Kids Space – Kids and Dogs

Kids Space – Kids and Dogs

Hey kids – Welcome to Kids Space here at Delightful Doggies

I hope you enjoy this age and I also hope you do some of the activities here on the page as you go along.

Firstly though, I’d like to introduce you to Buster.

Buster is a Miniature Schnauzer who recently left his brothers and sisters to go and live with his new family. Oliver and Matilda are so happy to have Buster as their new friend and even though Buster left his puppy family, he too is very happy to have Oliver and Matilda as his new friends.

Being a miniature schnauzer, Buster is full of energy and wants to play when he is not sleeping and if Oliver and Matilda are not watching, he grabs their toys and starts chewing on them which is not good at all, so they have learned very quickly to pick their toys up whenever he is around.

Then they give him his toys and play with him.

Even though he is very young, he is learning quickly. How to sit, how to fetch and how to stay. he is a clever boy.


When he goes outside he loves to dig, so to stop him doing this, Matilda and Olivers, Mum go on walks with him and when he comes home he is too tired to go digging. Good boy Buster.

Oliver and Matilda give Buster lots of love and cuddles and play with him lots so he is a very happy little dog.

Caring for your Puppy

Having a puppy is a responsibility you have to take seriously because your puppy doesn’t know the rules at your place so you have to teach him/her from the 1st day he/she comes to live with you.

He/She needs to learn to go outside to the toilet, not go to certain places in the house and not touch things he shouldn’t touch.

He/She needs to be brushed or combed every day keep his/her coat in good condition and he/she must have a really nutritious diet

He/She will need to go to the vet and be vaccinated and this is very important because you don’t want your new friend to become unwell.

Your new friend is going to need a snuggly bed, a blanket, and some really good quality toys to chew and play with.

When puppies are young they have very sharp little teeth and they want to chew on everything to strengthen them so make sure you have some chewy bones to help them out.

Things not to do – raising a happy dog

  • Always be gentle – never play rough as this can teach your puppy its ok to be rough.
  • Never pick your puppy up by his/her arms as this can really hurt them. Always put one hand under his/her bottom and one hand near his/her shoulder, then lift.
  • Never smack your puppy as this too can make him/her angry and sad. Use a rolled up newspaper and smack your leg and say firmly NO or get an old plastic bottle, put a few pebbles in it and when you want him/her to stop being a rascal, you just shake it once and say NO.
  • Never drag your puppy by the collar. Always make sure your puppy is willing to come with you and if he/she protests, be patient. Remember you were little too and you had to learn new things and so does your puppy.

OK it’s quiz time

  1. What do you need to buy for your puppy?
  2. Do you need to take your puppy to the vet? If Yes, Why?
  3. Is it ok to let your puppy chew things?
  4. Is it ok for your puppy to bite you?
  5. Do you need to teach your puppy good behavior?
  6. Does your puppy like to go on walks?
  7. When you are playing, is it ok to play roughly with your puppy? If no, Why not?
  8. What are some really good things you can teach your puppy?
  9. Should you feed your puppy junk food? If no, what should you feed your puppy
  10. Will your puppy respond better if you growl or if you are kind?

Please email me your answers and also can you draw me a puppy or a dog or maybe you could email me some photos. I’d love that and then I can share them in your Kids Space for you to show your friends

Here is my email address:

I look forward to seeing what you send!

And just before I go, I nearly forgot,

Your puppy loves to drink water so make sure there is always fresh water in his/ her drinking bowl!

See you soon and I hope you have enjoyed your visit

Bye for now,

Vicki – Delightful Doggies 4 U- Kids and Dogs 🙂



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