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Break Dog From Chewing

Break A Dog From Chewing

Hello to you all, our topic today is how to break a dog from chewing. This is something that many have trouble with since bringing home their new dog as a puppy and have not found a way yet to break them.


Find an Alternative

man searching You can search all over the internet and find so many answers to how to keep your puppy or dog from chewing everything in your house. Including what even belongs to them!

I myself have a chewer that I have now found the underlying cause of why she loves to chew things even those that are for her benefit when I put her in her kennel when I am away.

The only time I have no issues with her is when I am home and she has supervision or a human with her, think possible separation anxiety then you are correct.

dog laying with his eyes coveredMany dogs suffer from this and it can become a big problem should they decide to chew on the wrong thing even becoming fatal for your best friend so how do you fix the problem?

People are under the impression that crate training an animal is cruel and that you should not put them in a cage and I would have to agree to a certain extent.

When it is for the safety of your dog or puppy then I believe this choice is the best one you can make. Crate training to keep them safe is not hurting your dog or puppy just ensuring that when you arrive home they are safe and sound.

But what to do if your dog or puppy then decides that chewing up the brand new bed you just purchased them is also a chew toy and they destroy it while you are gone?

This has happened to me not once but a number of times. She at this point has nothing in her kennel because of her destructive chewing habit. Will this work over time I can only wait and see and will advise at a later date.

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What Others Recommend

man walking a dogProfessionals recommend exercising your dog or puppy before putting them in the crate prior to leaving them for any length of time. Because if you take the time to tired them out they will have less tendency to chew things up.

Sorry but I have tried this and it did not work. I have tried the bully bones and Kong balls with peanut butter. Unfortunately, they were not a solution that worked for her either.

Not saying that these things will not work for some dogs or puppies because I believe that all dogs are different.  And yes for some this is most definitely going to fix the problem.

Just not for my little girl, she has just turned two years old, so thinking now that the puppy stage is over working on the separation anxiety what needs to be tried next?

My problem is I spend so much time at home with my dogs, I have three dogs, that when I do leave her she thinks I have left her for good.

dog in a metal crate (kennel)What I think I am going to try is experimenting and start leaving her for a half an hour and then keep moving it up in fifteen-minute intervals until such a time that she can then have a comfortable bed back in her crate to lie on while I am gone.

Keep everyone posted in the future if all goes well if not then back to the drawing board to try and figure out how we can fix this chewing problem.

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Research Shows

Alright, I have been researching this from more than one source and what the experts recommend is when you find your dog or puppy chewing on something they are not supposed to be chewing on is making a loud noise to stop them first.

Take the object from them and give them a toy for them to chew on that belongs to them even playing with them for a while keeping them interested in the toy to forget about what they had been chewing on.

lab with a bully stick

This has worked very well in the past for me with raising the many breeds of puppies I have raised throughout my lifetime and I am sure it will work for most dogs/puppies of any breed.

Finding the right toy to hold their interest is also trial and error and takes some patience because I have found that all my dogs and puppies always have a certain toy they prefer over the others.


Kong balls are the best on the market that I have found for the power chewers with jaws that can crush most anything they fit their mouths over. These I have witness firsthand are not completely indestructible my pit has destroyed one already.

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Help and Advice

dog on chewed up chairWhen dealing with the constant chewing dog or puppy who chews on anything and everything in your house never leave them unsupervised is one of the best pieces of advice that I can give you.

Making sure to puppy proof or dog proof the house is another putting away all shoes or things that you would normally leave out that the animal could get and chew.

With furniture find a sour apple or lemon that you can spray on it without hurting your furniture to keep them away the smell alone should deter them but the taste most surely will.


Provide your dog or puppy with plenty of toys to keep them amused and are good for chewing including the Kong line these are almost indestructible and some that will work at keeping their teeth clean and free from tartar buildup is advisable.

Exercise your dog or puppy to make sure they do get enough exercise.  Exercise is important for boredom because this can also cause them to look for things to chew on.

Proper nutrition is something else you should always consider when you have a chewing dog or puppy are they trying to find something they are lacking in the nutritional part of their food.

A veterinarian check-up is advised to make sure your dog or puppy is healthy and has no underlying medical reasons for chewing – bad gums – bad teeth – etc.


In Closing

When you have exhausted all the possibilities then the only one left is the anxiety that my little girl suffers from when I leave her and the only way I can help with that is by doing the experiment above.

Your vet might be able to recommend how to help with the separation anxiety chewing but at this time I have not found any help other than crate training and putting her away when I am not home to keep her supervised.

Do you know of any ways to keep a dog from chewing on anything but everything?

Would love to hear them please leave questions, comments, or suggestions in the space provided below.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article and hope to see you again soon delightfuldoggies4u will be continually adding more articles for dog lovers,


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