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Parasites in Doggies – Seriously it happens!

Good afternoon to my readers and today I wanted to discuss something not so nice “Parasites in Doggies“, but unfortunately this does happen and our sweet little doggies can become very sick.

Parasites in Doggies

If you are a responsible pet owner then I know you are aware that your doggies can become infested with parasites which are not fun for them in any way and can make them very sick.

Today I was going to highlight a few of these parasites that are most common in my part of the world, but please do research and find if where you live might have the same ones or different species that you need to be aware of keeping you and your family safe as well as your doggie.

The most common parasite found in dogs here where I live is the roundworms and when puppies are born drinking from their mothers this parasite is most commonly found and needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. I do know that the roundworms can be picked up from the ground outside but why nursing mothers get these and pass them onto the young is something that I could never understand it happens in almost all liters.

So what is the roundworm – The adult roundworms live in the affected dog’s intestines, many dogs do not have signs of infection, however, dogs with major roundworm infections, especially, in puppies show diarrhea, vomiting, weight loss, dull hair, and a potbellied appearance. You may notice the adult roundworms in your dog’s feces or vomit which look like spaghetti. Puppies, when infested, will show a pot-belly and need serious medical attention so please watch out for these nasty little creatures. Please be aware that humans can be infected with this parasite from the soil where the dog does their business and coming in contact with it then you can end up with the roundworms as well.

Hookworms are another parasite which can also infect humans and when your dog has these parasites you need to be extra careful in the removal of fecal matter from your yards or out when cleaning up after them on a walk. What are hookworms these are very similar roundworms, hookworms are intestinal parasites that live in the digestive system of your dog (or any animal). The hookworm attaches to the lining of the intestinal wall and feeds on your dog’s blood, its eggs are ejected into the digestive tract and pass into the environment through your dog’s feces. Symptoms your dog can exhibit with hookworms would possibly be diarrhea, perhaps with blood, failure to gain weight or weight loss, loss of appetite, anemia (pale gums, weakness), which is life-threatening for puppies, and coughing, due to the larval migration through the lungs (with very heavy infections).

Whipworms in dogs are another intestinal parasite are about 1/4 inch (6 mm) long, they live in the cecum and colon (large intestine) of dogs where they cause severe irritation to the lining of those organs. The whipworm infection results in watery, bloody diarrhea, weight loss, and general debilitation. Symptoms are dehydration, anemia, and weight loss. This is another parasite that can be transferred to humans so it is always best to make sure you have your pet veterinarian checked yearly.

The last parasite which is common here in my region is the tapeworm these come in different types but the most common here is caused by swallowing a tiny infected flea. Fleas can carry the tapeworm’s larvae or babies if your dog swallows it maybe while grooming himself — an adult tapeworm can grow inside your dog’s intestines. Your dog can also eat dead animals if they roam which is another way of them ingesting an insect that would have the tapeworm’s larvae or babies. Watching your dog at all times when outdoors is very important whether in the city or in the country roadkill is a perfect candidate for them to get into. Symptoms of tapeworm are weight loss even when eating normally, lethargy, distended abdomen, vomiting, diarrhea, and dull coat. The majority of dogs with tapeworms show no signs of illness or infection and if the heads are not destroyed, the tapeworms can regenerate. Tapeworms are not transferable to humans and the only way for you to get one is by ingesting the larvae by eating an insect that carries these.

How to Get Rid of Parasites

There are medications you can purchase from many of the pet stores locally and some of these work if they contain the right amount of the proper medication needed to actually kill the worms or have your dog expel them.

For the difference in price, I feel much more comfortable going to the veterinarian for the best medication possible to rid my own doggies of any parasites they may have picked up.

You do not need to take your dog with you to the veterinarian office to get a test done on the fecal sample that you must take with you for them to find out if your dog has a parasite or not so I find this method easy and affordable. 

There are different medications the veterinarian will prescribe for these parasites and following the directions is very important to ensure you kill all the worms and any larvae or babies in their system.

Roundworms medications include pyrantel, milbemycin, fenbendazole, and moxidectin. Hookworms medications are fenbendazole, moxidectin, and pyrantel. Whipworms medications would include febantel, fenbendazole, milbemycin, moxidectin, andoxantel. And for tapeworms you would need Praziquantel, along with this your veterinarian will more than likely suggest a flea treatment to prevent re-infestation from occurring.

Reading through the medications above you will notice some of these parasites can be treated with the same medications but remember the doses might be different for each type of parasite so listening to your veterinarian will be best for your doggie’s health.

