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Dog Kennel or Dog Motel – Vacation Time What To Do With Fido?

Dog Kennel or Dog Motel

Vacation Time What To Do With Fido?

You are planning a vacation and are not sure where to board your dog are you looking for a dog kennel or a dog motel which would be better for the time you are going to be gone?

Let’s take a look at some of the options here in my area, shall we?

Booking Your Best Friends Kennel or Motel Stay

When you seriously need a vacation first options are finding a pet-friendly motel so you can take your best friend with you, but in the event, you cannot find one where you are going on vacation I researched what is in this area as options.

First of all, I will only list kennels or motels for pets with 4-star ratings and above because I would never recommend taking my pets to anything less.

Do yourself a favor prior to using any kennel service to board your pet visit the facility and talk to the people running the place ask to see the kennel set up and ask as many questions you can think of for your best friends most pleasant stay.

  1. Rocksteady Kennels – comes with a 5-star rating – location is in Saltsburg, PA – They also offer training for pets!
  2. Walkers Pet HoTail – 4.6-star rating- location Murrysville, PA – Offering daycare and grooming for pets as well.
  3. Airy Pines Boarding – 4.8-star rating – location Plum Boro, PA – The have doggie daycare nice!
  4. Pittsburgh Pet Concierge – 4.9-star rating – location Monroeville, PA – Pictures and daily journal for your pet daily!

There are some others that rated in the 4.0 or slightly above but checking the reviews people wrote I liked just the four listed above for my area. They showed pictures of the facilities and what they offer in extras is the best value from what I found.

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This Is Not Easy

Leaving your best friend behind to go on vacation is not an easy thing so finding the best possible place for them to stay while your away gives you some piece of mind to be able to relax and enjoy your vacation not having to worry if they are being taken care of properly just like you do when they are with you.

Doing all the research and how time-consuming it can be will benefit you and your best friend when it is time to leave them for a week or more someplace they are not familiar with.

When calling any kennel or dog motel to ask if your pet can accompany you on the visit to check them out watch how he/she reacts to the people and staff. See how they react to the property and surroundings this can also provide you with valuable insight into whether they are going to be happy there.

Now you have found the perfect kennel or motel and your best friend has been booked in for vacation so the next question: 

What to Pack?

What should you pack for your best friend to take on vacation with them?

This might sound silly but it is not, your best friend is used to having his/her own things around the house. What about the favorite toy they sleep with every night. Take it to the kennel for them to have to sleep with takes away the anxiety of sleeping away from home.

Your best friend has their own bed and taking it with them also provides them with a sense of security while they are away from you. Their own food and water bowls help as well.

Does your best friend have medication or special diet – make sure they have enough for the time you are away. I always recommend taking your own dog food you do not know what brands they use at the kennel plus the cost is usually high.

Just think about what all your best friend has at home they use on a daily basis and include that when you pack them to leave for their vacation just like you do for yourself. Free Dog Training. Click Here.

Time for Vacation

Everyone is packed and it is time to leave and take your best friend to the kennel for vacation. When you drop your dog off at the kennel try not to make it a long goodbye this can cause your best friend to become anxious over the fact you are leaving them.

A quick goodbye is the best once your out of sight their attention will be turned to what is going on around them; not that they are not going to miss you they will just best to let them get on with enjoying their vacation too.

With all the activities some of the kennels have in place for your best friend while you are away it might be hard to miss you from their point of view. Some of them pamper your pet more than they get while at home.

In Closing

You are back from vacation and stop to pick up your best friend who you surely missed. If you did all the research and visited the kennel that your best friend stayed at you will be picking up a happy healthy dog just as you left him/her.

So as you will sometimes learn you do not always have to find a pet-friendly motel to stay in when going on vacation you have found an alternative that not only makes you happy but also makes your best friend happy.

What are your thoughts about taking a vacation without your best friend? Do you prefer kennels over dog motels? What all do you pack for your best friend when they go on vacation?

Please leave your answers, comments, suggestions, or questions in the space provided below.

