Do Dogs Get Cold – They do have fur coats!

Do Dogs Get Cold

They do have fur coats!


Winter is now upon us here in the north-eastern United States and many people ask or wonder “Do Dogs Get Cold?” I mean, after all, they do have fur coats right?

Certain breeds of dogs are equipped for living in frigid conditions with two layers of fur.  These two layers provide them with a way to stay warm in the winter months and cool in the summer months.

Other breeds are not made to be out in the frigid temperatures when winter arrives and need to wear sweaters or coats to keep them warm just as humans do.

As responsible pet owners, it is our duty to make sure our pets stay comfortable year round.  Providing them with the proper necessities to keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter when we live in an area of climate change.

Please take the time to read my recommendations of what you need to be providing your doggies to keep them safe in the winter and cold months each year.

Do Dogs Get Cold?

picture of dog shiveringThe honest answer here is “YES your dog does get cold”! Dogs are much like humans in the area of heat and cold when our dog is warm just like us they are comfortable and secure.

So the same applies when they get too hot they look for a way to cool down and in the winter they look for ways to stay warm just like the humans in their life does.

I have found that my own dogs being short haired when they are cold they will curl up in a ball and bury their noses with their tail to help keep them warm. When I notice them doing this I do offer them a light blanket to keep them warm.

Some of you might find this strange that I would cover my dogs but when they receive that blanket they cozy all up underneath it and stay put all snugly warm and toasty, if they get too warm they then shake it off.

By providing my fur babies this comfort it shows them how much I care about them and they are very appreciative with cuddles and kisses when the time comes.

 PetFusion Premium Medium Dog Blanket (44x34). Reversible Gray Micro Plush. [100% Soft Polyester]

Sweaters for Warmth

Another way to keep your pets warm during the cold months of winter and early spring is to get them a nice warm comfortable sweater for when they are going outside for their walks.

I always look for ones that are washable because you know that all dogs have a habit of rolling around outside at one time or another and getting their pretty sweater all dirty.

HAPEE The Diamond Plaid Dog Sweater

HAPEE The Diamond Plaid Dog Sweater

This sweater is for small dogs but I like the way it fits with the legs in front being covered well and coming down the back to lie around the back hunches. Back length 9.8 inches, Chest length 13.4 inches,Neck length 8.7 inches

Gooby - Stretch Fleece Vest, Pullover Fleece Sweater for Dogs

Gooby – Stretch Fleece Vest, Pullover Fleece Sweater for Dogs

This sweater is the choice for my dogs being fleece it is easily washable and dryable it is stretchable enough and keeps them warm and comfortable when they go out on those cold nights in the winter months. Because of the fleece it holds better on their backs not sliding around and off which keeps them warm when they are just lying around.

Even daily wear causes the sweater to smell just from your dog wearing it around the house when it is chilly enough for them to have it on – especially on a cold winters night.

When buying your dog a sweater make sure it fits them comfortably or they are not going to want to wear it, too loose a fit can cause walking problems or even tripping, and too tight causing restraint they will not like either.

Try to get them one that stays on as they are lying around on the floor or on their beds so that they do not become tangled in the sweater this can cause them not too much like to wear one and then they can get cold or sick.

Most believe because our dogs have a natural fur coat that this will automatically keep them warm at all times but this is far from the truth and when our dogs get too cold they can become sick just like humans.

Winter Coats and Boots

For those living in climates that can become extremely cold then I advise getting your dog a winter coat and boots for them to wear outside in those areas. Even where I am it is advisable for the extra cold days we endure during our winter months.

These winter coats that I have listed below I find to provide the best protection from the winter elements for your pet, but I am sure there are many styles to choose from finding one that suits you and your pets needs is important.

Kuoser Dog Coats Dog Jackets Waterproof Coats for Dogs Windproof Cold Weather Coats Small Dogs

Kuoser Dog Coats Dog Jackets Waterproof Coats for Dogs Windproof Cold Weather Coats Small Dogs

These coats are made with a material filler of polyester fiber – Material: Polyester+TC (terylene/cotton), they are water resistant on the outer layer with a soft and warm inner layer.

Easy put on and take off with a comfortable belly part and the warm fleece lining, these are durable, fashionable, vintage, water repellent, fine in detail, lightweight, and wind-proof.

Metallic Fashion Pet Parka Coat

Metallic Fashion Pet Parka Coat

This pet parka coat comes with a removable zippered hood, is made from a breathable 3M Thinsulate insulation inner lining barrier which captures body heat keeping your dog nice and cozy on those windy freezing cold winter days. The parka features a leash-slit holder along the back and is available in other colors and sizes.

WUXIAN Waterproof Dog Shoes

WUXIAN Waterproof Dog Shoes

Dog boots made with durable soles anti-slip and tough for stability and traction help with your dog’s mobility and stability in snow and icy conditions.

They are water resistant of high-quality fabrics to be wear resistant and, to bear or endure dirty rough conditions. Have cute pet paw embroidery, soft and hand washable, fashionable yet durable.

Lightweight and easy to put on and take off with wide split seam top opening they fasten firmly with 2 straps which are long and adjustable keeping them from slipping off creating a customized fit for tightness and secure closure.

Size:  4#(2.56”X1.97”); 5#(2.76”X2.24”); 6#(2.95”X2.52”); 7#(3.15”X2.76”); 8#(3.35”X2.95”)

Boots for dogs in the winter are important for two reasons not just to keep their paws warm and dry, but to protect them from the ice that can cut the pads of the paws and snow can build up in between their toes causing pain when they try to walk.

Many people use the pet-friendly snow melts today, but some still use the old-fashioned rock salt which can damage your pet’s paws causing them much pain so boots are the best safety measure to ensure the safety of your pet.

In Closing

As dog parents, I feel it is our responsibility to provide as much safety and comfort for them as humanly possible after all they are always here for us anytime we need a best friend to cuddle with.

Do you provide your dog with sweaters for winter?

What about a winter coat and boots?

Which styles would you recommend for our readers?

Your answers to the above questions help my other readers make the right selection of products for their dogs keeping them from getting cold.

I love hearing from all my readers with comments, suggestions, and questions you might have for me please leave them in the space provided below.  I answer these usually within 24 hours.

Thank you so much for reading today and looking forward to seeing you all again soon,


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