Dogs Who Chew On Everything – Why?

Dogs Who Chew On Everything – Why?

Picture of Puppy
I love chewing

Welcome and today I am going to be giving you suggestions hopefully to help you if you have a puppy or Dog that chews on things.

Teething – Give Me Something to Chew NOW!!!

Puppies are no different than babies, in that babies when teething love to chew on teething products and puppies are no different.

They have sharp wee teeth and they will go in search of anything to help harden their gums and to help them with teething so what do you do?

Well firstly, don’t growl at them, if they grab your slipper or one of your children’s toys.  They have no idea they are doing wrong.

Instead, give them one of their toys and remove the object they are not allowed.  Perhaps you could even play a game with them to take their mind off the other object they had.

Picture of Buster the puppy

Wee Buster at the top of this post is my Grandchildren’s new friend and he tries to chew on everything and this frustrates the children so I suggested they try some ways to take his mind of their toys and so far so good.

Teething Toys – What to Buy

There are heaps of great teething toys out there, however, here is a suggestion to go take a look at –

It’s a Nylabone which can be frozen, then given to your puppy to chew and the coolness soothes the little pups gums making her/him feel so much better.nylon chew bone


Nylabone has a 4-star review and here are a couple of reviews I found on Amazon –

Verified Purchase

  • We have a 10-week old teething puppy at home, and this thing is going to be a lifesaver!! Rather than having her chew the couch, table, shoes, toes, etc. we can now give her this frozen bone and let her go to town. I don’t know how picky you are about what you give your dogs as far as treats and such, but I personally am not giving the treat which came in the bone itself. It’s not of high quality and has some questionable ingredients in my book, but I’m a dog food snob. We intend to add the peanut butter to the center, then freeze for a nice relieving treat. She really enjoyed this chew toy by itself with no treat added, so it’s certainly a win!
  • Verified Purchase

    Quite often when Dogs get bored, they will be self-employed as I call it and they will find something they shouldn’t be doing, such as chewing on furniture and this can turn out be very costly for you.

    Make sure your puppy or dog gets regular exercise and play time and this will help.

    You will find that your little friend, likes to chew for stimulation and for fun. They also will chew when they are anxious.

    Chewing is normal behavior, but we tend not to teach them soon enough on what is appropriate to chew on.

    Research shows they should have a variety of chew toys to keep them stimulated.

    Even when you do supply the appropriate things, there are times that your dog decides to chew up your pillow or an article of clothing (like your favorite pair of comfy slippers!!).

    Never ever punish your dog for chewing- They need to be taught gently and perhaps you could consider picking up things you don’t want to be chewed and make sure your Dog or puppy has a lot of stimulation as they are learning new things all the time and love to learn.

    Punishing them will only hurt your bond with them. You wouldn’t do it to a child and these guys/girls are the same. Kind, consistent teaching and hopefully the chewing will stop.

    Training and Teaching

    When it comes down to it, you are the one responsible for your new addition to your family, so it is up to you to provide the necessary toys and training equipment for your Dog.

    There is no excuse to let your dog chew things and destroy things. If you train them from the time you get them, you will find within up to 6 months if you do it right, they will grow out of the chewing and know what they can and can’t have.

    Enjoy your Doggy and if you have any further questions please just ask.

    Bye for now




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