Labrador Retrievers Family Dogs

Labrador Retrievers are another great family dog to look at if you are searching for a dog to complete your family. This breed is especially great with children and can compliment your child’s love of animals very well.

Selecting the Labrador

Labradors come in three colors black, chocolate, and yellow; if you remember the movie “Old Yeller” this was a yellow Labrador retriever and from that movie, you can see how intelligent these dogs are.

My experience with Labradors is extensive at one time I did breed these dogs. So from a very young age, I can let you know how special and great they are as a family dog.

Do know that this breed can be used for hunting which many people are looking for in an animal also. A few of the puppies from my litters were trained as hunting dogs and the people were quite pleased with their performance.

Another couple of the puppies were trained in search and rescue doing an excellent job showing how very intelligent this breed is. They were taken by volunteer fire departments and their training was pretty extensive but they came through with flying colors.

Selecting a labrador puppy will be one of the most rewarding experiences in your search for a new family member; when you locate a litter visit them. I feel that a dog picks you instead of you picking the dog when you visit the puppies see which one warms up to you make sure you hold them all.

The puppy that cuddles in with you and is not being all wiggly and frisky would be the one who is going to appreciate you the most, this little guy/girl in cuddling up with you feels comfortable and love for you already and from past experience, these are the puppies I usually take home.

Your New Addition

Now that you have found the labrador puppy and are ready to take it home make sure you have all the supplies you are going to need for him/her upon arriving home.

This breed with my experience is usually laid back and very calm, not that they do not have a good playful side because they like to play.

Make sure you have a collar/harness that fits properly your new puppy will grow quickly so an adjustable one is great to start out making sure it never gets to tight. A leash for walking and training I suggest a longer one they like taking the lead.

Getting them their own bed to sleep in would be advisable and if you are worried until you have your new fur baby trained for inside the house getting a nice sized kennel is advisable. Put their bed in the front or back leaving room for paper for potty just in case. Always include a small dish of water in the corner puppies need water (take it out at night).

Crate training your puppy at an early age is especially important for people who work and are gone much of the day when they are left to their own devices. Puppies can get into some bad situations when unsupervised because they get bored this could turn out to be fatal for them so caution is advisable.

Feeding and water bowls are a must, of course, check with who you are getting your puppy from to see which brand of food they have been using, getting this same food is a good idea keeping the digestive system from being disrupted causing your puppy to get diarrhea or from throwing up due to sensitivity.

If you want to change foods for them do it slowly mixing the new food with the old food adding more of the new food daily a little at a time and reduce the old this should be done over 10 to 14 days watching to make sure the new food causes no problems for the puppy. (Allergic reactions.)

Labradors and Children

Labradors and children are one of the best matches in the world, these gentle dogs love children and will become their best friend. If you have more than one child the dog will over time probably pick his/her favorite child to hang with.

They are faithful and loving but protective of their masters so if you want a dog that is going to look over the children when outside playing this is a wonderful pick.

Intelligent and easy to train they will learn new tricks quickly with patience and treats I have had no problems with them learning new ones in a matter of days.

Know with proper training these dogs protect their territory and keep people and other animals off the property. They do make wonderful watchdogs and will let you know if someone is around. (My oldest male would leave people into the house but would not let them leave!)

With even the youngest of children these are fantastic animals they will let babies climb all over them and if they get tired of them they will go find a quiet spot and hide.

I have seen them put up with abuse from children that other dogs would have bitten them for. They are very gentle but very wise and know that small children are not really trying to hurt them.

Caring for Labradors

Labradors require exercise but not extensive as long as you have a decent size yard they can run around in they will be very content. A walk a day and they are usually very happy.

Most Labradors notice I say MOST absolutely love water and giving them a bath is never a problem you will get that one rarely that hates water which is highly unusual, I had one who showered with me daily!

This breed is known for getting hip dysplasia so keeping their diet and weight at a proper level is important. For those of you who do not know what hip dysplasia is please do some research, it affects dogs back hindquarters causing them pain.

The only other problem I ever had with any of my Labradors was fluid on the ear with one, these are known as hematomas and most vets recommend tubing to drain the fluid. I have discovered a more human way to deal with this by giving the dog Children’s Benedryl time wise it takes the same to dissipate the fluid and the swelling to go down. Follow package directions for weight as you would a child.

Your Labrador will require brushing daily they do shed so with daily brushing this cuts down on the amount of dog fur you will find all over the house.

Having a very good veterinarian is a must as with any animal so do your research ask others who have pets who they recommend and look online for reviews on them.

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In Closing

Hopefully, I have given you some good information on choosing a labrador as your new family pet. These are great dogs and having them along with breeding them the potential for you to have a wonderful pet is enormous.

I would also like to point out that spaying or neutering your animal should be considered especially if you are not going to want to breed the dog; this keeps the population down of unwanted animals in the world our shelters are already very overcrowded with unwanted animals so please do your part in helping with this.

Thank you for reading my article today and please come back soon we love having you here at delightfuldoggies4u.

Any questions, comments, or suggestions can be left in the space provided below.

