Robot Dogs – Will you have one as your New Pet?

Hi and welcome back to Delightful Doggies – Yes, today is all about Robot Dogs- Will you have one as your new pet?

This new trend is sweeping the world and it is predicted by 2019 Robot Dogs will be a household name- well the dogs’ names I guess.

What are your thoughts on owning a Robot Dog?

Let’s learn about Robot dogs as we dig deeper here.

What exactly is a Robot Dog?

A robot dog is built to have a wagging tail and moveable parts and yes, it even barks like a real dog.  Well almost*

This is not a new concept robot dogs have been around for a long time and back in the 1960’s Ideal toy company manufactured a robotic dog who walked with a leash.

Why choose a Robot Dog?

Teksta Robotic Puppy (Blue)

Why are people raving about Robot Dogs and why would you choose one?

Check out this little fella – Aibo created by Sony – he barks, does tricks and is wooing people with his charms.

Robot Dogs are changing the lives of elderly people as they are maintenance free as in no doo-doo’s to pick up and they are seemingly great companions for people who are aging.

Not only older people love them, but a Japanese couple also got one as a wedding anniversary gift and fell in love with their robot dog.

Here is what someone else said about their new Robot Dog:

“What Aibo offers is totally different from what a pet can offer. You can feel fresh emotions that you’ve never felt.”-Masatatsu Abe, Rickshaw puller and Aibo owner.

People who love dogs but can’t have a real one because of living situations or health conditions are turning to Robot Dogs and have even been known to dress them up to go partying with the owner.

Aibo- Sony’s creation was brought out of his box to be shown to guests at Sony headquarters in Japan and Aibo’s eyes winked on.  It shook its body, stretched, raised its paw in greeting and emitted a few synthetic barks.  A robot star was reborn.

Aibo has been fitted with artificial intelligence and can recognize members of its family and whoever pats it the most is the person Aibo will go to.

Equipped with a camera it is able to take photos and can also download tricks from the cloud.  Unbelievable really!!!

Different Robots Dogs and What they are For

There are many types of robot dogs on the market to suit people with different needs and Aibo definitely has competition but can robot dogs offer us the companionship as a real dog?

Dogs and human relationships date back 32,000 years, and is this the end for this type of bond?  Are people really going to turn towards artificial dogs for companionship?

What are your thoughts on this?

I am finding this subject tricky to write about as I have two wee dogs who are my best friends and even though they are mischief sometimes and yes, I have to do a doo-doo run outside every day, I love them both so much and we have a wonderful relationship.  I couldn’t imagine patting a plastic or metal dog myself.  Feels kind of weird even thinking about it.

I would really like to know what you think as this industry is growing exponentially and it is said in 2019 the market for these robot dogs will be phenomenal.

I guess people have robot partners and now it seems people have got robot pets as well.  Each to their own as they say, but what is happening to human touch and emotions through robots.  Our senses must be affected by this surely as humans we love to feel, touch, taste, and love with real emotion. How can happen with robots of any kind?

Where is our future taking us with this Robot world being built?

Robot Dog Abuse

I did some research online about Robot dogs and found some interesting articles and videos on robot dog abuse. My eyes were open wide I can tell you.

Abuse of a Robot Dog.   What Next!!!  It is true, it happens and here is footage of what goes on.


Boston Dynamics which is now owned by Google was kicking Spot the robot dog, who can climb stairs and run, to see how resilient he was and it quickly spread throughout the world that this abusive.

Animal welfare got involved and stated although it was criminal to kick a real dog, and even though Spot was a Robot Dog, they still thought it inappropriate to kick Spot.

People from around the world got quite expressive with their thoughts on this and it was said that if humans can kick a robot dog, they are more likely to abuse a real dog.

What are your thoughts on this statement?

Now to choose your new Robot Dogs

I thought it only fair to show you a few robot dogs and their availability through different merchants.  They come in all shapes and sizes and do all sorts of different fun things so if you are looking for a low maintenance dog to take home, here are some that may interest you.

I can see both sides of the coin as they say.  For many people having a real dog is just not possible and having a robot dog could be a lot of fun especially a well-designed robot dog with lots of functions.

I researched a few and was quite amazed at how these dogs can react to humans, look with emotion and behave with emotion after that have been in your family for some time.  I never thought in my lifetime I would see this happen,  let alone share this article here with you today.

If you would like to know more, there are 335,000,000 results on Google so go take a look as I did at some of the stories and informational articles online.  Really incredible how fast technology is growing and what is being invented.

I just hope they don’t move too fast as it is still awesome to have the human touch or is it?

I would love to know your thoughts on what you have read today and look forward to your comments below

“It’s a dogs world” or a robot dogs world- Which do you prefer?


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4 thoughts on “Robot Dogs – Will you have one as your New Pet?”

  1. Hi Vicki,
    Oh My word these robot dogs are so cute, I want one, but I think my real pooch’s nose will be very out of joint if I had to get one 🙂
    I love your website, its very informative and lovely articles and will be back for more.
    Take care, until next time

  2. Hi Vicki,
    Thanks for a FASCINATING post! I don’t know why I was surprised, AI touches just about everything, but I still was. Didn’t know what to think at first. The plastic ones make great toys for a child. I think robot dogs would be good practice for leading to real pet ownership. The ones with hair for the elderly are very practical because the look to feel more real and require no real care. The the research shows they are helpful then I am all for it. At the end of the day I always admire human ingenuity, but it will NEVER replace the real thing.

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