Training for your New Puppy or Dog – Housebreaking and Commands

Training for your New Puppy/Dog

Housebreaking and Commands

Have a new addition like a new puppy?  Oh, how nice and so cute and cuddly but training time so let us explore shall we?

Training for Puppies

This is a subject that everyone in the world has their own ideas on, and what has worked for them does not always work for you am I getting this right?

How I train my puppies might not work for you either but,  here I will lay out what I do and if you want to add to this or you have a way that you feel works much better I encourage you to please share!  You can adopt a puppy from the shelter too, please do not forget this!

puppies in cage       puppy in cage at shelter

I base house training on the age of my new little fur baby, how old when I bring him/her home.

At the age of 6 to 8 weeks, they have such small kidneys they cannot hold any liquid for any length of time so you might want to have papers by your door or puppy pads. Fair warning they are going to have accidents!

I at this early stage take them out every half hour sometimes even sooner if I see they are drinking water gives them the idea drinking causes tickles go outside.

As they mature and get a little older I increase their time a little at a time 10 to 15-minute intervals usually is best.

Once they reach four to six months you will notice that they are going outside regularly and will have a way of letting you know they have to go.

For the stubborn ones, you will find these it can take up to 18 months to get your new pet completely housebroken.

And should they get sick, because they do pick up viruses and colds, they could still have an accident in the house.

Do not punish them unless you see them going, their memories last about as long as a child with ADD!
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Teaching Your Puppy Commands

In order for your puppy to follow commands you must instill them early in their lives, but at 6 to 8 weeks old they have no clue.  I started when mine were they about 3 months old when they were more familiar with my voice and different levels in it.

Always use a very stern voice when giving commands never yell.  This lets your fur baby know you are the boss.

Believe me, they want to please you very much because your love for them is everything when they make you happy they are happiest.

Use small puppy treats or you can break off a small piece of cheese or something to give them a treat when they obey the command.

Now a ton of people will disagree with giving your puppy people food, my veterinarian when asked told me if you eat it then it is ok for your dog.

If its something that you feel is spoiled and would not eat do NOT give it to your dog.

With that said, the three main commands that most people start with are: sit – lie down – stay.

SIT  – To have your puppy sit hold the treat above their head giving the command as one word only “Sit”.

If the puppy tries to jump up, push on their rear end to get them in the sitting position, still holding the treat above their head, and keep repeating the command “SIT”.

Once they have accomplished sitting for a few seconds at first then increase the time as training continues prior to giving them the treat.

training dog to sit

DOWN  – Training your puppy/dog to lie down, (always try to use one-word commands they work best).

Finding it best to have the puppy sit first, take the treat and move it from their nose down to the floor in front of them, using the command “Down” repeatedly until they lie down.

You will need to work this way for some time until they are used to the command of “Down”.

When they have adapted to lie down on the command straight from the standing position you can increase the time as training continues prior to giving them the treat.

training dog to lie down

STAY – To train them to stay I would get mine to sit with a treat in hand and start with just two steps backward, repeating the command to “Stay” holding my other hand palm up in front of the puppy’s face.

When they accomplished this for a few seconds I would have them come and get the treat.

As they get the hang of it, keep backing up more steps before calling them to you and rewarding them with the treat please do not forget the praise for being so good.

training dogs to stay

Training for Your Adopted Shelter Best Friend

When you have it in your heart to adopt a pet from a shelter, you may have quite a variety to choose from and all ages.

So depending on the dog you have selected the personnel at the Shelter may or may not be able to give you some advice to what the animal has been through before they came to them.

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Ways Pets End Up at The Shelters

Some animals are rescued from abusive homes where people have starved them, beaten them, left them tied outside in all kinds of harsh weather conditions, and many other terrible acts of cruelty that I do not even want to go into.

The Shelter personnel works with these animals to try to get them back so they can be adopted and find a furever home where they will receive the love and care they deserve.

Other animals come to them from people who can no longer care for them, some are heartbroken that they have to give up their sweet baby but have no choice.

These animals are always very sad and confused they once had a human who loved and cared for them and now they are sitting in a cage all alone scared.

Others just take their unwanted adult dogs to the shelter because they no longer want them they are not a cute little puppy anymore and too much work for them.

dalmation given up for adoption

Lastly, some people do not care enough about their animals to keep them in fenced in yards they run away and get lost.

Some don’t even care to turn them over to a shelter so they just dump them off and the animal has to fend for itself unless someone is kind enough, or they have Animal Rescue Personnel to pick it up and take it to the shelter.

These poor ones are lost very confused and do not trust humans what so ever, they end up being in the shelters the longest because they are not adoptable when they come and the time they have to spend there is sometimes longer than the shelter gives them so they end up being put down due to overcrowding.

abused dog rescued going to shelter

These Animals Are Trainable

With time and patience, these animals will trust a human again, if a human did train them at certain things it will come back to them.

If you have a really big heart and a ton of patience making up with these shelter pets it is the ultimate sacrifice to getting a new pet that will love you furever until it is gone from our world.

To turn their lives around will not only keep some of these poor babies alive but at times can actually save a humans life in the end.

So in order to train these grown animals, you would treat them the exact same way as a new puppy when you bring it home.

To learn the commands you want to teach it just go slowly and reward the animal for each good thing they do. 

