learn that the kennel is not also their personal bathroom. Free Dog Training. Click Here.

Excited Jumping

When you first get home no matter how long you have left it could be only a matter of ten minutes, but to your fur baby, this seems like an eternity (dogs have no sense of time-lapse). What is the best way of controlling all this excitement?

dog jumping on person

Persistence and commands work but you must also have everyone that visits you use the exact same ones; therefore if someone new comes your dog is going to be so excited to get a new visitor they are going to forget, and get super excited jumping once again.

In this case, I have found that using their kennel during a new person’s visit is the best medicine for keeping them calm and teaching them to stay calm.

Once they have calmed down then you can release them to greet the new arrival only if the new arrival is not afraid of your animal.

Always use your dog’s name and a one-word command when correcting them works best: “Dingo Down”.

Repeating the command is best along with making them obey the command. This takes time and patience but eventually them wanting to please you makes them easier to handle once they get all the commands down.

sign stop your dog jumping up

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Begging for Food

Many people have a problem with an animal sitting beside them while they are eating and begging for food.

In order to stop this behavior you can always put your dog in another room while having dinner; eventually, they will get the message that sitting at the table with you is not proper manners.

dog sitting watching person eat

Some people do not mind their animal at the table when they are eating but do not like the begging.

In this case, you can train your dog to lie down by your side while you are eating. I have mine trained to lie down all I need do is ask them if they are begging and down they go.

Just a little tip on this if you do let them stay at the table with you and they have learned their manners I always save them a bite for being a good boy/girl for not begging.

Chewing Anything They Can

Some fur babies have a very bad habit of chewing whatever they can get into their mouths. This includes furniture, bedding, carpets, walls, you name it and if they can get it in their mouth they chew it.

puppy chewing chair rail

Now, most people will say you need to provide toys for your fur baby to chew on, and this is correct during their younger years as they are cutting their teeth.

If you find them chewing on something they should not be scolded them take them either away from it and give them the proper chew toy they should be chewing on. (Never hit your fur baby!)

As they mature and you still have the same problem what then? I have one of these and to be honest I have not found anything to cure her yet she is going to be two in November 2018 but still loves to chew things.

I have tried multiple things with her and to no avail so I have learned to make sure there is nothing around her kennel that can hurt her, and I use old carpets and such for her to lie on and keep her comfortable.

Once she has them chewed beyond her being comfortable I throw them out and give her another. Hopefully, as she ages, she will stop 🙁

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These are just a few of the habits with suggestions that I felt should be covered to help you with your dog and I will be adding every week so please come back often to see what is new.

I always ask for suggestions and comments from all my readers and if you have a proven method to handle any of these behavioral problems please share them for us all to benefit in the space provided below.

Thank you for visiting today and hope you return soon to find something new!

Until next time give that fur baby of yours a hug from me because I love them all 🙂




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