How Much Water Should Dogs Drink

Hey, good to see you and did you ever wonder “How much water should dogs drink?” this is a question as a doggie owner that many people do consider.

Fresh Water for Doggies

It is my belief that everyone should keep fresh water down for their doggies at all times giving them free-range to drink when they get thirsty not to cause any health problems.

When doggies do not get enough fresh water this can cause kidney failure which is fatal for your sweet doggie and no one would ever want this to happen.

This then poses the question “How much water should dog drink?” so I decided to do some research and talk to my veterinarian about this fact.

Another thing that I discussed with him while I was there was how often does the water bowl need refreshed to make sure the doggies are getting fresh water intake.

Fresh Flow Rain Fountain

Research Shows

All dogs need fresh water at least three times per day according to my veterinarian, but since I have three dogs I usually end up filling their bowl much more often.

In order to figure out how much water your doggies needs on a daily basis you would take their weight and for every pound, they require one ounce of water – meaning a ten-pound dog would require a little over a cup of water per day.

As we all know when dogs drink water you are talking splashing it everywhere and what able those ones with the big jowls holding at least half a cup of water when they are done?

Puppies will consume more water than one ounce per their body weight because they are so active playing and running makes them thirsty and they need water to grow.

dog pantingDuring hot days doggies will always require more water than the recommended amount so they do not become dehydrated just the daily walk will have them drinking more water than usual.

Should you feel your doggie is drinking more water than it should be showing an excessive thirst then this could be a sign you need to see the veterinarian and have some tests run making sure your doggie is not suffering from an illness.Visit

Other Causes for Excessive Thirst

Above I have already mentioned dehydration and this can turn life-threatening if you suspect this might be the case take your pet to the veterinarian right away.

Signs of dehydration in your dog other than increased thirst may include lethargy, dry gums, dry tongue, and thick rope-like saliva.

If you feel it is just a mild case of dehydration then you can take care of them yourself by giving them small amounts of water a little at a time – never let them drink themselves this can cause vomiting making your dog even more dehydrated.

dog being sick Illnesses can lead to excessive thirst or dehydration in your doggie as well so having them checked for diabetes, Crushing’s disease, liver disease, kidney disease, and cancer is recommended.

Illnesses and infections including fevers can cause dehydration so be aware of your doggie’s health knowing their personality better than anyone else if these could be a possibility as well.

Anytime your doggie comes down with diarrhea they can be affected with dehydration so make sure during this time they get plenty of fluids (water).

Another possible cause for their excessive thirst could be medications that your has prescribed if you feel this is the case contact your vet to see if a lower dose will correct or help the problem.

dog refusing to eatA dry food diet can also lead to noticeable thirst in your dog along with foods high in salt will also cause your dog to drink more.

Large amounts of salt can be poisonous to your pet, please avoid sharing highly salty “people” food with your dog. Signs your dog may have eaten too many salty treats include tremors, diarrhea, and vomiting even depression.

Regulating Water Consumption

So how do you know if your doggie is getting the proper amount of fresh water needed every day?

By filling the water bowl at the same time every day with fresh water noticing how much you doggie has consumed from the bowl from the last time you filled it (you can use a measuring cup but this will not be accurate).

fresh water for dog regularlyI personally fill my dog’s water bowl freshly at least four times a day – first thing in the morning – at lunchtime (noon) – around their feeding time which is three o’clock in the afternoon – and lastly around seven o’clock in the evening.

This keeps the water fresh for them and by watching how much is left in the bowl each time prior to filling I know that they are all getting a proper amount of water for the day.

In Closing

This is information that all doggie people need to know to keep their dogs healthy and not cause them a serious medical problem which could, in turn, be fatal for their pet.

How many of you were aware of how much water should your dog drink to stay healthy and well?

So happy that we here at Delightful Doggies 4 U can provide these little facts to help new doggie people as well as those who have experience with doggies.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions we would love to hear them please leave them in the space provided below.

Thank you for visiting bookmark our website for more fun stuff,

Susan 🙂

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2 thoughts on “How Much Water Should Dogs Drink”

  1. Wow quite educative. Many dog lovers keep them as pets just for the sake of having one , only a few actually know what quantity of water a dog needs for survival. 

    You mean a dog can have rope like saliva while dehydrated? 

    If a dog is worth keeping at all then they are worth taking care of.

    • Thank you for leaving a comment on my post.  Yes, a dog that is dehydrated will actually have a long string like a rope of saliva hanging from their mouth which is a sign of the dehydration. I agree people who want to have pets should do research to know how to properly take care of their animals.  This is one of the reasons for my website letting people know how to detect problems with their pets and help them because they cannot talk.




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