Looking forward to these from many areas, not just the ones close to mine. Thanks for stopping by today and having a look around my website give us a bookmark and come again will often be adding more tips and articles in the future.

Have a good day,



Kids Space – Kids and Dogs

Kids Space – Kids and Dogs

Hey kids – Welcome to Kids Space here at Delightful Doggies

I hope you enjoy this age and I also hope you do some of the activities here on the page as you go along.

Firstly though, I’d like to introduce you to Buster.

Buster is a Miniature Schnauzer who recently left his brothers and sisters to go and live with his new family. Oliver and Matilda are so happy to have Buster as their new friend and even though Buster left his puppy family, he too is very happy to have Oliver and Matilda as his new friends.

Being a miniature schnauzer, Buster is full of energy and wants to play when he is not sleeping and if Oliver and Matilda are not watching, he grabs their toys and starts chewing on them which is not good at all, so they have learned very quickly to pick their toys up whenever he is around.

Then they give him his toys and play with him.

Even though he is very young, he is learning quickly. How to sit, how to fetch and how to stay. he is a clever boy.


When he goes outside he loves to dig, so to stop him doing this, Matilda and Olivers, Mum go on walks with him and when he comes home he is too tired to go digging. Good boy Buster.

Oliver and Matilda give Buster lots of love and cuddles and play with him lots so he is a very happy little dog.

Caring for your Puppy

Having a puppy is a responsibility you have to take seriously because your puppy doesn’t know the rules at your place so you have to teach him/her from the 1st day he/she comes to live with you.

He/She needs to learn to go outside to the toilet, not go to certain places in the house and not touch things he shouldn’t touch.

He/She needs to be brushed or combed every day keep his/her coat in good condition and he/she must have a really nutritious diet

He/She will need to go to the vet and be vaccinated and this is very important because you don’t want your new friend to become unwell.

Your new friend is going to need a snuggly bed, a blanket, and some really good quality toys to chew and play with.

When puppies are young they have very sharp little teeth and they want to chew on everything to strengthen them so make sure you have some chewy bones to help them out.

Things not to do – raising a happy dog

  • Always be gentle – never play rough as this can teach your puppy its ok to be rough.
  • Never pick your puppy up by his/her arms as this can really hurt them. Always put one hand under his/her bottom and one hand near his/her shoulder, then lift.
  • Never smack your puppy as this too can make him/her angry and sad. Use a rolled up newspaper and smack your leg and say firmly NO or get an old plastic bottle, put a few pebbles in it and when you want him/her to stop being a rascal, you just shake it once and say NO.
  • Never drag your puppy by the collar. Always make sure your puppy is willing to come with you and if he/she protests, be patient. Remember you were little too and you had to learn new things and so does your puppy.

OK it’s quiz time

  1. What do you need to buy for your puppy?
  2. Do you need to take your puppy to the vet? If Yes, Why?
  3. Is it ok to let your puppy chew things?
  4. Is it ok for your puppy to bite you?
  5. Do you need to teach your puppy good behavior?
  6. Does your puppy like to go on walks?
  7. When you are playing, is it ok to play roughly with your puppy? If no, Why not?
  8. What are some really good things you can teach your puppy?
  9. Should you feed your puppy junk food? If no, what should you feed your puppy
  10. Will your puppy respond better if you growl or if you are kind?

Please email me your answers and also can you draw me a puppy or a dog or maybe you could email me some photos. I’d love that and then I can share them in your Kids Space for you to show your friends

Here is my email address:

I look forward to seeing what you send!

And just before I go, I nearly forgot,

Your puppy loves to drink water so make sure there is always fresh water in his/ her drinking bowl!

See you soon and I hope you have enjoyed your visit

Bye for now,

Vicki – Delightful Doggies 4 U- Kids and Dogs 🙂



Where did Domesticated Dogs Come From

Hey hello all, Have you ever wondered where dogs came from are they descendants of wolves or how in the world did we end up with so many different breeds? Has a child ever asked you where dogs come from?

Exploring Where Dogs Come From

picture of puppiesNow most of us would mostly answer this question to a child from the mother dog, but for some, this would not be what they really wanted to know especially if they are older than two or three.

