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Everyone who has ever had a dog or new puppy knows that once they lose their friend they tell themselves I am not getting another one this is too hard losing them.

Selecting a New Doggie/Puppy

We dog people know that we have all been there when we lose our best friend how very hard it is. And we tell ourselves we are not going to put ourselves through it again.

Few months go by and we are missing the furry thing that we always had the pleasure of coming home to after a hard day at work with that wiggling butt and tail going a hundred miles an hour.

Or if your retired or do not have to leave home and go to work the companionship that you once had with that furry friend is missing and you seriously want it back.

Now, of course, you want your old friend but are going to get a new one; and the one that is no longer by your side would have wanted it this way.  Knowing you have enough love in your heart for another fur baby would make them very happy.

So a new decision needs to be made on which type of dog or puppy you are going to get? This should not be something that you would do like running to the grocery store and picking up milk or bread.

Placing some thought into which breed would fit into your life best now needs to be considered. Ask yourself questions before deciding on the breed, shopping around and doing research will most definitely help you with this.

Ask people you know that have dogs/puppies see what their opinion is on the breed they have. Are the animals hard to train, how much exercise do they require, are they people friendly or more of the loner type, how are they with other animals dogs/cats, anything that you want to know just ask, people, love talking about their best friends.

Some of your selection might have to do with where you live in an apartment or house, do you have a yard or will you be walking your new dog/puppy, how close are roads and traffic and do you have a doggie park nearby to visit.

By doing all the research and talking to people you are saving yourself and your new fur friend possible hardships with adjusting to your lifestyle.

Places to Look

If your set on getting a puppy then look around once you have decided upon the breed which best fit with your living situation.

Finding breeders in your area sometimes can be difficult especially ones that have a great reputation, backyard breeders sometimes are your best option because they take much better care of the litters than puppy mill breeders.

Puppy mill breeders are into breeding for one thing only that is the money and they will breed their females until no longer useful to them and dispose of them like they are trash.

Dogs who chew on everything - Why?Backyard breeders usually enjoy breeding their dogs but do it much more responsibly and have both the mother and father on site for you to interact with. Showing you they care more about the animals than the actual money that they do not really make selling the puppies. (Vet bills for a litter can be expensive for shots and worming, and do not forget puppy food.)

Local pet stores or pet shops carry puppies for sale but please ask where they receive their puppies from; some do get them from the puppy mills and not knowing you can end up with an unhealthy baby.

Please do not overlook shelters in your search they also have puppies that have usually been abandoned under unknown circumstances, but they will have been vet checked, have their shots, and given a clean bill of health.

Adopting from a shelter can be a most rewarding experience, especially if you find an older doggie needing a home that fits your needs better than a new puppy will.

Why Adoption

People might look at adoption from a shelter as a last resort for a puppy. I find this very sad for the poor doggies and puppies that have either been surrender to them, rescued, or abandoned.

These doggies and puppies deserve to have a home just like the one you would go purchase from a breeder and they are sometimes more faithful because you were the person to rescue them from that scary place.

Think of yourself and how you would feel if you were in their paws? As a dog, you once had a home and people who loved you and now your in a concrete cage with no one around, someone comes and takes you for a walk once or twice a day.

Being an abandoned puppy sure they may not have had a real home but until some ignorant person dropped them off at the shelter or out in the middle of nowhere to fend for themselves they had their mother.  Now they only have each other and a cold concrete floor to sleep on.

Deciding Is Hard

Understandable deciding which doggie to pick for your new fur friend is going to be difficult at best but using all the resources that I mentioned above may just provide you with one of the best doggies you have ever had come into your life.


For me this was a little girl doggie named Sammyjoe and here is her story:

It was a Sunday and at the time I worked shift work in a steel mill so I was sleeping in on this particular day. My husband came to wake me with a little puppy she was so tiny and cute, but at the time we had six doggies already so I told him to take her back to where he got her.

He says: “I can’t,” I tell him, oh yes you can. He insisted he could not and of course I want to know “Why?”  So he proceeds to tell me because someone threw her out a car window in front of him on his way home.

Well needless to say he had my attention and I was furious, taking that sweet little pup I went and made her breakfast. Making a long story short she was one of the best doggies I ever had in my life.  She passed away at 17 years old. Free Dog Training. Click Here.

In Closing

Sorry, I did get a little carried away with my post today, but just wanted to point out that once you have a wonderful fur doggie in your life living without one just is way too lonely and you will always be missing something in your life.

Thank you for coming by today at delightfuldoggies4u.  We welcome all questions, comments, and suggestions you can leave them in the box below.

See you again very soon 🙂



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