How do Dogs Think – Do they think like Humans?

How do Dogs Think – Do they think like Humans?

How do dogs think?  I find this a really interest subject so thought, why not share it with you.

Research – What has it told us?

great dane sitting in a chair dog thinkingNeuroscientists have done a lot of studies and yes, dogs think like humans, in fact, dogs have oxytocin commonly called the love hormone and this is quite obvious in dogs, maybe more so than humans a lot of the time.

Dogs development is faster than humans however their emotions are around the age of a 2 to 2 1/2-year-old, hence I guess why they love playing and getting up to mischief.  It’s a game just like children playing with their toys.puppy playing with a toy rope

Needs and Emotions

Dogs, feel all kinds of emotions, such as fear, excitement, contentment, disgust, joy and of course love, however, they do not feel, guilt, pride, contempt, or shame.

dog afraid but not ashamedYou might argue this when you experience coming home to find your dog has left a deposit somewhere in the house.  You may notice when you say something to your dog regarding this find, your dog may put his/her tail down and slink around.  This is not from guilt, it is from fear.  Your voice tells the dog to be wary of you because your love voice has turned into something else.

Some people dress their dogs in costumes and for a dog, this is not a feeling of shame, they will let you do this without it being a problem.

Dreaming – Do Dogs Dream?

dog dreaming about puppy bonesYou may have noticed your dog twitching and you may have heard them whimper or growl in their sleep and studies have shown that, Yes, dogs do indeed dream.

The brain-waves of a dog are very similar to a human brain and it is, therefore, acknowledged dogs dream and different breeds have actions while they are asleep relating to certain things.  For example, a Doberman may snap in his/her sleep to deter a burglar and a Pointer may move around searching for a game bird.

I have two dogs and they do quite often dream and whimper and sometimes sit up, then lay back down and go into a deep sleep very quickly.  If I rub their backs they will often settle back into a more peaceful sleep quite quickly.

Smiling and Laughing

lab smiling as he/she pants

Oh yes, dogs laugh.  When you are playing with them, they often make a panting or grunting sound and this is laughter.  As for smiling, well this is shown when you are playing with your dog or someone is speaking to a dog and they sit with their mouth open and their tongue hanging out with their mouth curved into a smile.  So cute. They love being loved and they smile to show you how happy they are.

Panting and Barking

dog panting to cool him/her self downDogs pant to cool themselves down during and after exercise.  Humans pant too but that doesn’t cool us down, however, dogs use this to help them get their body temperature back to normal.

Of course, dogs bark and this is to say hello, tell us they need to go outside to the toilet, express that there is a stranger approaching the property and they bark to talk to their friends when they are playing, it may be to say, back off, or come play, or that’s my toy.  Just like humans, dogs have things to say as well.

One more thing, have you noticed sometimes your dog watches TV and may even bark at the TV when something happens?  This is because dogs have greater vision than humans and perceive motion much better than humans. Pretty amazing animals aren’t they?

It’s a Dogs World

How do dogs think?  Do they think like humans?  Two questions I hope I have answered for you here today.

It really is a dogs world when it comes to cleverness, perceptiveness and of course the big one, Love!

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