Instead of giving them a complete history lesson with all types of technical terms this post might help to answer this question for not only them but you as well.

The real story is the origin of the domestic dog is not clear even if it has been linked to the genus Canis, which forms part of the wolf-like canids, and is the most widely abundant terrestrial carnivore.

picture of wolfExtant gray wolf is the closest living relative of the dog there is no evidence of any other canine contributing to its genetic lineage.

Modern wolves are not closely related to the wolves that were first domesticated, archaeological records and genetic analysis show the Bonn–Oberkassel dog buried beside humans 14,200 years ago to be the first undisputed dog with disputed remains occurring 36,000 years ago.

The domestic dog was the first species and the only large carnivore to have been domesticated. However, the timing, geographic locations, and ecological conditions that led to dog domestication have not been agreed upon.

picture of foxSmall woodland foxes grew bigger and better adapted to running, and by the late Miocene, the first of the genus Canis had arisen – the ancestors of coyotes, wolves, and the domestic dog. Some remained in the trees, while others came down from the trees, learned to walk upright, developed larger brains.

These wild animals in the more open country learned to avoid predators while becoming predators themselves. The ancestors of humans and dogs ultimately met in Eurasia.

The problem in attempting to identify when and where domestication occurred is the possibility that the process of domestication occurred in a number of places and at a number of times throughout prehistory.

picture of skeleton of dogEarly dog remains have been found in different parts of the world. This suggests that dog domestication may have taken place in different regions independently by hunter-gatherers, in some cases at the same time and in other cases at different times, with different wolf subspecies producing different dog lineages.

Therefore, the number of dog domestication events is not known. A maternal m DNA study shows that dogs fall within four clades, indicating that dogs are derived from four separate lineages and that there was no single domestication event.


Research From Following Sources

Wikipedia has a very long write up on where domesticated dogs originated and in highly technical terms and locations but no one has agreed with any of the information provided there.

From The Atlantic I found they feel that tens of thousands of years ago, before the internet, before the Industrial Revolution, before literature and mathematics, bronze and iron, before the advent of agriculture, early humans formed an unlikely partnership with another animal—the grey wolf.

picture of wolfThe fates of our two species became braided together. The wolves changed in body and temperament, their skulls, teeth, paws shrank, and their ears flopped. They gained a docile disposition, becoming both less frightening and less fearful. They learned to read the complex expressions that ripple across human faces and they turned into dogs.

Scientist and archaeologist have not been able to agree for years when dogs became domesticated or how the breeding between different species happened to arrive at the breeds of dogs we now know today.

picture of DNADNA has been collected from many fossils from all over Eastern Asia, China, India, and even here in the Western World trying to pull all the genes is like “a completely homogenous bowl of soup”.

They agree that all dogs, from low-slung corgis to towering mastiffs, are the tame descendants of wild ancestral wolves. But everything else is up for grabs as to the origin of where they first came from.


My Opinions

I am of the belief that all dogs are descendants of the wolves but I have no proof just from observation of having had a gray wolf from the young pup age until full-grown.

With inbreeding all the other types of dog creatures here on earth as the fox and coyotes then you would have many breeds come about with different sizes and personalities.

Breeding today continues to have the type of dog people are looking for in size, color, personality, traits, and many other aspects which breeders keep trying for.

picture of crossbreeding dogsCrossbreeding the proper way can produce a completely new breed of dog that people can fall in love with and become very popular, but if you do not know what you are doing or how to properly breed the animals please do not try this.

When dogs first became domesticated I feel it was a two-fold man was looking for companionship and a type of animal that could protect his livestock.

Wolves would fit into this category well knowing what I know about wolves. My gray wolf was the peacemaker of the pack of dogs I had at the time, although he would play and join in with the pack he was always observant in a protective way.

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In Closing

This is some of the information concerning how the domesticated dogs came to be, with the scientists and archaeologist not really being able to agree on where exactly the first wolf became domesticated.

They do agree that the DNA that has been collected from all over the world from bones that have been dug up from thousands of years ago tract back to wolves that were bred once domesticated.

