Durable dog toys – Which toys are right for your dog

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In this blog, I’m going to be sharing information about durable dog toys. Important if you don’t want to have to keep buying toys for your dog

Different breeds need different toys and buying durable toys will benefit you and your dog.

Big Dog- Strong Jaws and Bite

You may have already experienced buying a toy for your dog, only to have it destroyed within a few minutes or hours, especially if your dog has a strong jaw and bite.  It can be frustrating and costly if you buy a toy that are easily wrecked by your dog.

Buying durable toys for your dog may cost a little extra however it’s well worth it in the end.

Here are some toys that you might like to check out at Amazon.

I hope this helps you when making your next buying decision.

Homemade Toys – are they durable and safe?

There are some great homemade toys you can make that are durable and safe for your dog and there are some not so good toys that people make, that are really not good for your dog to play with.  Dogs can ingest things when they are chewing and playing with their toys and they can also cut their gums so be aware of what you make your toys from.

Some homemade toys can be durable however I prefer to buy durable toys as I know they are safe for my doggies and will also last.  Up to you of course 🙂 

Shoes, Clothes and other Undesirables

When you bring your doggy home, he/she will most likely try to eat everything they possibly can.  They need to chew as they are developing new teeth and they are mischief until they have learned the rules.

I had experience with this when my daughters Labrador was a puppy.  I wasn’t taking notice of what he was up to and when I went to put on my sneakers, he had chewed one beyond repair.

Another time a courier dropped a parcel on my back doorstep and Tyler. Chewed through the bag and ate the corner of a book I had purchased.  He was only a puppy but it sure was a costly experience.


Training Toys – what to use?

There are all kinds of durable toys you can use for training your dog. Depending on the breed you have depends on what to use.

Fetch toys, agility courses, teaching toys for example if you have a duck dog you might want to buy a rubber duck to teach your dog.  Rope toys, ball throwing toys, teething toys and the list goes on.  There are literally 100’s of toys on the market and it is good fun choosing toys for your friend.

Do your research on which toys are best for your dog.  Big dogs, small dogs and those in between all love toys do enjoy buying the right toys that will last and give your dog hours of pleasure

Here are a few I have researched for you to take a look at

Available at Amazon

Buy Well – save money in the long run.

Buying good products is a sensible option and I hope this article has given you some insight into what is best for your Dog.

If you have any questions please email me delightfuldoggies4u.com or leave a comment.  I will reply to you and if you enjoyed this post please, do come back to see what’s happening

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