How to find the Runaway Doggie

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Today I wanted to discuss GPS Tracking for Dogs and are these products a good idea for keeping track of your four-legged friend.

How to Pick A GPS

gps tracking deviceDepending on what size doggie you have this is going to probably delegate what type of GPS Tracking device you are going to want to get for him/her.

Some of the devices are fairly large and bulky so placing them on a toy or small breed dog is not going to work so well for them making moving around very awkward indeed.

For the medium and large breeds, most any of the devices are suitable depending on location and what you and your doggie love doing for fun.

Now if you have a runaway doggie like I do a GPS Tracking device for him/her is advisable for your peace of mind knowing should they get out and run you have a way of finding them.

 Tracking Devices

Mini GPS Tracker

Price: $48.98 FREE Shipping.

Widely used: This Handheld GPS Unit is especially useful if your pet has been lost or stolen. It can be also be attached with the voice receiver for your pet to hear you calling them.

Real-time tracking with viewing (supports Android / IOS App, web / WAP). The device weighs in at 5 ounces so it is light enough for the small breed dogs to wear and not bother them.

HaoYiShang TK600 Fashion Mini Collars GPS Tracker

Multi-functional GPS pet tracker with powerful location monitoring and an extremely high technical specification – follow the footprints of your beloved doggie where ever he/she may roam.

Free online tracking can be used with computers, mobile client, IOS / Android APP. Comes with a wall charger: 110-220V input 5V output and a chargeable changeable 3.7V 1000mAh Li-ion battery.

Findster Duo+

Monitor Your Pet's Location and Activity in Real time, CTA, Free Shipping and Price

This product has an app that connects to your smart telephone to track your best friend – and two modules one attaches to you and the other to your dog – using MAZE technology they can communicate 3 miles apart. (for reference, the current range record is 10 miles!)

This enables you to check your pet’s location in real time without the need for cell coverage or any monthly fees. Works anywhere – so whether you’re taking your pet on a quick walk or exploring no man’s land, it’s your buddy’s ideal companion!

Whistle 3

Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker

The smarter way to keep tabs on your pet’s location and activity levels when they’re living it up, at home, in the park or on the run. This tracker also has other features to program into the telephone to monitor activity and track progress.

Whistle 3 combines cellular and GPS technology to give you the fastest and most accurate tracking nationwide. Unlike Bluetooth-only trackers which have a range of 50 feet, Whistle 3 will locate your pet down the street or 3,000 miles away!*

Get the peace of mind with our 90-day money back guarantee on Whistle 3 Pet Tracker. If you or your pet don’t love it, we’ll take it back and give you a full refund on the purchase price.

Link AKC Smart Dog Collar

Very sturdy leather collar with GPS Tracking and activity monitor for your dog. This does require an additional service plan charge to use the tracking device.

And replacement HDP Coastal EZ change ID clips are available at Amazon as well.

Compared to the above two this is a very pricey exchange for using just the collar attachments, however, the tracking device being inside the collar makes this a better choice if you are in the wilds with your best friend.

Garmin Alpha 100 TT

This is the top of the line tracking device for dogs as in multiple dogs because you can use it for training hunters out in the wild and track up to 20 dogs at one time.

The range for this particular device is 9 miles and you can include your hunting buddies along with your dogs knowing where they are can keep people as well as the dogs safe.

With this device, you can even measure your dog’s speed as well as set boundaries knowing that you will be alerted should they cross over the lines you have set.

Because Alpha 100 comes preloaded with TOPO U.S. 100K maps, you’ll always know your surroundings.


poster of lost doggieHere at delightful doggies 4 u, we would recommend using any of the above tracking devices that would fit your needs keeping your doggies safe from being lost is the main objective for having this type of device.

The ranges of different types that are shown above covers from the small breeds to the large breeds and anything in between plus there are many other products that are on the market today for keeping your doggie safe and secure.

One recommendation that I would love to make is having your doggie microchipped at the veterinarian office this is one way to make sure if anything does happen you have the proof that your doggie belongs to you.

In Closing

Fact is all doggies have the ability to run away getting lost the feeling you have as their best friend causes people to lose sleep at night worrying and stressing over their well-being.

Depending on where you live and what your circumstances are using modern technology to keep our doggies safe only makes common sense.

