How Not Knowing Dog Clothing Makes You A Rookie

How Not Knowing Dog Clothing Makes You A Rookie

Are dog clothes really a necessity for your dog?  Well, those little designer dogs look so adorable dressed up do they not?

Being in the know about dog clothing for your little doggie is something you do not want to be a rookie at for more than one reason.

Manufacturers are not going to make clothes for dogs if they do not see profits rolling in the door either.  But knowing which dog clothes to select is important for fit and comfort for your doggie.

Making sure that you are not cutting off any important blood circulation points for them.  The next big thing is making sure they are not overheating with the clothing.  This can cause massive breathing even could be fatal.

Are Dog Clothes a Necessity?

I feel that dog clothes are a necessity in some locations due to weather conditions which can greatly affect the health and well-being of your best friend.

hairless crested

Hairless breeds such as the Chinese Crested dog are not meant to be in cold weather for any length of time; so for them, it is very necessary to dress them for cold weather conditions in nice warm clothing.

Other breeds which have very short hair as the pit bull breeds require sweaters or jackets in cold weather conditions as well.

Size of the breed is not what should determine the necessity of putting clothes on a dog their comfort and keeping them healthy is what should be taken into account.

pit bullEven medium length fur dogs too long fur dogs will require sweaters or jackets in extremely cold weather because they do not have the underlying coat other breeds have such as their ancestors the wolf.

Reading a book or looking for information on the breed of dog you have is always the very best way to find what type of coat they have and getting very good tips for care and training.

Toy dogs and teacup dogs as best friends people tend to dress them up mostly because they think they look so cute. Please remember you can overheat a dog and cause them health problems so think wisely when dressing these little

These Are Some I Recommend

Looking online in many of the stores and places where you can buy clothes for dogs will give you many choices just remember you are not the one wearing this your doggie is, make sure they are comfortable.

 Albabara Dog Winter Coat from Amazon

From Amazon for the small toy breeds, this Albabara Dog Winter Coat is a British style dog vest being cozy and windproof snowsuit with a hood.

100% high-quality Berber fleece with soft, warm faux suede fabric, machine washable, made with a snap button closure it is convenient and easy to put on and take off.

Available in 5 sizes and 3 colors. Perfect for small to large breeds such as Chihuahua, Chinese Crested, Pomeranian, Toy Poodle, Yorkshire Terrier, Australian Terrier, French Bulldog, Miniature Pinscher, Pug, Shiz Tzu, Miniature Poodle, Pekingese, Italian Greyhound, Beagle, Cocker Spaniel, Corgi.

Turtleneck dog sweater brown paw pattern by Bingpet Amazon

Turtleneck dog sweater brown paw pattern by Bingpet should your small pet need something for indoors when it is very cold or on those chilly days when a coat is not really necessary.

The material is acrylic soft and warm, a nice weight and not at all scratchy. Holds up well for a long time even with washing.

Like a sweater, so much easier to get on and off it has a slit for the harness designed in the back.

Your pet will love it and be willing to wear it on and off this winter even for sleeping on cold nights. Very fashionable sweater in a cream color with a leather brown paw pattern designed on the back.


TPYQdirect Dog Jacket from Amazon

TPYQdirect Dog Jacket from Amazon is my recommendation for medium breed dogs it is waterproof, windproof, reversible made as a British style plaid winter coat

This jacket comes in a variety of sizes so please make sure to get the right size fit for your best friend L fits dogs 18-33 lbs, XL fits dogs 32-42 lbs, XXL fits dogs 36-55 lbs, and 3XL fits dogs 54-94 lbs.

Made from high-quality polyester and TC (terylene / cotton) fabric and cotton filling. The dog coat is lightweight, breathable and it can protect your pet from coldness and keep your pet warm.

It is reversible and another feature is it’s non-stick dog hair very warm and comfortable. The high neck helps add additional protection and there is a large flap under the tummy to protect tummy fur from getting wet.

Both sides of the dog coat have Velcro closures so it is easy to put on and take off quickly. No worries that your dog doesn’t cooperate. This jacket comes with a two-year warranty making it an excellent deal.

Chilly Dog Boyfriend dog sweater this is a basic sweater for keeping your best friend warm and comfortable made of 100-percent wool it is hand knit by Quechuan Indians.

This sweater comes in a variety of sizes but when ordering make sure to order the proper size for your best friend this is a great value for a sweater for them.

PETBABA Dog Winter Jacket from Amazon

PETBABA Dog Winter Jacket, fleece coat windproof effective puffer vest is for the large dog breeds to keep them comfortable during their outside ventures. These are reflective for a safe walk at night for you and your best friend.

Soft quilted jacket warms dog especially for short-haired breeds in winter being windproof and water resistant this coat helps your best friend stay dry when being outdoors. Measure your pet before ordering to get the proper size.

Dora Bridal dog wool classic warm soft sweater from Amazon

Dora Bridal dog wool classic warm soft sweater features: durable, fashion, vintage, warm, fine in detail, lightweight, wind-proof just a classic dog knitted coat warm and cozy for your best friend.

Machine washable with similar colors in cold water and tumble dry. Comes in a variety of sizes but this is my pick for the large breed dog up to 88

In Closing

These are the jackets and sweater picks that I myself recommend if you live in a cold region or perhaps you have seasonal weather as I do and winter months can be quite cold.

I keep both jackets and sweaters available for my three dogs they are pit bulls and have short hair so they get cold even when they are lying around the house.

Not that they are not very spoiled, that they are.  Each one has an orthopedic bed and comforters to lie on when they are napping, of course, being they are my fur babies they do of course sleep in bed with me 🙂

What kind of jackets and sweaters do you use for cold weather where you live on your doggie?

Just love hearing from my audience you can leave your reply below along with any questions, comments, or suggestions for what you would like to see on Delightful Doggies 4 U.

Thanks hope you all are having a great day,





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