Dog Breeds I am Familiar With – Breeds I Have Raised!

Dog Breeds I am Familiar With

Breeds I Have Raised!

Hello, I just thought that since I have a website that I am dedicating to everything about dogs everyone would like to know that I do have experience with raising different breeds and what my experience with them has been.

Below are the dog breeds I have experience with:

As everyone knows there are so many different breeds of dogs out there, and this does not include the “Heinz 57” variety which is what I like to call mixed breeds.  Now I have had the full-blooded breeds along with my share of the mixed breeds in my life, do I prefer one of the other?

In being honest not really I am more into the actual dog its self; temperament, size, playfulness, strength, endurance, health problems, you get where I am going here right?

But do remember if you are getting a puppy check the breeder out to make sure you are getting a healthy well-bred puppy; some breeders put on a show just to sell the puppies making a really great profit when that is all they do is breed the poor females to death.

Another small piece of advice when you get your new puppy to find out what brand of food they are using so as not to cause digestive problems for your new Best Friend; switch them over to what food you are going to be using a little at a time by mixing the foods (decrease original food and increase new food).  This will save you from possible upsets of diarrhea or vomiting for a new puppy. (Including allergic reactions)

Remember when getting a new Best Friend as a puppy you will be doing all the training for him/her so be prepared when you get them home for some accidents, this is normal they are babies and how I trained mine can be found on the Training page.

Pictures of the breeds and descriptions of them:

Below I show some of the breeds I am familiar with, anyone who has experience with these breeds please leave comments in the section below to help others with what breed might be best for them.


Collie was the very first dog I got as a child, this breed is very loyal to the owner.  High maintenance however with the long fur and mane grooming regularly takes time for the collie’s long fur not to become matted.

They are highly intelligent and fairly easy to train.

German Shepherd

German Shepherd is the next dog I remember getting as a kid.  Very playful and energetic animals they are also a very faithful dog to their owner.

If you are looking for a guard dog this is a good choice they train very well in this position.  However, some are wonderful with children while some are not training here comes into play if you are looking at this breed and have children I would say go with a female over a male.

Females are more nurturing by nature and are I feel better with children, whereas the males are more inclined to be the protectors of this breed.

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Beagle is another breed I had while growing up.  Fun loving, playful, energetic, they require more exercise than most dogs.

This breed can be trained for hunting small game, however, mine was just my Best Friend.  Highly intelligent and easy to train; but their noses can get them into trouble once they pick up a scent gone they are.

Training can be intense for them to keep them within their own yards (suggestion make sure you have a fenced yard) for their own safety.


Pekingese is the next breed I had these little guys are lap dogs and very affectionate.

Mine was very loyal to me and went everywhere I went because of his compact size.  They do require plenty of grooming because of the length of their fur keeping them from getting matted.

Easily trainable and intelligent the only thing about them I can find annoying is they are needy at least mine was because he was so spoiled.

I did have him when I was entering my adult life so I am not really too sure how they are around young children because mine never was.

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Dalmatian was then my next dog I got him as a rescue so I did not have much to do with his training, this made it difficult.

Coming into a new home he was hard to break from lifting his leg inside the house; so this was something I had to work on and finally got him broke from.  It could have been hard because I by that time had two active boys and he loved playing with them.

He was very good with the boys and I had no trouble with him leaving the property.  He was very loyal and loving once we got over the house training things ran smoothly after that with him.

Grooming with them is not bad to give them a bath when needed short haired does not mean they do not shed and he did.


My next Best Friend was a Labrador (Black) he was a puppy when I got him.  Labrador’s come in basically three colors black, chocolate, and yellow.

This breed is very popular because they are so intelligent; easy to train, very loyal, loving, friendly, great with kids, and can hunt if taught at the right age.  Mine, of course, was once again just my Best Friend.

I loved the breed so much I decided to breed so I went and picked up two female sisters one chocolate and one yellow to breed my black male with.

