Safe Dog Toys – An Expert’s Opinion

Safe Dog Toys – An Expert’s Opinion

Selecting the Safest Dog Toys for your Breed

Dog Toys come in all shapes and sizes so do our wonderful doggies.  Knowing which dog toys are safe for each type of dog is essential to keeping our pets safe from choking hazards.

This is not the only safety issue you will face with selecting to give your dog the right toys to keep them safe.  Some products on the market can cause other health problems if you are not made aware.

Recalls are issued for children’s toys and when a dog has suffered from a toy that is unsafe I feel that this should be reported in the event the toy is really not safe for dogs.

Below is a nice assortment 6 Pack Set of Toys, these you can order from Amazon.  Although these might look safe for any breed of dog, they really are not.  Power chewers will destroy these in no time with possible choking hazards.

For small dogs or toy breeds they are alright you need to supervise all toys that your dog plays with. Checking them regularly for damage where they could be eating pieces of the toy or the stuffing from inside plush toys.

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Selecting Toys for your Doggie

Not all toys are created or manufactured the same just like everything else in the world you have some that are made that will never stand up to some breeds of chewing or playing.

Let’s look at some different types of toys made for dogs. Because with small breeds you can use small toys and they are great for them soft and chewy but cuddly.

With medium and large breed dogs you need more durable well-made toys that do not have the soft cuddly effect.

Small breed dog toys that come highly recommended are:

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Medium to Large breed dog toys that come recommended are:

          Jalousie Chew Toy Natural Rubber chew Toy for Interactive Play Toy Ball Rope Rubber Value Set for Small to Medium Breed Dog mutt Puppy Aizara Durable Dog Bone Chew Toy, Regular Floatable Dental Bone Dog Chew Toys—Indestructible for Aggressive Chewers

Why do you Research Dog Toys

You need to do research on dog toys just like you would if they were for children because dogs can get things lodged in their throats cutting off the ability to breath or chock just like a child can.

danger toys that are bad for dogsA possibility of pieces breaking off and them swallowing something that can get caught in their stomachs causing lacerations and internal bleeding is very hazardous for pets.

Not only can they remain in the stomach but could pass to the intestines cause lacerations and bleeding with the stools; but if not corrected just the pain alone they suffer is bad.

This is one of the reasons for this post today so people are aware of the problems incorrectly purchased toys or ones not properly manufacturer can harm your best friend and possibly even be fatal to them.

rawhide bonesAnother thing to be aware of is rawhide bones can gum up in their intestines causing a blockage meaning they will need an operation to remove the blockage or this can also become fatal for your best friend.

Always take the time and ask your vet if you are not sure about any toy or products that you are thinking about giving your best friend as toys to play with or chew on.

Supervision of Play

Unless you are very sure that your dog will not be able to swallow or get pieces off the new toy or chew bones whichever the case supervision is always a good idea for when they are playing.

dogs at daycare playing with toys supervised by adultsIf you have more than one dog and they are playing with toys or bones this is always best to be supervised so that no fighting will occur keeping your dogs safe is important no one wants to be breaking up a dogfight over a toy.

Dogs have feelings the same as people so jealousy is one they do show and taking from each other is no different from when children play and both of them want the same toy.


labradors playing with rope siblings With dogs, they are unaware even if the toy is exactly the same they still want the one that their sibling has.





Why does your Dog need Toys?

Dogs are always looking for something to play with or chew on it is in their nature and quite natural for them before they were domesticated as wild dogs, they would chew on sticks and stones.

picture of a timber wolfDid you know that it is natural for wolves to eat stones it helps with their digestive system?

I would not have known this except for I did have a wolf for 14 years, he was a beautiful wonderful pleasure and losing him was one of the worst days of my life.

At the same time when I had the wolf we also had a Great Dane he would see the wolf eating stones so he thought that he should eat them to this was difficult because he did not need to eat stones for his digestive system so we would always have to keep an eye on him when he was outside.

Hence, why our best friends do require toys to play with and chew on.

In Conclusion

What are some of your dog’s favorite toys I would love to know if you could share with us here in the space provided below it will help others in selecting toys for their best friends I am sure?

Might I caution everyone to check the toys they have purchased, making sure they are safe for them to be playing with? Find some that are worn and your dog is possibly getting pieces off and eating please replace these.

Some of you might like to make homemade toys for your dog please make sure that there is nothing sharp that will cut their gums or lips when chewing or playing with them.

Make sure they cannot chew off pieces that will be harmful if swallowed this is so hazardous to their health.

Your comments, suggestions, or questions you have for me are greatly appreciated, please leave them in the space provided below.  I answer these usually within 24 hours.

Thanks for coming by today give us a bookmark so you can find us again for more updates on Delightful Doggies 4 U.

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