Bye for now,


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12 thoughts on “Labrador Retrievers Family Dogs”

  1. Omg I love this post 🙂 First of all I am a huge dog lover, well actually I love all animals. Scrolling down your page I couldn’t resist but smile. Those cute faces. I agree with you totally that labradors are family dogs. They are just sweet and amazing with kids and freindly with everyone and other dogs too. Thanks for sharing. 

    • Thank you Andrea, 

      Labs are one of my favorite breeds.  I did take the time to breed them for a number of years and they were so much enjoyment to me.  As family dogs you cannot ask for a dog more loyal or faithful.  They love children and watch after them very well.

      Please do come again as more information on other breeds will be coming in the future.


  2. You are absolutely spot on.  I had a chocolate lab named Diesal who passed away at the age of 13.  He was my best friend.  Even at 100 pounds he still wanted to be a lap dog and a cuddler.  He loved swimming so much it actually almost killed him once.   You are so right about the hips.  He ended up with hip problems as well.  He not once got into trouble.  The day he died he died laying on my lap because he wouldn’t let me leave his side.   Your article is perfect and anyone thinking of getting a lab should read it.  Thank you for the memories.

    • Dale,

      So sorry for you loss, know this feeling oh to well many of my fur babies are in heaven waiting for me to join them. Labs are one of the very best dogs for families with children so faithful and gentle, loving and kind.

      They can get themselves into trouble you are right they are curious like little kittens.  Thanks so much for letting everyone know your experience today it is greatly appreciated.


  3. Labradors really are such affectionate family pets by nature. I know that from experience as I had one many years ago as a child. Sadly he passed away some time ago, but I will never forget how much happiness he brought to the family and also how our home never quite seemed the same after he passed. You have highlighted some really important points to consider before owning a family dog and I hope your site visitors take your advice as you seem to clearly know your niche very well. Thanks Kenny 

    • Kenny,

      Thank you for stopping by.  Labradors were one of my favorite breeds that I have had in my life, during the time I was breeding them my sons were both younger and yes as family pets they are so loving especially for the children.

      I just want to make people aware that having a furry friend is so rewarding but also a big responsibility too!


  4. You really provided much information about Labrador Retrievers. This particular brand of dogs appear to be very flexible, as they are easily trained to fit the circumstance of the master. And I particularly love the yellow color, even though all of them are adorable.

    Thanks for the tip on choosing a puppy. You actually let it choose you, but what if you have 3 at a time showing the same affectionate, irresistible love towards you? My heart will just break. LOL.

    Thank you very much for your post. I enjoyed reading.

    • Nsoh,

      Thanks for stopping by and I have had this happen when three of those cuddle bugs would just melt up into my arms and calmly go to sleep.  This makes choosing one very difficult because if they have just eaten or been playing hard all puppies get tired out so making sure this is not the case first then you can pick one of these.

      Please come back anytime I will be adding more breeds to look at and information on them.


  5. Hi Susan;  I enjoyed your article on Labrador  Retrievers.  I have never had the pleasure of having a lab as part of my family, but I have many friends who have and who swear by them as a sold all round breed.  One topic that always seems up for debate with my lab loving friends is whether or not the dogs’ temperates differ among the three colours.  Personally, I don’t think it matters, but I know people who disagree..I’m curious to get your take on the subject. 

    Thanks,  Sonya

    • Sonya,

      Thank you for coming by and checking out Labradors they are great family dogs and your friends are right.  Do the different colors have different temperaments yes and no would have to be my answer on this.  All dogs have different temperaments even within the same breeds the color of the dog seriously has nothing to do with it.  I would also have to say the owners of dogs play an important role in their temperaments because dogs learn from their masters.  But as a whole the labs all are pretty much the same as breed goes I will say this much females can be smarter than the males with training and the males can have a stubborn streak 🙂

      Hope this answers your questions and please come back any time.


  6. Aw! This reminded me of our Labrador called Beauty. That dog was the sweetest thing that I remember about my childhood. 

    I agree with you that these dogs can put up with a lot. As little mean kids, we used to give our Labrador a very hard time until it would run away from us and hide.

    Unlike most Labradors, ours didn’t like water and it used to take a lot of work just to get her into a bathtub. My parents also faced a lot of difficulties potty training Beauty, and my dad had to resolve to harsh methods, which I wouldn’t describe here, to get her to poop where she was meant to do it.  Unfortunately, Beauty was killed by an angry neighbor who hated dogs. Since then we haven’t had a dog again. I’m not I’ll ever own one again, but if I have the courage to get one, it is certainly going to be a Labrador (or a collie).

    Thanks a lot for this post. I hope I have the opportunity to visit your blog again.

    • Princila,

      I am so sorry for your loss of your pet as a child that is just so wrong for someone to do.  And it is obvious that your father did not take the time to train her properly.  Labs to me were one of the fastest learners when it came to the potty training of going outdoors.

      With what happened in your past I completely understand your hesitation to get another pet; but not only are you missing out but another animal is missing out on all the love you have to give.  There are so many resources to help you with training and how to’s including videos try to find it in your heart to forgive and forget the past and find yourself another fur baby to love.

      Thanks for stopping and yes please come again more will always be added.


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