Because some of these medications are the same your veterinarian might use only one to treat your doggie for multiple parasites just to make sure they get well, that is why I prefer a float test and what my veterinarian prescribes over buying something over the counter that might or might not work and not knowing if my doggie is going to get rid of the parasites.

In Closing

None of us like to deal with any unpleasantness when it comes to our little doggies they mean so much to all of us, taking care that they do not have parasites is just another way to show them we care about them.

What bothers me with parasites is that they are transferable to humans and if you do not know which ones then when your children are playing with them it is possible they can get these parasites or even you for that matter.

Knowing where and how you can contact these parasites is important for your health as well as that of your doggie so be a good and responsible pet owner and clean up after your pets no matter where they go. Get them tested yearly or sooner if you think that they have picked up a parasite. Keeping them safe as well as you and your family.

Do you know what parasites might be in your area of the world? Sharing them below will help others be aware.

We appreciate all questions, comments, and suggestions here at Delightful Doggies 4 U so please leave them for us in the space provided below.

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How Much Water Should Dogs Drink

Hey, good to see you and did you ever wonder “How much water should dogs drink?” this is a question as a doggie owner that many people do consider.

Fresh Water for Doggies

It is my belief that everyone should keep fresh water down for their doggies at all times giving them free-range to drink when they get thirsty not to cause any health problems.

When doggies do not get enough fresh water this can cause kidney failure which is fatal for your sweet doggie and no one would ever want this to happen.

This then poses the question “How much water should dog drink?” so I decided to do some research and talk to my veterinarian about this fact.

Another thing that I discussed with him while I was there was how often does the water bowl need refreshed to make sure the doggies are getting fresh water intake.

Fresh Flow Rain Fountain

Research Shows

All dogs need fresh water at least three times per day according to my veterinarian, but since I have three dogs I usually end up filling their bowl much more often.

In order to figure out how much water your doggies needs on a daily basis you would take their weight and for every pound, they require one ounce of water – meaning a ten-pound dog would require a little over a cup of water per day.

As we all know when dogs drink water you are talking splashing it everywhere and what able those ones with the big jowls holding at least half a cup of water when they are done?

Puppies will consume more water than one ounce per their body weight because they are so active playing and running makes them thirsty and they need water to grow.

dog pantingDuring hot days doggies will always require more water than the recommended amount so they do not become dehydrated just the daily walk will have them drinking more water than usual.

Should you feel your doggie is drinking more water than it should be showing an excessive thirst then this could be a sign you need to see the veterinarian and have some tests run making sure your doggie is not suffering from an illness.Visit

Other Causes for Excessive Thirst

Above I have already mentioned dehydration and this can turn life-threatening if you suspect this might be the case take your pet to the veterinarian right away.

Signs of dehydration in your dog other than increased thirst may include lethargy, dry gums, dry tongue, and thick rope-like saliva.

If you feel it is just a mild case of dehydration then you can take care of them yourself by giving them small amounts of water a little at a time – never let them drink themselves this can cause vomiting making your dog even more dehydrated.

dog being sick Illnesses can lead to excessive thirst or dehydration in your doggie as well so having them checked for diabetes, Crushing’s disease, liver disease, kidney disease, and cancer is recommended.

Illnesses and infections including fevers can cause dehydration so be aware of your doggie’s health knowing their personality better than anyone else if these could be a possibility as well.

Anytime your doggie comes down with diarrhea they can be affected with dehydration so make sure during this time they get plenty of fluids (water).

Another possible cause for their excessive thirst could be medications that your has prescribed if you feel this is the case contact your vet to see if a lower dose will correct or help the problem.

dog refusing to eatA dry food diet can also lead to noticeable thirst in your dog along with foods high in salt will also cause your dog to drink more.

Large amounts of salt can be poisonous to your pet, please avoid sharing highly salty “people” food with your dog. Signs your dog may have eaten too many salty treats include tremors, diarrhea, and vomiting even depression.

Regulating Water Consumption

So how do you know if your doggie is getting the proper amount of fresh water needed every day?

By filling the water bowl at the same time every day with fresh water noticing how much you doggie has consumed from the bowl from the last time you filled it (you can use a measuring cup but this will not be accurate).

fresh water for dog regularlyI personally fill my dog’s water bowl freshly at least four times a day – first thing in the morning – at lunchtime (noon) – around their feeding time which is three o’clock in the afternoon – and lastly around seven o’clock in the evening.

