GPS Tracking for your Dog – Never Lose Your Dog!

Why GPS Tracking for your Dog

Is This Better Than a Micro-chip?

GPS Tracking for your Dog what a great way to know exactly where they are at all times today.  I want to look at some of these products and the costs involved with owning one to protect your furry friend from getting lost or hurt.

Toy Dog Breeds have been stolen from people because they are so very cute.  Even with microchipping, it can be difficult to locate a stolen pet.

GPS Tracking is another level altogether to protect our pets from getting lost and never found.  Or even being stolen from us.

Please take the time to check out the following recommended tracking devices that I have located for any breed that you now have.  Protect your doggies now and forever.

How to Keep Track of Your Dog

These products are not new to the market they have been around for some time and I find them a great way to keep track of where your best friend is at all times.

GPS Tracking devices come in many sizes for distance and some can be used with your smart telephone making them somewhat more convenient to pick up the signal should he/she run away from home.

Whether you have a runaway male or female this product can provide you with a feeling of security knowing that you will be able to track them down.

Suppose your a hunter and use hunting dogs one just happens to wander away from the pack this product will enable you to locate that lost dog and take him/her home with you.

Tracking Devices

Findster Duo+

Monitor Your Pet's Location and Activity in Real time, CTA, Free Shipping and Price

This product has an app that connects to your smart telephone to track your best friend – and two modules one to attach to you and the other to your dog – using MAZE technology they can communicate 3 miles apart. (for reference, the current range record is 10 miles!)

This enables you to check your pet’s location in real time without the need for cell coverage or any monthly fees. Works anywhere – so whether you’re taking your pet on a quick walk or exploring no man’s land, it’s your buddy’s ideal companion!

Whistle 3

Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker

The smarter way to keep tabs on your pet’s location and activity levels when they’re living it up, at home, in the park or on the run. This tracker also has other features to program into the telephone to monitor activity and track progress.

Whistle 3 combines cellular and GPS technology to give you the fastest and most accurate tracking nationwide. Unlike Bluetooth-only trackers which have a range of 50 feet, Whistle 3 will locate your pet down the street or 3,000 miles away!*

Get the peace of mind with our 90-day money back guarantee on Whistle 3 Pet Tracker. If you or your pet don’t love it, we’ll take it back and give you a full refund on the purchase price.

Link AKC Smart Dog Collar

Link AKC Smart Dog Collar
Link AKC Smart Dog Collar

Very sturdy leather collar with GPS Tracking and activity monitor for your dog. This does require an additional service plan charge to use the tracking device.

And replacement HDP Coastal EZ change ID clips are available at Amazon as well.

Compared to the above two this is a very pricey exchange for using just the collar attachments, however, the tracking device is inside the collar makes this a better choice if you are in the wilds with your best friend.

Garmin Alpha 100 TT

This is the top of the line tracking device for dogs as in multiple dogs because you can use it for training hunters out in the wild and track up to 20 dogs at one time.

The range for this particular device is 9 miles and you can include your hunting buddies along with your dogs knowing where they are can keep people as well as the dogs safe.

With this device, you can even measure your dog’s speed as well as set boundaries knowing that you will be alerted should they cross over the lines you have set.

Because Alpha 100 comes preloaded with TOPO U.S. 100K maps, you’ll always know your surroundings.

Garmin Alpha 100 TT
Garmin Alpha 100 TT


As everyone knows I am a dog lover and would not live without fur babies in my home in the past and currently some of these fur babies like to wander from home.

For myself, because I do not travel and live in a small community the Findster Duo or Whistler 3 is perfect for my current four-legged runner.

These two products are not ones that I would suggest using if you have hunting dogs or plan to take your dogs out into wooded areas because there is a possibility of the module (fob) being caught on something and then your dog is seriously lost.

For hunters and travelers that like hiking and going just about anywhere my recommendation would be either the Link AKC Collar or the Alpha 100. Realizing these have a much higher price tag but is it worth losing your best hunting dog by not having them protected with a tracking device.

Other Tracking Devices

You will find many tracking devices online for your puppy or doggie and I feel some of them are worth investing in others probably are not.

For absolute added security make sure to have your pet microchipped at the vet’s office and register them online in the event they should get lost.  When a pet is found almost all animals are checked for a chip which can bring your dog home.

Should you decide on using a GPS Tracking device use research and customer reviews ask around to make sure you find one that is going to help you locate your puppy or doggies should they get lost or run away.

In Closing

One of the worst feelings in the universe is should your puppy or doggie run away and you are unable to locate him/her the worry and stress of not knowing if they are safe causes people to lose sleep.

People hang up lost posters, offer rewards, call the police, call veterinarian offices, post it on Social Media, and whatever else they can think of trying to find their pet.

Investing in a GPS Tracking device could save you this heartache from ever happening!

Hearing from my readers in the way of questions, comments, or suggestions is always welcome, please leave them in the space provided below.  I answer these usually within 24 hours.

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