These dogs are easy to work with to breed but after having just one litter with the chocolate (she had a very hard time) and 3 litters with the yellow I stopped I was too picky with the people that came to purchase my puppies.  Because of the person I am, I felt this was not right for me and stopped.

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Heinz 57

When my labs got older I ended up with a poor puppy that was thrown out a car window she was a “Heinz 57”.

But she was smart and very easy to train and I figured that her life started out bad enough with someone doing that to her so I kept her she passed away at 17 years old.

timber wolf

During this time I also had a pure blooded wolf, not a hybrid dog bred with a wolf.  Now everyone thinks people are crazy when owning a wild animal but you must have an exotic pet license and be able to care for them properly.

My timber wolf (named Timber) was a sweet loving animal, he claimed all the dogs I had at the time as his pack, they all got along very well.  He went to the vet just like all the rest and got shots and everything just like a dog.

Please do not think that I am some crazy person here because I am just such an animal lover and my wolf meant the world to me; he lived indoors we built him a cave in our laundry room that we called his house and he loved it there when people he did not know would come by he would run in there and hide.

He acted more like a cat than a dog (I actually had a white cat he loved to play with) always playing by himself with toys he would throw them up in the air and chase them.

As for house training you cannot try to house train a wild animal no matter how hard you try it will NOT work, they are by nature going to go when they have to go no matter where they are sorry to say.

I did have a nice fenced in yard and he had open run to go in and out.  He passed at 14 years old which is much older than he would have been in the wild I believe because he was so well cared for.

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great Dane

Next on my list would be my great Dane Beau he was given to me by a friend because they could no longer keep him.  The only problem with Beau was he was never socialized with females so when I got him it took almost three weeks before I could even pet him.

Once he made up to me that was it, I was his new mom and he loved me from that day forward.  He was highly intelligent and listened very well.  Being older when I got him and my boys being grown now I do not know how they react to small children.

I did notice with others and my own that when they get older they do have a tendency to get snippy, so this is something to consider later into their lives.  Training wise I can’t help too much on advice because he was already trained when he came to me and never had any accidents in the house.

Great Danes do not have a long life they only live to be at the most about or around 8 to 10 years old and some have lived to be a bit older that I know of.

Pit Bull

Last on my list which will bring me up to date with my three Best Friends I have now is the Pit Bull.  Now, I realize people have been very misinformed of this breed.

Mine range from the oldest female, Reo who is 14 years old whom I got when she was 5 weeks old (I hated how the people took care of the puppies of the litter), male, Buddy who is a rescue so I have to guess at 9 years old, and the baby of the bunch female, Marley Ann who is now not quite 2 years old.

This breed is very super intelligent, training is not to bad but they do have a stubborn streak at times, being so intelligent they want to do things their own way so you must be firm with them so they do not rule you.

You must make it known that you are the boss not them early before they think that they run the house.  Watch out for the cuteness because they will get you every time with it.

Playful and full of energy they require plenty of exercise, however, do not overdo it they like to also lazy around the house.  Mine will play for half an hour hard and then turn around and nap for 2 to 3 hours.

They are very loyal and loving so I hope you like lots of kisses and cuddles because they will dish them out freely (and just to let you know they are bed hogs also).

Grooming is minimal they need a bath when they need a bath, being short haired they do shed but not like long fury dogs.

Mine are great with young children and very protective of them (just a warning don’t try to correct your child with my pits around).  As watchdogs, they do their job well deterring strangers from coming on your property.

I can not tell people enough good about my pit bulls some people have their minds made up that the breed is just a bad breed but in reality, it is not the breed but the owners that give them the bad name.

One other note here to point out is the inbreeding that is occurring within this breed so choose carefully when going to get a Pit Bull.

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In Closing

These are the Best Friends which have blessed my life so far, along with a couple that I know I have not listed.

I encourage everyone who comes to my website to please leave comments on my breeds and any breeds they have experience with to help others find a new Best Friend.

Thank you so much for visiting and I look forward to a long and lasting relationship with all who takes the time to come and visit,

Best wishes to a wonderful and long life with your fur babies,

SusanBully Sticks | Peacebone



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