With the world changes and evolution all creatures have changed to manage to survive for hundreds of thousands of years, climate changes will affect us all in the future and we will evolve to keep our species alive when the time comes.

What is your opinion on how domesticated dogs came about? What part of the world do you feel they were bred in and then brought to the western world? How many times do you think the interbreeding occurred for us to have all the breeds today?

It would be great to know how others feel about the subject, please leave answers, questions, suggestions, and comments in the space provided below. I will always get back to everyone!

Thank you for reading and leaving your replies,


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Survey About Doggies

Hey, how is everyone doing today? Today I would love to have some input for the website and what everyone is interested in reading on Delightful Doggies 4 U. So I am going to take a survey and all emails will be answered so please do not hesitate to send in your opinions.

Dogs and humor - Dogs do the darnedest things

Survey Questions

survey clip board pictureHere at Delightful Doggies 4 U we have decided that we need to pay more attention to the audience we want to cater to the dog lovers of the world. Your input is going to help us to move forward for publishing to the site.

Some of the questions we could use answers to are:

Are you satisfied so far with the information that you are finding on the website?

What types of information would you like to find more of – breeds, training tips, grooming tips, recommendations on accessories, foods best for which dogs, and really anything that we can research and give you more information about?

Is the information enough for you to make an informed decision about choosing a new doggie for you as a single person or for your family?

When you need recommendations for services or pet health care would you prefer to see more information on these types of services?

Because we reach worldwide services can be recommended in how to choose the best in your area but to recommend the actual local service you should use would be impossible.

Do you have a particular breed that you need more information on and what we can do to help you find this breed?

I would like to start sharing stories from the readers about experiences they have had with their pets this will let others know how to handle certain situations so if you would be willing to share this would be a great way to get even more information about doggies out to all over the world. Shop Merrick | Peacebone

You are Important

you are more important than you realize to your dogThis website was born out of our love for dogs not to become salespeople for the products we list on the various pages that being said YOU are very important to help keep us alive on the internet.

Because of people just like us is what this website is all about – choosing a doggie or more than one doggie can be an exciting time in anyone’s life just making sure you choose the right one is very important as well.

I am the proud mom to three of the sweetest pit bulls anyone could ever want to meet, yes I know they have gotten a bad rap from the media outlets but so have many other breeds.

picture of a staffie pit bullThis is not the doggies fault but the person who has raised the poor baby to have very bad personality traits that they encouraged as the dog was growing up.

These type of people do not deserve to have animals ever they should have a worldwide list to ban them from ever getting another dog again, there are many people out there abusing animals be vigilant and report them, please.

You may have noticed lately and in the future, I will be closing all the posts to the website with please have your dog neutered or spayed to stop the overpopulation of unwanted pets and getting your doggie microchipped.

We feel these things are very important as a responsible pet owner check around in your area many places offer reduces rates to have a pet spayed or neutered along with shots and micro chipped. Shop Merrick | Peacebone

In Closing

Today’s post is a short one I know but these are things that we needed to discuss with you the one who matters the most to us here.

You are important along with what you want and need to know. Information is the key to anything successful in the world and we want to provide you with the information you are looking for and need when it comes to your doggies.

Adding your answers to the survey will enable us to continue to provide the most valuable information for you that is required to make your life with your doggie much more pleasant and happy.

You can leave questions, comments, or suggestions in the regular comment space provided below if you wish I do respond to those as well.

Thank you for checking out the survey and hoping we get tons of responses!

See you again soon,



Should I Get One Dog or Two Dogs

Today we are going to discuss having just one dog or possibly getting two dogs and some of the reasons that two dogs can be better than just having one dog.

Dog Mother for Many Years

I have had dogs for as long as I can remember actually there was never more than possibly a year that I went without having a dog in my life.

For myself, they are companionship, loyal, loving, and non-judgemental friends who I can tell whatever I want knowing it will never ever be repeated they keep secrets quite well (smiling).

Having dogs is really very much the same as having children (without getting pregnant and having to carry them for 9 months) as puppies they require constant care and love.

