Cruelty in Greyhound Racing Industry- Should it be banned?

Cruelty in Greyhound Racing Industry- Should it be banned?

Today’s article is about Greyhounds and the racing industry.  There have been many reports on this industry and the treatment of the greyhounds.

So let’s get into this!

The Greyhound Racing Industry

The greyhound racing industry started back in 1876 in England but did not develop until Owen Patrick Smith invented a mechanical moving target to stop the killing of rabbits and gambling began in the 1930’s and was considered to be similar to horse racing.

An oval track was used and a mechanical hare was introduced however finding support for this industry proved difficult until two men managed to raise 22,000 pounds and launched the greyhound racing holding their 1st meeting the Machester’s Belle Vue Stadium and by the end of 1927 there were over 40 tracks in the UK.

Greyhound racing soon developed throughout the world and it was mostly working-class men who frequented the tracks.

In Australia, in 2016 in New South Wales, the government banned greyhound racing, however, this was overturned later that same year with restrictions put in place.


Doping was then found to be happening and every dog had his/her urine tested whether they were winners or not and if drugs were found violators of this were banned from all tracks and lost their license and sometimes criminal prosecutions happened.

The trainer is responsible for the dogs and if any banned substances are found in the dogs, the trainer is charged.

Dogs Retire – What happens next?

Many greyhounds are adopted into families for the rest of their lives and all over the world, there are foundations for Adopt a Greyhound however many of the dogs are euthanized as well.

On the 12th of July 2018, 9 greyhounds were found in a grave in Sydney on the property of a well known licensed breeder and trainer and many of the other dogs were found emaciated and diseased.

The Chief Inspector of the RSPCA said the Greyhounds were living in the most appalling conditions on the property.

Some had a serious dental disease and others had compression sores from the kennels they were kept in.

An ongoing investigation into this breeder is still happening and last year the same breeder was inspected and was passed after inspection and the RSPCA and the Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission could not understand how this property could have passed.

All greyhounds have been removed from this property and are now in the care of the RSPCA

Deaths Reported

From 2004 – 2016 over 68,000 greyhounds, that now no longer compete have been killed and 1 in 5 trainers are still using live bait.

In 2017 the Australian Capital Territory in Australia banned Greyhound racing and they are the 1st state to do this without reversal.

Mass graves have been found not only in Australia but in other countries as well and I find this absolutely disgusting.  How can owners, trainers, and breeders do this to these animals?

Once the dog is done, they kill it and dump it.  UNBELIEVABLE!!!

They should all be charged as criminals for this terrible treatment and I know the RSPCA and other foundations are now attending greyhound tracks to do investigative work to try and catch these trainers out and I hope they all get caught.

This is not how animals should be treated.  Imagine what would happen if we did this to humans.  Well, in my opinion, it is the same and they should be punished in the same way.

What are your thoughts on this hideous behavior?

Adopt a Greyhound

Retired racing greyhounds are often put down because they are said to be noisy, suffer from anxiety, they chase cats and they are a general nuisance. Hmmm. I wonder how they became like this. UNREAL!!!!  I’m still really mad as you can tell.

Ok, in many places all over the world there are Adopt a Greyhound Associations so greyhounds that retire can go and live with a family who will love and respect them, taking them for walks, playing with them and giving them lots of love which is really alien to them.

They get to sleep on a snuggly bed in a warm space just for them or in front of the fire when its cold. They are given everything they have never had and their lives are lived out happily in a safe place.

You can Google Adopt a Greyhound or go to this link.


There are also many places you can go to online to sign a petition to ban greyhound racing and I have done my signing as this information I learned about and have shared here is so terrible and disturbing to me as an animal lover.

How are you feeling?

Are you ready to help the cause?

Let’s get rid of this shocking treatment of these wonderful dogs for good.

A part of me wants to apologize for this article, as I would never have thought I would be writing about something so horrible, and the rest of me is so glad I decided to write this article as I feel so strongly about how animals should be treated and when I found out this really happens to these hard-working dogs, it made me so angry.

No animals deserve to be treated badly and anyone who treats an animal in a cruel way should be charged as a criminal. This will let other abusers know what will happen if they get caught and it might just make them behave in a proper manner towards their greyhounds.

Who knows, I sure do hope so.

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Kindness to all animals





10 thoughts on “Cruelty in Greyhound Racing Industry- Should it be banned?”

  1. This is extremely appalling and very sad. I don’t understand how that individual passed inspection. I think you spreading the knowledge is very important. Thank you!

  2. Hi Vicki,

    As an animal lover myself it’s horrific to find out how these racing dogs are treated as just a commodity to be used and discarded like trash. When I lived in Florida I went to a dog track one time when I was young and it broke my heart. The sport should be outlawed. I agree it’s just a legal form of animal cruelty for the sake of $$$.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Hey Vicki!
    Wow, I had no idea this sort of thing happened in Greyhound racing. It is so unfortunate that so many people only look at these (and other) dogs as a way to make money without considering their feelings. That scene at the breeders home is tragic but likely there are others who do the same.
    Thanks for sharing and I hope this post moves others to help take action against this cruelty to animals,

    • It really is shocking Marlinda and yes something needs to be done to protect these poor animals 

      Thank you for your input and for stopping by

    • yes- it truly is shocking what goes on and it is all related to money, certainly not the love of animals Nabil
      Thank you for stopping by

  4. I actually know a friend in Australia with 2 greyhounds who speaks out against the industry. I know nothing of it. I live in the mid Atlantic east coast area of the states. I have never heard of a dog track though I know there are some in the south. I just looked at this site and now I know that there are tracks in a few states. I hope it ends soon and if not the laws are stregnthened for the proper treatment of the dogs.

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