In Closing

Please leave all your tips for training your animals in the comment section, and thank you for visiting my Delightful Doggies 4 U Website.

Please come back often for updated tips on everything about dogs, I will be adding to the site often never know what you are going to find 🙂

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Thank you and please until next time take care,



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8 thoughts on “Training for your New Puppy or Dog – Housebreaking and Commands”

  1. This was really great information!  I do have a rescue dog that was kept in a garage with 250 other dogs.  So he basically ate…when he did eat….along with doing his business just right there in the garage.  

    I know at first Teddy only would go on cement.  He as graduated to going more as a male dog goes.  I still have a few issues with him going inside. 

     If I get busy doing something and don’t have him in my eyesight, then he will go inside.  Do I just keep doing as you say for puppies? Will he eventually get the hang of it?

    • Dear Matt’s Mom,

      That is so wonderful that you opened your heart to a rescue!  Thank you for this first 🙂

      Depending on Teddy’s breed there are a few things that you might be able to do in discouraging his behavior.  I have a male Pit that has a thing with only plastic bags inside the house.  Although he has been fixed seems he must mark his territory like your Teddy.

      You can try to encourage his going outside more with praise and treats, but if you find he does go inside a firm reprimand is in order showing him what he has done.  For some dogs this does work!  Unfortunately for my Pit, not an option, therefore, I have cured the situation with baby gates. As I spend time throughout the house he moves from room to room with me and is gated in.  This has worked very well for me during the day and night as long as I am home.  

      When I must leave the house for shopping or whatever he is crate trained to be placed in his crate for the few hours that I am absent which curbs the inside potty problem.

      Sounds like so far you have done a marvelous job turning Teddy around, wishing you all the best with the above tips that I use for my own dog.

      Thank you for stopping by and please check out more tips on my website for dogs,


  2. Thank you for sharing these great tips on how to housebreak and teach commands to new puppies or dogs. We have a new puppy, now 5 months old. 

    He is so different from our previous dog. This guy was so easy to train to void on the pad. We have a small carpet at our entrance and we noticed he was going towards it at one point so we quickly put a pad there and did his business there on the first shot. 

    The following times, we noticed him going towards the pad we redirected him outside where he went and done his business there. It wasn’t long he would go to the door and bark to let him out, it was amazing. Our previous dog we had to bring the pads outside with him otherwise he would not go outside. So different!

    Our current issue is barking. Do you have any tips or tricks to teach him not to bark?

    • Paul,

      Sound like you have a great little guy there and you are quite happy with his progress so far.  Your patience and his wanting to please his master have much to do with how he acts.

      Barking depending on the breed can become annoying not just for owners but neighbors.  My trick on this is finding a noise that he responds well to knowing what he is doing needs to stop.  For me, I have an old pill bottle that has plastic balls in it – my dogs do not like the noise it makes and stops what they are doing when I shake it!

      For you, this could be plastic, metal, or any type of noise that he will respond to stop barking.  When he responds always praise or give him a treat to reinforce what he is doing is the right thing.  Finding the right noise might take a few tries but you will be glad when you find the right combination 🙂

      Thank you for stopping by and reading my article today,


  3. Your simple training tips are so much easier to follow…believe me when I say that I have followed quite a few different advice and they always confused me. I even watched endless training videos.

    One friend told me to take my puppy to a puppy school, but because of my limited budget, had to search for other ways to teach the three simple commands that you have just provided: Sit, Down, Stay.

     My wee fur ball is only 5 weeks old, and I am doing a lot of online searching for the best way to prepare training. It is the first time for our family to have a puppy, we have always adopted older dogs, but it always broke our hearts when they couldn’t live a little longer with us. Hence the reason we got a younger one this time.

    You say you give cheese as a treat, I was wondering if there are certain foods that you wouldn’t give your pup?

    • Ilaisaane,

      Thank you, many of us are under limited budgets today and knowing how to train a pup is easy as long as you remain consistent.  Small treats work well for the simple commands and your pup really does want to please you after all the love of their master is what they live for.

      Yes, there are certain foods that you should not feed your dog.  Onions, chocolate, salty treats such as potato chips, and raw potatoes can contain worms giving them parasites.  I will be adding an article to the website in the near future concerning foods which can be poisonous to dogs if given to them in large doses.  There are other things such as anti-freeze from a car that can kill your dog but the sweet taste attracts them.

      Please come back anytime all questions are welcome – if I do not have the answer believe me I will research it for you,


      • Shucks Susan,
        I am so glad I asked that particular question.

        Having had only older dogs, we could just buy the packaged treats for dogs, which was much more convenient. Therefore this stopped us from getting more info, although we learned quickly what each dog preferred or didn’t prefer.

        Having a wee one (Sargent, named for our eldest daughter going to army), is a little difficult as she is not yet old enough to know what the difference is.

        She is attached to my youngest daughter at the moment – so its a good thing that I know not what to feed her, so that I can relay it to daughter for precaution.

        Thank you for the quick response and I am following you now for much more great doggie delight training tips 🙂


        • Saane,

          Thank you, I always try to reply to all my comments from my audience in a timely manner.
          To me, this is important to help them with any problems they may be experiencing with their
          dogs or puppies. Glad to be of any help now and in the future. Will be adding much more
          in the future for all dog lovers so appreciate that you have bookmarked the site.

          Thank you again and you are so welcome,


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