In my honest opinion, having more than one dog has its advantages and disadvantages so this is going to be a difficult one for sure.

At one time I had seven full-grown dogs with two litters of puppies at the same time – this proved to be way too much work and I swore that would never happen again. (Which I made sure of!)

Having this many dogs was not so much the feeding, grooming, and taking care of them because they were great dogs and learned their hierarchy as time goes on. (Labradors in case you are wondering.)

A nice thing about having more than one dog is they manage to occupy each other always having someone to play with and amuse themselves.

They keep each other company when you are away either keeping them out of trouble around the house or possibly more than one helping the other get into trouble.

This does lead to confusion upon returning home knowing which one of your cute little darlings was the culprit or started the whole thing.

Pet Meds -

One Dog or Two Dogs

Question still is one dog or two dogs right? If you are getting a dog for the very first time in your life one dog is going to serve you very well starting out.

With experience comes the knowledge that just having one fur baby is great and adding to your family very rewarding.

After having your new fur baby for a year or so then you might decide that he/she could use a brother/sister if this is the case do research prior to getting yourself another due to some doggies just do not like other breeds.

This can apply to same breed dogs as well, so making sure you have a compatible pair is very important to keep peace and harmony within your household.

Prior to bringing the new arrival home having met and greets are the best way to introduce your old fur baby to the new fur baby. Possibly at a doggie park or take them for walks together letting them get to know one another.

Doing this will let you see if they get along well by how they interact; the best possible place is always the park, where they can run and play together rather than just walking alongside each other.Free Shipping & 125% Price Match Guarantee Pet med

Bringing the New Fur Baby Home

Things have worked well on the meet and greet and you are sure this is the new fur baby you want to add to your growing family.

When you bring the new baby home make sure it respects the one who was there before it. Do not show the newer puppy or dog more love and attention than the one you have held dear for the past year or longer.

This can cause anxiety with your older doggie causing behavior problems or worse causing resentment and then they will not get along so well.

Make sure to have supplies in place for the new arrival and treat your older baby to new stuff too! Dogs have feelings and brains do not for one second think they do not notice the new toys or bed.

Treat your wonderful friends exactly the same and adjustments will come quickly they will decide who is going to be the boss of the house in their own way.

Space Required

This is another thing you must always consider when getting a puppy/dog how much space do you have and how much space does the dog/doggies require once they are grown.

Small dogs full-grown do not require the space of medium or larger dogs so living in an apartment you would not want a Great Dane or Mastiff.

Small dogs are great apartment dwellers and having more than one is not a big deal in the smaller spaces either because they do not require so much space.

Make sure they have a place out of the way for their bed and comfort zone so when company comes they can retreat away from all the noise and commotion.  (Most little dogs like the quiet comforts.)

If you own you own a home and have a decent size yard (preferable fenced in/or purchased an outdoor kennel) then medium to large dogs might be ones you would consider.

Medium and large dogs need more space and are more suited to people who have a house and yard for them to move around.

The same applies for them however they do require a space in the house that belongs to them out of the way where they can retreat when they feel they need their own space.

In other posts, you will find many other suggestions and helpful information for sizes of doggies and requirements for what they need.

But if you learned here today that having one dog to start with is plenty and as time goes on adding to your family just like having children means the more the merrier is what I have always found 🙂

In Closing

Whatever you decide one dog or two dogs just make sure to research the breeds, sizes, and dispositions of them all before making a commitment you may regret.

People who think oh that little puppy is the most adorable find that when it is full-grown now weighs in at 150 pounds and is so large but wants to be your lap dog.  Things do not work out and the poor babies end up at a shelter.

I must be honest here if I could have 50 doggies I would and the breed does not matter or the size I love them all!!

But for you, this is an important life-changing decision if you have never had one dog and you are thinking of going two dogs starting out.  Just think of it this way twins as in having children.


Thanks for coming by and having a read on One Dog or Two Dogs hopefully we have influenced your decision in some way.

Please come back soon for more at delightfuldoggies4u.

We welcome all questions, comments, and suggestions please leave them in the box below.

Until next time,


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