How To Select A Dog Bed – Pets love to be comfortable.

The Biggest Blunder of Selecting A Dog Bed

Most pet owners want to keep their pets as comfortable as possible all through their lives.  After all who is going to give you that undying devotion other that your doggie?

Making sure that you select the proper bed for them is important not just for comfort but as support for them just like in humans.

Dogs have joints and bones just like we do so you need to make sure they have support when lying around on the floor.  Especially as they age joints can develop arthritis our pets have many of the same illnesses that we humans do.

I prefer the orthopedic beds for my own dogs, they are recommended by veterinarians usually you can find one that your pet will prefer.

Smaller dogs that people like to buy the little fancy beds for, need to take into consideration these breeds require support for their joints and bones as well.

Considering some dogs like mine prefer the fluffy filled beds what I do is place this on top of the orthopedic bed for them.  This provides them the fluffy bed to keep them warm along with support from the orthopedic one.

Now that you know why an orthopedic bed is recommended over all the others I have taken a look at some that you will find on Amazon.  Giving you my opinion on which ones are best for you to purchase for your doggie.

What type of Dog Bed is Right for my Best Friend  

dog lying in dog bedNow I know that everyone out there has their doggie and wants to make absolutely sure they are comfortable day and night.  So I am sure that you are wondering what type of dog bed to purchase for your doggie (unless of course, they sleep in YOUR bed as mine do).  Well for this I have decided to do some research and have found the following to be the best alternatives to your doggie sleeping in bed with you.





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Research shows the following:

I have found that most veterinarians recommend an orthopedic dog bed for the large and x-large breed dogs so this is my recommendation to all of you.  Now I do realize that everyone has a budget to stay in so I have tried to find more than one link to include here for you to compare prices and products.

Please feel free to share any experience you may have with your doggie’s bedding preferences and what you find the most durable in my comments section to help others make an informed decision for their dog.

Pictured above are a few of the better orthopedic dog beds at Amazon.  They have plenty more to choose from just getting them the orthopedic makes a difference for your doggies bone and joint health.

I have the Big Barker Pillow Top for my dogs it fits two Pit Bulls comfortably, mine like being together touching each other.  Just in case you have the same type of doggies that want togetherness I thought this would be worth mentioning.

Small Breeds and Medium Breeds

Should also sleep in comfort on an orthopedic bed:

Small breed and medium breed dogs (under 50 lbs.) are also recommended to use orthopedic beds.  So not to leave them out of this I also attached some links below for them making it possible for you to compare what is available for their bedding needs.


Most people probably feel that getting their new doggie a dog bed is not a necessary purchase; however, in training your pet they do need a place to feel safe and secure when you have them at rest or for a timeout.

A dog bed provides them comfort and a safe feeling (I put my dogs in a corner) out of the way of hustle and bustle in the household.  I am not one to recommend a kennel for a dog unless they have issues which require you to keep them in a kennel by this I mean behavior or possible housebreaking problems.

Have a power chewer who loves to chew up anything you put in the kennel for them?  Amazon carries a Slumber Pet Heavy Duty Chew Resistant Crate Mat for dogs.  These are recommended for that power chewer.

Slumber Pet Heavy Duty Chew Resistant Crate Mat for dogs

If you do need to put your doggie in a kennel please make sure they have something comfortable to lie on a bed or comforter so that the tray is not causing them to be uncomfortable while they are in it.  If you do not provide them with some type of comfort while in their kennel they will think of it as a punishment being placed in it instead of a safe haven for them and for you.

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In Closing

Our doggies deserve to be as comfortable whether they get to sleep in bed with us, or not, providing them with a good bed to sleep on when they are lying on the floor is just common sense.

It not only provides them with comfort but a sense of security when they are feeling anxious. They know they can retreat to their own space where they are out of the way and in their own world.

What type of bed do you have for your doggie?

Can you recommend any dog bed to our readers that might be better than the ones above?

Hearing from my readers in the way of comments, suggestions, or questions is most appreciated, please leave these in the space provided below.  I answer these usually within 24 hours.

Thank you for reading along today and please come back for more about dogs I will be putting more articles up regularly.



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