Please leave any questions, comments, or suggestions below we love hearing from you.

Until we meet again,

Susan 🙂

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10 thoughts on “How to find the Runaway Doggie”

  1. OMG how strange!  I had this issue with a friend of mine who’s dog ran away from her, and we could not find her.  The strange part is that her dog looks almost exactly like the cute doggie in your post.  Her name is Shelby, and let me tell you, we searched high and low for her for two full days.  The worst part is that Shelby had an appointment the following week to have her chip, but she didn’t have it when she disappeared.  Thank God we placed fliers all over the area and on facebook and all the pet sites, and somebody called and said they found her.  She now has her chip – I would recommend a chip for every dog owner.  

    • Babs,

      These are the best things I have found so far on the internet for dogs that have a habit of running away, the cost is so reasonable that I would not want to lose any of my best friend fur babies over spending such a small amount of money to protect them.  Micro chipping is for all animals not just dogs but mine are all chipped.  So happy to hear you found you friends dog and even though she is now chipped she might want to invest in the GPS tracking just in case she would get away again.

      Thank you,


  2. To be honest, I didn’t even know a thing like this existed until finding this awesome blog. One of my biggest anxieties about getting a dog is the possibility of the dog getting out and not being able to find it. Our yard isn’t the best when it comes to fencing so it’s a very real concern. Thank you for this post and the suggestions as it gives me some consolation when we decide to get a dog that we will be able to find it if the dog happens to get out.

    • Dave,

      Thank you for stopping by Delightful Doggies 4 U – these are one of the most wonderful things I have found for a dog that loves running.  I have a runner so yes I am well aware of the search that takes place when he decides to take a walk alone.  In fact my brother just invested in one because he has a male that takes off every once in a while and like he said for the small investment he now knows how to locate him without any more fears.


  3. Hi Susan, What an interesting concept.  Technology is such a great thing sometimes.  Having a GPS tracker on my dog would certainly ease my mind when going on hikes or even out and about in the city.  If they ever got separated from me, I would have the peace of mind knowing that I could locate them with the tracker.  

    I certainly wish this technology had existed when I lost my housecat many years ago.  It would have saved lots of heartache.  

    • Tammy,

      I must agree with you so much I lost one of my Labradors if we had this I would have had him back so quickly and he would not have gotten hit by a car, he did survive but still this GPS could have had him home right away.  He was only up over the hill from the house and just could not find his way back down is what I am thinking but like I said he did make it back to me thank goodness.

      Technology is great and so happy this was of help to you.  Thank you for reading.


  4. I appreciate the fact that you mention toy and small breeds will be difficult to choose a tracker for. I have a Cheweenie and like the first tracker you mentioned in the article, it seems perfect for my little Ella. I looked at the link to Amazon and it does not have an attachment for a dog unfortunately. Will you be doing another review just for small dog breeds in the near future?

    • Jason,

      Thank you – especially for bringing this to my attention that this GPS tracker does not have an attachment for the tiny dogs collars!  I loved the way you could talk with them to communicate if your tiny one was too far away from you keeping them close by.  I will have to check into this some more – this one is the one my sister-in-law uses for her small dog and her cats so that is one of the reasons I seriously love it and recommended it.

      Since pointing this out yes I will be researching more of the tracking systems for toy dogs to see which one I would recommend over the others I am very disappointed she never said anything about it not having an attachment going to check with her to see how she manages to use it with her dog and cats.


  5. Hi
    did i understand correctly that all these GPS trackers works with Bluetooth (so they are limited to certain amount of miles) and not satellite (so that you can find your lost pet everywhere) ?

    • Tami,

      Not all of these work with Bluetooth – the Findster Duo and the Whistler – both of these hook
      up to any smartphone. Meaning the GPS is automatically updated and you can use them anywhere
      in the world. The collar one does require an extra plan which means an additional monthly
      charge for service.

      The Garmin is made more for hunters who have multiple dogs, but I did not want to leave how
      important it out to keep track of the pack. And the Mini’s are for the lap dogs so they do
      not get lost around anyplace you would go, also protective of them being stolen.

      Please return to Delightful Doggies 4 U where you will find more being about everything to
      do with dogs.

      Thanks again,

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