Collie – My First Dog I Can Remember

Collie – My First Dog I Can Remember

Good evening to all my readers, Tonight I am going to give you everything I can remember about my Collie, he was a boy that I do know.

I named him Sassie – I do not know exactly why maybe because I could not say, Lassie, right?  That was what my parents always thought.

My Collie Puppy

Collie PuppyAll of my life from the time I can remember I have had a dog with me may have been a couple of years without one but those were rare and far between.

The very first dog I can ever remember getting as a child was my collie puppy, and I remember that my dad brought him home in his shirt pocket from a farm.

He was a fuzzy little guy and he has straw all through his fuzzy fur but that did not matter to me I fell in love with him right away.

Because he was my puppy I got to name him, how thrilling for a child, and I called him Sassie, I can not recall but I think maybe I was missing a couple of front teeth at the time and saying Lassie would not come out right.

If you know anything about the Collie you will obviously know they are a loyal breed to their owners, and they pick who they are going to be most loyal to within a family setting.

Sassie and I could play for hours running through the woods behind our house. He followed me everywhere I went (of course me calling him helped) he would sit by the sandbox and watch me play.

We had a plastic swimming pool back then you know the ones that you get for children and he and I would jump in and out of it for hours on a hot summer day.

Winter time he was always good and came in the house until he would get too hot and then he wanted back outside to go roam around, dad said he would see him 20 miles away from home, but he always came back. 

Loyalty of Collies

Teenage CollieWith all the attention that I gave Sassie, he was the most loyal to me, no one could touch me ever! My grandmother, if she wanted him to come, would take me in the backyard and pretend she was spanking me making me cry for help.

Sassie would come running from who knows where (because he loved to roam, being an unneutered male) and grab her arm in mid-air to keep her from hitting me (although she really was not) she just wanted the dog to come.

Back then people had life insurance salesmen that would come to the house and collect the premiums on the policies, my dad knew our insurance man personally, he decided since I was standing outside one day he was going to pat me on the head.

Bad move, Sassie was lying right beside me and needless to say, the poor insurance man almost lost his arm. Sassie up and grabbed him scaring him and ripping his suit jacket.

Thank goodness he was friends with dad, could you imagine something like this happening today? That man would have hauled my dad into court to sue him and have my dog put down for being ferocious and mean.

Collie breeds are so loyal and trustworthy with children, especially when they are raised with them, just know keeping them in the yard is not likely unless you have a fence they love to roam at least the males do. 
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School Begins

Fullgrown CollieAfter having Sassie for two years it was time for me to start school, our elementary school was only about 8 miles from the house, yes I did ride the bus to and from school.

But the best part is Sassie would run across the country and beat the bus either home or to the school, every day when we went out for recess in the fall and spring I would get to see my dog, the other children loved playing with him too.

Not really sure if he sat outside the school all day waiting for me, but he would be there for recess time and when I got home he would be sitting at the end of the driveway waiting for me to get off the bus.

I just cannot imagine how people would react today to a dog doing this considering the opinions people now carry around about any breed they are afraid of.

With how Sassie was most would think that he could have been a mean dog, but only in the event, you were trying to hurt the one person he knew loved him more than anything. 

In Closing

After I started the third-grade Sassie did not come to the school much anymore he was getting older and I think the trip was too much for him keeping up with the bus.

Either that or he realized where I was going and what time I would be home every day so he just stayed put and waited for me, this did not, however, keep him from roaming away when he felt like it.

During that school year was when he decided to go roaming or at least that is what we thought, but he never came home, dad went looking for him in places where he had seen him many times over the years, but no luck.

I was heartbroken, but my parents kept telling me he was old and old dogs sometimes do not want us to see them suffer so they go away to die.  How I wish we had the technology we have today with GPS Tracking. 
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I recommend that all pet owners have their dogs spayed or neutered to cut down on the unwanted pet population.

Please have your pet microchipped and if they spend time outdoors get them a GPS Tracker for their safety.  Losing your dog as I did was devastating.

This made me sad as well knowing that my poor Sassie went off alone to die, I would have like to have said goodbye to him at least before he left, but that was not meant to be.

CollieSassie was gone, and so was a piece of my heart at a very young age, I still think about him today how faithful, loyal, and beautiful he was still missing him so many years later.

As the owner of Delightful Doggies 4 U, I do hope you enjoyed the story of my Collie, Sassie. Was he not a really great dog?

Have you ever had a dog be this faithful and loyal growing up?

Would you consider the collie breed for your family?

It would be great for you to answer these questions for my other readers to see that other breeds can be just as faithful as the Collie.

Please leave any comments, suggestions, or questions you might have in the space provided below.  I answer them usually within 24 hours.

Thanks for visiting today and please give us a bookmark there will be more articles to come 🙂



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