Why Do Dogs Lick?  Explore Each Thing They Lick Here!

Why Do Dogs Lick? Explore Each Thing They Lick Here!

Why Do Dogs Lick?

Explore Each Thing They Lick Here!

“Why do dogs lick?” is one that can be explored for a number of things that dogs lick and they do have reasons for each one you will find them licking, but what is the reason for it shall we investigate?

Things Dogs Lick

You will find that your dog or anyone’s dog for that matter licks many things and I am sure many of you wonder why dogs lick all of these things, some of them can be fairly disgusting you are correct in that.

We have heard the following and once I go through all the things I have found you might possibly have a new item to add to the list. Please take the time to leave this for us in the comment section so we can investigate it too.

Our list includes:

  • Their Owners
  • People’s Skin
  • People’s Faces
  • Their Private Parts
  • Their RearEnds
  • Themselves Incessantly in a Certain Spot
  • My Face
  • The Floor
  • The Wall
  • Each Other
  • Other Dog’s Ears
  • People’s Feet
  • People’s Wounds
  • Their Own Wounds
  • Inside A Baby’s Mouth
  • Inside Anyone’s Mouth
  • Their Paws

Not a very long list but looking for the reasons for all the above licking that dogs have been seen doing has taken some time and read on to find out why our dog’s lick these things, you might be surprised. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance and Foundation.

Reason for Dog’s Licking

dog licking persons faceThe main reason a dog licking is they like the taste of people’s salty skin and out of a habit that has been going on for years with our four-legged friends.

Domestic dogs show affection because licking releases pleasurable endorphins just like humans do with hugging and kissing giving them the feeling of comfort and pleasure, it also can be a sign of relieving stress when you might be angry with them, like humans chewing their fingernails.

When our dogs lick our face it is showing the same type of behavior as licking any part of our skin, most pet owners will respond with affection as their dog does this but some find it disgusting and do not let the dog lick their face.

So depending on which type of person you are training your pet to do as you prefer is best in a firm but gentle manner not to make your pet stressed out over their way of showing you affection in a way you approve of.

dog licking person feetDogs licking peoples feet can be considered in two ways depending on whose feet they are licking, at times this is just done for the taste of salt on the person’s feet or it could be because of fungus that person has and the dog is helping cure it.

Saliva in a dog’s mouth is believed to have healing enzymes and to some humans, the licking of wounds or other problems with the body heal faster by letting a dog lick them. I am not saying this is all dogs or all humans that it will work for.

Dogs will lick their own wounds, prior to having veterinarians that took care of wounds on our animals they were left to their own way of dealing with these and by licking them it cleans them out to help the dog heal.

You find your dog licking the floor/carpet or wall, why on earth would they do something like this? Dogs have a sense of smell that is so much greater than a human’s there could be a spot of blood or something else that could have spilled in these places and the dog is cleaning them up.

dog licking another dogs earsYour dog will lick another dog’s ears for the reason of cleaning them, a dog cannot reach their own ears to clean them out for themselves and before dogs were domesticated they would take care of each other in the pack. This is in a way like cats clean themselves female dogs are more apt to clean other dogs especially if they have had a litter or two.

dog licking inside babys mouthWhy in the world would a dog lick the inside of a baby’s mouth? As a baby is cutting teeth a dog knows this and by them licking the inside of the mouth they are actually helping the baby with the pain that they feel by doing this.

Licking the inside of older people’s mouth can indicate tooth decay or could be just from the smell of your breath that makes them focus on your mouth, either way, a trip to the dentist might be in order to get a checkup!

As a dog licks their private parts this is considered very disgusting by most but is required for them to keep themselves clean just as a cat cleans themselves so do dogs, cats are just a little more discreet with their behavior.

However, licking their own butt can be a sign of a problem, dogs have glands inside the anal which can fill with fecal matter and when this happens they must be cleaned out, groomers and veterinarian offices will do this for you. It could also signify that they have a parasite infestation so you might want to take a fecal sample and have it checked.

Excessive licking in a single spot on your dog can signify hotspots or an irritation of the skin checking the area and making sure they have no fleas or a tick is advisable and it just might be time for a bath!

dog licking own pawsPaw licking can be one of two things either they are just cleaning the paws or something could be embedded in the pads or between the pads it is advisable to look and make sure it is not the latter that they could need some help to remove what is stuck inside between or embedded in the pads. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance and Foundation.

In Conclusion

These are all the most common licking questions that I could locate but I am not saying it is inclusive if you have something else that you would like clarification on why your dog is licking please be sure to let me know.

Dog Man’s Best Friend is here to help with anything that has to do with dogs and what our readers want information about so I greatly appreciate the dedication of my readers and want to know from them what else they need or want.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions please leave them in the space provided below I am always going to respond.

Thank you so much for stopping by today and please give us a bookmark for future reference,



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