Fostering Pets – Saving Lives of Furry Friends!

Now when most people think Foster they automatically think of Fostering a child; this can also be true for pets from the local shelters.  Giving you the option of trying out a pet before you actually adopt one of your own because it fits in with your lifestyle and family.

Is Being A Foster Right For Me

two puppies in a cage

The point I want to place here is when your not completely sure of what type of cat or dog you are looking for you can go check out the local shelters in your area and see if they offer a Foster program.

A Foster Program means you can take a pet home once you have been approved by the Shelter, and most Shelters make sure you have an appropriate home lifestyle to fit the animal’s needs.

This can be a long or short process getting approved, most Shelters that offer these programs will run a background check on you for any type of animal cruelty and other basic information.

They usually will come to your home and check to see that the animal has a safe and well-kept environment in which to be taken into.  For some, this would include a fenced in yard for dogs keeping them safe from harm when they are let out.  For cats checking to see if you have adequate space, they can find for themselves to be alone.

Why is all of this important to the Shelter for these things to be in place before your approved as a Foster?  Some pets they have that require fostering have been through experiences that require special needs and for them, it is very important you can handle what they will require while they are in your care.

 Why Is All Of This So Important

scared dog in shelterLet’s look at how pets end up in the Shelter and this might help you understand why the things above are required and why they are important.

Some pets end up in a Shelter because their owner has passed away and no one in the immediate family wants the responsibility of taking over as caretaker for it.  This poor pet once had an owner who showered them with love and attention and now has no one.  Locked in a cage; which has never happened to them before.  How would you feel in this type of situation?

rescue dog from the streetsOther pets are rescued from the streets because they have run away and gotten lost; had they had a responsible owner they could have been returned with a micro-chip that their veterinarian implanted for them.  Rescues can be from abusive situations from previous owners (I do not want to go into detail here bad people are just bad people) tied up outside in weather elements that are not safe for humans or them.

dog in a cage pictureThen you have the group of pets that are dropped off at the Shelter because the owner no longer wants them.  That cute little puppy they got last Christmas has now grown and the chewing and messes it makes (because of the owners neglect to train the pet) now are not so cute anymore; they no longer want the pet.

picture of dalmation in a cagePeople are sometimes forced into moving possibly downsizing or because of a job.  They must surrender their pet to a Shelter because their new place of residence does not allow pets.  Most of these people try to find their pet a new home by themselves they want their pet cared for, but sometimes they try and cannot find the right match and are forced to turn them over. Free Dog Training. Click Here.

The Explanation of How These Pets Feel

black cat and red dog

Most everyone right about now is saying to themselves those poor babies, how sad especially if you have pets.

Let me explain some of the hardships of Fostering Pets; because there are some to be considered here.  First of all, not all of the above pets are going to react the same when you decide to give them a temporary home.

All of them feel neglected and confused would you not feel the same way?  You lose people in your life when they pass away or move so far away you can no longer visit them when you want.

Pets are no different they have feelings too. As people we must learn how to read our pet’s body language to know what they are trying to tell us; it sure would be great if they could talk.  A pet’s whole life with you is like communication with a newborn baby human is the best thing to compare it with.

Now when you bring your new Foster home you will have to do some training because they are in completely new surroundings.  If you are patient and gentle but firm with them they will become very adaptable to you and the schedule you would like for them to follow.  Pets do learn quickly just remember some more quickly than others and yes some can have a stubborn streak which makes them harder to train.

Your greatest asset under the Foster system is if things do not work out with the pet they are returnable to the Shelter but remember to take time and try to give the pet time and attention as you would a child. Free Dog Training. Click Here.

Rewards of Fostering

golden retriever and black cat

Sounds like a very strange title, however, think of what you are getting from being a foster to a pet.  Especially if your local shelter has a time limit for how long they can keep them.  Doing this you could be saving pets from having to be put down.

Another reward of fostering you get a cat or dog from the shelter it is so grateful to have a home and family it becomes a part of the family you do not want to lose.  Then you can adopt this pet as your own!

Just think of all the wonderful pets sitting in the local shelter which when you walk in wag their tails or start rubbing up against the sides of their cages.  What reaction will you get when you take them out and take them home the doggie kisses and the kitty love.

An open heart and open mind are one of the best ways to figure out if this is right for you for in finding the right pet that fits into your family with no commitment.


Here in this post I just wanted to point out how Fostering a Pet can not only benefit you in finding the perfect fit; but how the pet needs your help and guidance.

If you have it in your heart to Foster a pet please do so, saving lives in the process is a very big bonus here.  Especially if you find the one – who knows maybe two new fur friends you were looking for.

Is it possible you have the time and room to save a life?

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