My Day out with Briar

Hey kids- Here is a story for you to enjoy. It is written by a very special friend of mine Briar. If you enjoy this story, please leave a special comment for Briar and Mila below.

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Hi I’m Mila and this is my owner Briar

Hi, my name is Mila and I’m a golden Labrador puppy.  I am now 8 months old

I’m going to tell you a story about Briar and it goes a bit like this…. It all started the day Briar came to pick me up, at the time I was being chased and bowled over by my seven brothers and sisters.

I think now is the time to tell you I’m the runt.  Anyway, Briar leapt out of the car to come and see us.  I ran into my kennel…  what is going on? What is the ginormous thing?

She plonked down right next to Chucky (the fattest and strongest of us all) she said I’d like a cute wee little girl.  I didn’t stand up and run to her like my three sisters as I knew I didn’t stand a chance of becoming her friend.

But then she stopped, looked around and said I thought there were 7 and there are only 6.  She then crawled into my kennel…. What an intruder I thought until she picked me up and held me tightly and then our eye’s found each other.

I think we both knew at that second that we were meant to be.

Briar and I hopped in the car gosh I had never been in a car. I didn’t feel too good.  I fell asleep and when we got to my new home Briar had a lovely new kennel for me with toys and a blanket.  I was missing my family but I knew I was going to be well loved by Briar.

One sunny morning  Briar and I went for a run until I got a little bit distracted, I smelt something in a bush so I bolted towards the bush to where the strange smell was coming from.  I snuck closer and closer and closer until YEAH a black and white furry thing mmmmmmm which part shall I eat first. The tail thing looked very fleshy and appetising.

“Mila come back!!” yelled Briar, my ear’s twitched… Should I go back, no way this is something new and I want to experience it, as this smells so tasty.  My stomach was grumbling at me, I went to take a bite but a huge puff of green smokey stuff squirted out from underneath the tail.  I felt like spewing but I was still curious and wanted to know what this was.  I go to sniff the tail again and the furry thing lifted its tail and I know what’s about to happen.

Ruff ruff ruff. “Mila, are you hurt?” calls out Briar. I slowly but steadily back away. Mila “Come back it’s a”… but before Briar can finish her sentence I get sprayed again.

I am getting a bit grumpy with this furry little meaty thing. I run to Briar to save me. “Peeewwwww Mila. That was a skunk silly puppy.” I can smell myself and I really stink. But yay, I know exactly what that means, we’re going for a swim in the creek, I begin to wag my tail.”Come on then you smelly thing let’s go down to the creek and have a swim to get rid of that nasty stench.”

After about 10 minutes of swimming, the icky smell was still on me. I shook my entire body but that didn’t work either. So Briar and I headed back home and a dreadful surprise awaited me, a bath. On shelves and racks, I see shampoo’s, conditioner’s, body gels, body wash, bath bombs. You name it, it was all there. But only one caught my eye. D-o-g- s-h-a-m-p-o-o. Briar smothers the dog shampoo all over me.

It’s so nice soaking in the water, as I thought it would be a horrible experience but I find it rather soothing.

Once I hop out of the bath, I felt rather tired, so I go to my warm soft bed and snuggle down.

I had such an amazing day with Briar and I can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow


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    • Hi Rach
      Thank you so much I totally agree with you. Briar is a really great writer and what a wonderful way to tell a story about your doggy.Well done Briar

  1. Awww such a cool story. What a lucky wee doggy Mila is… Briar surely chose the right one of the bunch…. even if it was the runt….. The beautiful friendship evolved.

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