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We all love to take our dogs out for walks, but what exactly is best for your dog a collar or a harness?  Doing some research about both I am going to let you know what I have found about which you should be using.

What you need to think about when training your dog as a young pup is keeping control over your animal.  Depending on breed this can also play into what type of collar or harness your dog should be wearing.

Puppies are so cute that we forget they must be trained to walk on a leash properly this needs to be instilled from the beginning not after they already have bad habits.

You can also use this time to teach your puppy simple commands.  During the walk when you come to a crossing have your puppy sit to wait to look for traffic in both directions.

By doing this on a consistent basis it will keep them from running out into the road ahead of you possibly getting hit by a vehicle.

Never use the collar or leash to choke your pet this is cruel and can hurt their “voice” bark box.  I have had breeds that the only means of control have been choke chains but keeping them up by the back of the ears will not choke them.  Providing you with the control needed to make the animal listen.

Dog Collars I find most suitable for my animals:  

dog with collar and leashWe all need to keep our doggies safe when we take them out for a walk, so below I have addressed the collars and harnesses for your dog.

I did some research and found the ones recommended below, now these are only my opinion so please look around and read all recommendations before selecting what you feel is best for your new puppy or doggie (or maybe just your current doggie).

First on the list of dog collars is Lupine Pet Original Dog Collar – This collar comes in a variety of sizes and with a Lifetime Guarantee that covers even chewing.  Amazon has many styles and colors to choose from.

Second is the budget-friendly:  Blueberry Classic Nylon Dog Collar – This collar comes in a nice variety of colors and is adjustable for a snug fit.  Amazon also carries these I prefer the ones with the reflective stripes for night walking.

The third is the:  Perri’s Padded Leather Dog Collar – This is an Amish made collar which comes in a very nice variety of sizes from 16″ to 31″.    Being made in America by the Amish by hand makes this collar with the sheep wool lining attractive and comfortable for your dog.  Once again you can get these on Amazon also in different color linings.  A very strong collar.

Not to forget the small dogs here or for a new puppy:  Pupteck Basic Nylon Dog Collar – This collar is great for small lap dogs and puppies.  Note, if they are pullers this collar does not hold up to the excessive pulling.  It does fit tiny pups and dogs where others are too large.  This is available at Amazon in a bunch of different colors and I am sure you will find more than one for your Fur Baby or Babies.

Harnesses for your new Best Friend:  

dog with pink harnessI only have two listed because these are my picks.



First on the list of dog harnesses is:  Kurgo Tru Fit Smart Dog Walking Harness – This harness has front and back clips for the leash giving you more control over your dog (especially the pullers), if you attach the leash to the front clip on the chest when you pull back it turns the dog around to face you taking its attention away from whatever is causing it’s pulling.  It is also backed by a warranty.  This is a great harness for medium to large stocky breeds.

Second is:  Puppia Soft Dog Harness – This harness is great for puppies, toy dogs, and low slung dogs.  It is a stretchy harness and breathable – but strong enough to handle a tugging dog or puppy.  The difference between the two below is the black one has an adjustable neck fit.

Now, I may have only listed two harnesses, but I did look for more that I felt were the best out there for your puppy or dog.  The two I have listed above I used because of how they are made points being:  do they slip around on the dog while walking, comfort for the dog, attractiveness, backed by any type of warranty, and finding just one for a medium/large breed and one for a small breed or puppy was quite difficult for me.

I have seen dog’s wearing harness and since they do not fit properly makes them seem very uncomfortable to the dog, at least in my opinion.  I used Amazon for my products looking around the internet they seemed to be the best prices I could find for these items.

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American Service Pets – US


In Conclusion

Having the proper collar or harness for your pet is important for their safety as well as yours when taking walks.  Do not let your dog unattended tied up anywhere on their leash this is just asking for trouble.

I look at it this way, would you put a collar or harness on a child and tie them to a pole or tree?  To me, my dogs are the same as children taking care of them to the best of our ability just like we would a child.

When you get that cute little puppy you need to remember it is going to grow up into a faithful, loyal, loving, and guardian dog to you and your family.  A puppy is a lifetime commitment that needs to be taken seriously.

Do you have a favorite collar or harness you use?  Is your dog comfortable in it?  Sharing with all my readers your recommendations is encouraged here at Delightful Doggies 4 U.

I love hearing from my readers in the form of comments, suggestions, or even questions you might have please leave them in the space provided below.  I answer these usually within 24 hours.

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