Curing Dog Skin Conditions – From Mange to Allergies

Curing Dog Skin Conditions – From Mange to Allergies

Hello all, Today I wanted to give everyone a very excellent tip concerning dog skin conditions because lately seems I am seeing more and more dogs with problems.

labrador retriever

Skin Conditions

All breeds of dogs can be affected by skin conditions from dry skin to flaky skin. They can also have many allergies which humans are unaware of.

What causes all the different skin conditions that can affect your best friend?

You can take your dog to the vet’s office and end up spending thousands of dollars to find out what is causing the condition including the dry skin, irritation, flaky skin, bumps, loss of fur, chewing excessively, allergies, and many other things.

dog having a blood test drawnThe vet will probably put your best friend through a series of tests including blood to see if they can find the underlying problem causing the condition.

Then you are looking at prescription medication and who knows exactly what is in this along with some very expensive shampoo or conditioner.

Possibly they (the vet) will even suggest changing your friend’s diet because he/she just might be allergic to the dog food you have been feeding them for the past year.

This one always strikes me as funny why would the dog not have a problem for a whole year on the food but now all of a sudden they are chewing constantly or all their fur is falling out?

Another possible cause is fleas or mites and then you are looking at treating your poor best friend with medicated shampoos with who knows what is in them (not harmful?).  (Original Dawn will kill fleas use this first unharmful too) 

What is Mange?

Honestly, I found this remedy by accident years ago and it actually cured my German Shepherd Labrador mix he was an outside/inside dog and had contracted mange.  (Mom did not like dogs in the house!)

dog with severe mangeFor those of your unfamiliar with mange, it is hair loss caused by mites (Canine Scabies), sarcoptic mange is a highly contagious skin disease found in dogs, caused by the Sarcoptes scabiei mite.

These mites will burrow through the skin causing intense itching and irritation, a veterinarian will diagnosis this and give your medicated shampoo for the dog which contains antiparasitic and antiseborrheic.

Depending on the severity of your best friends problem you will need to continue bathing them in this medicated shampoo for however long the vet recommends. 

Want a Better Way?

dog with bad flaky skin very dryAnother one of my Labradors was allergic to grass – YES grass – I would take him to the vet once a month for a shot to keep him from scratching and losing his fur.

Then I remembered what I had done for my dog that had contracted the mange! It took me a couple of weeks to locate the person who sold the product I needed.

This product is available worldwide but the location of the people who now are distributors for the product has become very difficult to locate them.

I did find that Amazon sells the product from their website and it can now be ordered online. This product is all natural and can be used without any worries.

And it works my dogs were living proof to this and if I had not used this product years ago I would never have known to try it again. Save 20% on Autoship with code AUTO at

Why do the Vet’s Not Use?

The million dollar question is why do vets not use this product or recommend it for your best friend? Could it be they are just like all the doctors for humans and get kickbacks from the companies they get medications from?

boxer with fur missing big patchesThese are the things that I think about when I hear of how much it costs for people who have best friends and what they are paying to take them to a vet for skin problems that could be cured with an all natural product.

So how did I discover that this product really seriously works? My first dog that I spoke of when he contracted the mange my family did not have money to take the dog to the vet.

At the time my parents were distributions for a company called Amway and my father suggested to bathe the dog in L.O.C. considering my mother would not leave the dog in the house (he was really stinky) I took him to the car wash.

The next week I took him to the car wash again and gave him a second bath in the L.O.C. and guess what the following week his fur had started to grow back he made a full recovery and had the most beautiful coat after that.

With my Labrador, I searched until I found a distributor that lived fairly far from where I did and they brought me the L.O.C. to a meeting place.

After bathing him in the L.O.C. a few times that summer he never had to go for allergy shots again. No more chewing or scratching no more fur loss or bald spots.

In Conclusion

Everyone is always skeptical when something like this is brought to their attention, but to this day I will swear on a stack of Bibles this really works.

Finding this product is not the easiest thing to do but is your best friend not worth the effort? And since you can order it from Amazon now and it can be delivered right to your door I can see no reason not to give it a try.

L.O.C. this stands for Liquid Organic Concentrate Cleaner – tip do not use a lot of this product it does not suds like a regular shampoo!

I leave the choice to you spend hundreds at a vet’s office or find yourself some L.O.C. spending only what is necessary to keep your best friend looking the best they can be.

For those of you who would like more information about this product you can email me at

Would love to hear any questions, comments, or suggestions please leave them in the space provided below.

Thanks for stopping by until next time,

Susan 🙂


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