This keeps the water fresh for them and by watching how much is left in the bowl each time prior to filling I know that they are all getting a proper amount of water for the day.

In Closing

This is information that all doggie people need to know to keep their dogs healthy and not cause them a serious medical problem which could, in turn, be fatal for their pet.

How many of you were aware of how much water should your dog drink to stay healthy and well?

So happy that we here at Delightful Doggies 4 U can provide these little facts to help new doggie people as well as those who have experience with doggies.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions we would love to hear them please leave them in the space provided below.

Thank you for visiting bookmark our website for more fun stuff,

Susan 🙂

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How Long do Big Dogs Live – It all Depends

I found it really interesting when I asked people how long do big dogs live for as the answers I got were varied so today I thought I would share some interesting stories from those people.


Such a beautiful breed of big dog and they have a spirit that is for sure.  They love people, they love life and they love playing, going for walks and most of them love the water, although occasionally you will find labradors that dislike the water with a passion, however, this is very rare.

How do Dogs Think – Do they think like Humans?

How do dogs think?  I find this a really interest subject so thought, why not share it with you.

Research – What has it told us?

dog thinkingNeuroscientists have done a lot of studies and yes, dogs think like humans, in fact, dogs have oxytocin commonly called the love hormone and this is quite obvious in dogs, maybe more so than humans a lot of the time.

Dogs development is faster than humans however their emotions are around the age of a 2 to 2 1/2-year-old, hence I guess why they love playing and getting up to mischief.  It’s a game just like children playing with their toys.

Needs and Emotions

Dogs, feel all kinds of emotions, such as fear, excitement, contentment, disgust, joy and of course love, however, they do not feel, guilt, pride, contempt, or shame.

dog afraid but not ashamedYou might argue this when you experience coming home to find your dog has left a deposit somewhere in the house.  You may notice when you say something to your dog regarding this find, your dog may put his/her tail down and slink around.  This is not from guilt, it is from fear.  Your voice tells the dog to be wary of you because your love voice has turned into something else.

Some people dress their dogs in costumes and for a dog, this is not a feeling of shame, they will let you do this without it being a problem.

Dreaming – Do Dogs Dream?

dog dreamingYou may have noticed your dog twitching and you may have heard them whimper or growl in their sleep and studies have shown that, Yes, dogs do indeed dream.

The brain-waves of a dog are very similar to a human brain and it is, therefore, acknowledged dogs dream and different breeds have actions while they are asleep relating to certain things.  For example, a Doberman may snap in his/her sleep to deter a burglar and a Pointer may move around searching for a game bird.

I have two dogs and they do quite often dream and whimper and sometimes sit up, then lay back down and go into a deep sleep very quickly.  If I rub their backs they will often settle back into a more peaceful sleep quite quickly.

Smiling and Laughing

Oh yes, dogs laugh.  When you are playing with them, they often make a panting or grunting sound and this is laughter.  As for smiling, well this is shown when you are playing with your dog or someone is speaking to a dog and they sit with their mouth open and their tongue hanging out with their mouth curved into a smile.  So cute. They love being loved and they smile to show you how happy they are.

Panting and Barking

dog pantingDogs pant to cool themselves down during and after exercise.  Humans pant too but that doesn’t cool us down, however, dogs use this to help them get their body temperature back to normal.

Of course, dogs bark and this is to say hello, tell us they need to go outside to the toilet, express that there is a stranger approaching the property and they bark to talk to their friends when they are playing, it may be to say, back off, or come play, or that’s my toy.  Just like humans, dogs have things to say as well.

One more thing, have you noticed sometimes your dog watches TV and may even bark at the TV when something happens?  This is because dogs have greater vision than humans and perceive motion much better than humans. Pretty amazing animals aren’t they?

It’s a Dogs World

How do dogs think?  Do they think like humans?  Two questions I hope I have answered for you here today.

It really is a dogs world when it comes to cleverness, perceptiveness and of course the big one, Love!

If you have enjoyed this article I would really appreciate you leaving a comment and if you have anything you would like to contribute to Delightful Doggies please send me an email at – and I look forward to hearing from you.

Bye for now ©

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Natural Dog Food – Mighty Mix Dog Food – Available In New Zealand ONLY

Hi, and welcome to Delightful doggies.  Today my article is very close to the heart.  Back in 2003 when I was living on a farm, we had two working dogs, Lara and Molly and one older Labrador, Tyler.  I saw an ad in the local paper saying”Wanted Distributors for Mighty Mix Dog Food” and I rang the number to inquire about this product as I had never heard of it.

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